November 13, 2016

Vedic Numerology

Vedic Numerology & Kaṭapayādi system based on Sanskrit language

Presently Numerology uses English or Hebrew language as the basis. Pythagorean and Chaldean system of assignment of numbers to English letters is followed.But there are thousands language in this world. Which one to follow ?....The language which has a mathematical basis and based on sound of syllable than letters is the one. The only languages that qualifies is Sanskrit and Tamil.Vedic Numerology is based on consonants and vowels of Sanskrit language. Katayapadi is the math behind the Sanskrit language.Wikipedia defines Katayapadi System as belowIs of numerical notation is an ancient Indian system to depict letters to numerals for easy remembrance of numbers as words or verses. Assigning more than one letter to one numeral and nullifying certain other letters as valueless, this system provides the flexibility in forming meaningful words out of numbers which can be easily remembered.

Carnatic music

Melakarta chart as per Kaṭapayādi system : The melakarta ragas of the Carnatic music is named so that the first two syllables of the name will give its number. This system is sometimes called the Ka-ta-pa-ya-di sankhya. The Swaras 'Sa' and 'Pa' are fixed, and here is how to get the other swaras from the melakarta number.Vedic NumerologyFor a person's name, the calculation is done as follows,
  1. Take the consonants of the person's name.
  2. Get the Name number.
  3. Reverse it.
  4. Divide by 12 to get Name Arudha.
  5. Divide by 9 to get Ruling Name Planet.
Without name change, using vedic numerology, one can bring perfect resonance and luck, between the person's horoscope and name permanently. This can be applied to business's names also.References : Choosing auspicious names.