November 11, 2016

Sade Sathe & Ashtama Shani

Sade Sathe

Shani as the Karmic planet takes around 2.5 years in each house starting from 12th, 1st and 2nd of one's Moon sign - totalling 7.5 years which is called Sade Sathe.Effects
  • 12th house crossing - previous birth karma teachings by stick - good or bad.
  • 1st house crossing - present birth karma (30 year cycle) teachings by stick - good or bad.
  • 2nd house crossing - gives back goodies, if any good karma done for this birth (30 year cycle) or none.
RemediesBefore completing 11th house for a 30 year period, give back to society and earn punya and store it in 5th. That punya will be re-cycled for this birth and next one and so on…And so the karmic circle moves on ….Ashtama ShaniMesha Rashi Anytime Shani will play havoc. Why? Simple. Shani is neecha in Mesha. But Mars the lord of Mesha is aucha in Makara (Shani house). It is common-sense for anybody to be treated with respect in somebody’s house, but Shani is not treated that way in Mesha. But Shani respected Mars in his house. So whenever Shani becomes powerful (Ashtama Shani ) it inflicts pain to Mars (Mesha). So it is just your karma. Find out who you disrespected and pay obedience to them. Given time (Shani need too much), Shani will test you and forgive you. Rishabha Rashi