September 16, 2018

Vedic Astrology Advice – Steve Hora

Steve Hora – Expert in Astrology

I am a born astrologer, as per Sri Vaithiswara Agasthiya Koushiha Nadi Grantha in Tamil.
In my palm-leaf reading, one of my profession is mentioned as below

“ஜோதிடமும் கலை சார் அணி பண்டம் ….”

It means Astrology, Graphical Yantras are some of my professions.

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Vedic Astrology is geometry with geo-centric view of Grahas, based on universal law of Karma and Destiny. And Western Astrology based on Free Will and Psychology.

I love to analyse Vedic (Sidereal) or Western (Tropical) Astrology, comprehend it and solve the unresolved question of human existence, in its various aspects, events, tribulation and the very ending.

I challenge the status quo and ad-literam of vedic and western astrology, navigate uncharted waters, to find newer vistas from the astrology lore and find the truth. Be unbiased, even with my own opinion, or by the very information gathered, than to assimilate, digest, critically analyse, synthesize and find the truest path, which had been lost to time.

For Vedic Astrology, I follow Brihat Samhita of Varaha Mihira, Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Vimshottari and Parashara Chara Dasha and Kalaa (Timing) technique of life events.

For Western Astrology, I follow Placidus house system, Geo-centric, tropical, transits and metonic-cycle (free will cycle) for timing of event, and western tropical analysis.

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Time is the Karmic leveler and healer of life.

Always Destiny prevails unless one changes it by Free Will, for better.

Accurate Timing of a Life Event is the essence of a horoscope reading.

Know your Destiny from Vedic Astrology and your Free-Will from Western Astrology, to plan your Future.

– by Steve Hora, Expert in Astrology, Anusandhan (Researcher) of Vedic & Western Astrology.

Aeì ho theòs ho mégas geōmetreî tò sýmpan – Plato
– Always the Great God applies geometry to the universe.