Astrology And The Yogic Chakras

Refer the diagram. In that, Shani as Capricorn ruler, is mapped to root chakra as in the below image.

Aries as root is a generic view of the zodiac mapping.

Also the chakras which these houses govern, decides the power source in the body. The below is a generic view of zodiac. This has to be modified according to a person’s chart.

Mystic powers and Intuitive abilities are bestowed by the following yogas (planetary combinations).

The horoscope of any individual is mapped to the seven chakras of the person’s body. Depending on the different planet (graha) in that chakra, that person is bestowed with that mystic power. The power level depends on the karmic power, which is read from Navamsa.

The houses that have to be read for these abilities[1] are 5th, 9th and 12th house with relation to lagna lord. The guna, grahas and drishti of other grahas on these houses decide the type of power, that individual will have.