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Transit Effects NadiAmsa and Nadi Astrology Validity of Astrology Soulmates Marriage Dasha System Poornima Significance Manglik Books on Vedic Astrology The First House, Ascendant or Lagna: Indicates: The Self (Atman), the beginning of life, childhood, health, environment, psychology, physiology, constitution, innate nature, personality, character, temperament, ego, the empirical self, sense of self worth, dignity, fame, splendor, general welfare, happiness, status in society, health, complexion, vitality, longevity, victory over enemies, strength, vigor, personality, the physical body, character, the constitution, happiness, dreams and the skin. The gender of the native and the place of birth. Family members: father’s mother, mother’s father. Body parts: head, brain. The Second House: Indicates: Family, face, speech, right eye, food, sources of wealth or income, literary gift; the manner, source of death and self-acquisition; dependents, precious metals, mental stability, truth, hypocrisy and optimism. Wealth, food, drink, speech, parental family, self-created family, movable property, ornaments, jewels, precious metals, clothes, vision, creative imagination, self-confidence, cheerfulness, learning, education, memory, fixity of mind, oral expression of knowledge, sources of income, maintenance of others. Family members: parental family and self-created family. Body parts: eyes, right eye, face, mouth, tongue. The Third House: Indicates: Intelligence, short journeys, neighbors, immediate relations; letters and writings; courage, right ear, chest or breast and servants; deliberate actions, motivation, interests, hobbies, sports, pleasures, assistance, servants, neighbors, short-term desires, short trips, short contacts, telephonic contacts, correspondence, writing, strength, valor, courage, stamina, initiation into spiritual practices, things heard, earrings, singing, acting talent, playing on musical instruments, manual skills, computer skills, death of parents. Family members: brothers and sisters, mother’s father’s brother, first younger brother or sister. Body parts: throat, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, upper part of chest, right ear. The Fourth House: Indicates: Peace of mind, mind, heart, feelings, happiness, close friends, all family members, the mother, all well-wishers, home, education, comforts, home country, landed ancestral property, houses, gardens, underground treasures, wells, agricultural products, vehicles, horses, elephants, cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep, holy places, moral virtues, devotion to God, piety, righteous conduct, character, good name and reputation, education, erudition, ultimate results, immovable/moveable property, good name, drinks, journeys, change of residence, inner feelings, falsehood, generosity, gardens and maternal relatives. Family members: mother, parents, all family members. Body parts: chest, lungs, heart. The Fifth House: Indicates: Creative Intelligence, atman (soul), fame, position in life, knowledge, education, memory, thinking, skill, memory, initiation, talents, judgment, discretion, advice, merits from past life, devotion to gods and Brahmins, deity of one’s choice, knowledge of mantras, tantras and yantras, virtues, ruling powers, royalty, authority, fall from position, literary works, amusements, romance, children, disciples, wealth, prosperity, nature of spouse, hospitality, scholarship, joy, new ventures and Purva Punya (past life events or previous incarnation), discriminating power, children, secrecy, dignity, general education and contentment. Family members: children, second younger brother or sister. Body parts: stomach area, heart. The Sixth House: Indicates: Enemies, thieves; cuts, wounds in the body, miseries, sorrows and disappointments; debts, illness, paternal relatives, sinful deeds, battle, fight, diseases, hostility, fear of injuries, obstructions, abscess, pets, fear, struggle for existence, mental worry, sloth and fear of losing reputation. Worries, anxieties, obstacles, enemies, thieves, vices, challenges, tests, urge for perfection, self-improvement techniques, competitive power, turning obstacles into opportunities, difference of opinion, conflicts, debts, diseases, suffering, wounds, service, daily job, imprisonment, quadrupeds, pet animals. receiving charity. Family members: mother’s brother (maternal uncle), stepmother. Body parts: navel area, intestines, digestive tract. The Seventh House: Indicates: Spouse, husband, wife, partner, lover, marriage, partnership, urinary organs, marital happiness, sexual affairs, sexual diseases, trade, desires speculation, diplomacy honor, travels, business tact, the latent energies. Sexual intercourse, loss, domestic harmony, conjugal happiness, prostitution, partnership of any kind, quarrels with the opposite gender, breaks of journeys and luxuries. Medium-term desires, business partner, cooperation, trade, commerce, travel, journeys, litigation, living abroad, nature of spouse, relationship with all others, the world at large as seen by the native, happiness from children. Family members: husband, wife, second child, third younger brother or sister. Body parts: Waist area, colon, external and internal sexual organs. The Eight House: Indicates: Longevity, secret organ, death legacies, gifts, unearned wealth, cause of death, wills, disgrace, degradation, the place and surroundings of death; defeat, insult, sorrow, blame, servants, impediments, lost articles, venereal complaints, accidents, sin and violence. transformation, the gap, the mechanics of nature, the cognition of the structuring dynamics of consciousness,, the experience of the constitution of the universe, knowledge of past, present and future, transcendence, siddhis, regeneration, rebirth, discontinuation, dangers, chronic ailments, agonies, accidents, enemies, mode of death, wealth of the spouse, unearned wealth, inheritance, underground places, hidden treasures, everything hidden, mysteries of life and “death,” and overseas journeys (sea). Family members: family of the spouse. Body parts: external sexual organs. The Ninth House: Indicates: Godliness, righteous, preceptor – the guru, grandchildren and metaphysical studies, imagination, intuition, religious devotion and law, sympathy, philosophy, science, literature, lasting fame, leadership, charities, communication with beings or elemental in higher and lower dimensions (deities or ghosts), long journeys, foreign travels, father, mental purity, regulated life and auspicious happenings. Dharma, support of nature, merits from past lives, fortunes, wisdom, Vedic Science, meditation, yagya, tapas, life philosophy, world view, faith, religion, worship, piety, morality, ethics, higher education, professional training, solution to problems, visits to shrines, pilgrimages, foreign travels, air travels. Family members: brother’s wife, wife’s brother, children, grandchildren, fourth younger brother or sister. Body parts: thighs, hips. The Tenth House: Indicates: Occupation, profession, career, reputation, prestige, success and status in society, honor from government, promotion, rank, renown, fame, ambition, happiness, authority, royalty, ruling power, sense of importance, dignity, living in foreign lands, commerce, trade, clothing. Employment, temporal honors, success and respect, means of livelihood, self-respect, religious knowledge, dignity, trade, farming, distinction, self-control and grace. Family member: father, grand children. Body parts: knees, spine The Eleventh House: Indicates: Means of gains, accomplishments, friends, assets and liabilities, elder brother and sisters, daughters, freedom from misery and pain. Mercantile speculations, ambitions, scandals and inheritance. Income, gains, profits, all articles, prosperity, long-term desires, fulfillment of desires, fulfillment of dreams and ambitions in life, good news, auspicious events, elder brothers and sisters, air travel, favorites, circle of friends, community, club-life, quadrupeds; the lord of the eleventh house stands for difficulties and diseases. Family members: elder brothers and sisters, elder brother or sister directly above the native, son’s wife, fifth younger brother or sister. Body parts: calves, ankles, left ear.   The Twelfth House: Indicates: Misery, expenditure, waste, extravagance, sympathy, piety, divine knowledge, worship, Moksha (final emancipation) enlightenment, gain of spirituality, renunciation, the state after death, evils, forbidden practices, mental aberration, disappointment, sudden death, enemies, hatred of the public, affliction, body deformity, puzzling sicknesses, curses, reincarnation and black magic, losses, loss of relativity, loss of attachment, loss of identification, donations, charity, journey to far off distant lands, lonely places, confinement in prison, hospital or monastery, pleasures of the bed, secret enemies, spies, falls (from height or in the eyes of the others). Family member: father’s brother (paternal uncle). Body parts: feet, left eye. For our Astrological Services, Contact Us.