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Hanumit @ hanumeetp@gmail.com
Comments: Yes,very recently Steve hora’s prediction somebody from my hometown will share a business opportunity has came true which amazed me as it happen in the predicted time.Now I am working towards his recommended Parihara puja. Reference : Quora comments

Vishnnu Pati @ visshnupati@gmail.com
Comments: Hi. This is no free marketing or advertising. But my predictions were 100% true which was predicted by Steve hora from Quora. I had asked him about when will my business start giving positive results and his predictions were 100% true. Reference : Quora comments

Hello Steve,

Hope you would be doing good.
I have come across a confusion so thought to take your guidance in that. As suggested previously by you I had done all dosa poojas. I also got my US work permits recently. I am yet to have my visa stamping was done which is on 24th May. After that, I can fly to the US in August. So the poojas and timelines predicted by you did work. Thank you for that.

However, the reason I am writing this email is that now it seems I am at a crossroads and need to decide as in how to move ahead. My main concern is financing and buying a new home. Right now, I have a decent job (not related to my field) in Ahmedabad which pays average. And if visa stamping is successful on 24th May then I can fly to the U.S in August. As previously suggested by you the yog for new house happens in March 2019. So is it advisable to leave this job and head over to the U.S for better finances…………………………………………..

Another feedback

Your prediction and remedies is indeed simple to both understand and perform.

I did consult a lot many astrologers prior to this consultation with the same question. However none of them could clearly give an answer. I have heard answers which were poles apart and kind of pulled my confidence down!

However, upon reading your report, I have found a ray of hope and will surely perform the suggested remedies to better the conditions!

I have some serious questions regarding my career too! One step at a time. I shall get back to you soon with those questions too.

Thanks a ton! Hoping for the best.

Predicted by
Steve Hora (स्टीव होरा)

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