Gann W D

Stock Analysis using Astrology and W.D.Gann

W.D Gann - Square of Nine and Vedic Astrology in Stock Market Analysis

W.D.Gann invented his Square of Nine theory for Stock Analysis Predictions using Vedic Astrology.

He had traveled to Kolkotta, India to learn from Tea traders, some trading practices based on numbers, especially Number 9.

Read more on this, in my Quora question and answers.

He did NOT reveal the secret behind it and became a very successful investor.

The basis of this theory is related to Jyotish - Vedic astrology.

It is related to Navamsa chart and I use it for Intra day trading, as show below

In any trading, there are Long and Short ways of playing the market.

One should predict when to enter the market to bid a share. It can be for a Long Buy or a Short Sell position.

It can be a bull run in a falling share market due to volatility to make small profits and the same applies to bear run in a rising value.

The trend switching should be predicted accurately for a closure of deal, at minimum and maximum (Free fall or free rise) states.

Also Stop Loss should be predicted for loss minimization.

All said, One can make profits - big or small in any bear or bull run of a share prize.

I play as below with my Vedic Chakra based on W.D. Gann.

The name of the share price is DrReddyLabs. It was on BSE, pharma sector, traded on 22nd May 2020.

The profit was made by buying at 3828 and selling at 3902.