November 11, 2016

Sade Sathe

Sade Sathe

Shani as the Karmic planet takes around 2.5 years in each house starting from 12th, 1st and 2nd of one’s Moon sign – totalling 7.5 years which is called Sade Sathe.


  • 12th house crossing – previous birth karma teachings by stick – good or bad.
  • 1st house crossing – present birth karma (30 year cycle) teachings by stick – good or bad.
  • 2nd house crossing – gives back goodies, if any good karma done for this birth (30 year cycle) or none.


Before completing 11th house for a 30 year period, give back to society and earn punya and store it in 5th.
That punya will be re-cycled for this birth and next one and so on…

And so the karmic circle moves on ….

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