Future of China

China Horoscope

The data for China’s natal horoscope is taken from above authentic source.

Below is the vedic horoscope of China. Predictions will be continued, so followers can markup for more updates in this Q2A.

In mundane astrology, when dealing with countries, it is very important to see, the 1st lord, its children (People), Relationship 7th house, 6th house of Conflict and Peace.

Shani as lagna lord is in 8th. Enemy of oneself, but it THINKS it is NOT.

7th lord Chandra is in 1st makes it reflect on itself as great.

Kuja as badaka sitting in 7th, exalted opposing Chandra its enemy and dispositor lord (Kataka lord is Chandra).

Sitting on a live bomb but claiming that it is peaceful. So uses all silent-violent techniques of Kuja to suppress the emotions (Chandra) of it’s people.

7th lord Chandra and 1st lord Shani are in 6/8 position. Its relationships with any is Win-Loss situation. You win, I loose OR I win, you loose, situation prevails.

With Kuja in 1/12 with Shani, it compensates the “I loose” with violence, to make it, I win situation.

Shukra as 10th lord in 10th, makes it a super power in its own right. It will be highly egoistic in nature.

12th lord Guru in 12th and Vargottama makes it suave and clever in foreign relations. Guru being 3rd lord also, it maintains the same strategy with its neighbors also.

Edit on 3rd Feb 2020 :

The 22nd drekkana from Lagna of China’s horoscope is occupied by Shani, who is lagna lord in 8th. Also as 2nd lord (maraka) is sitting in 8th, looking at the maraka-sthana BADLY.

This resulted in the outbreak of the deadly virus disease.

22nd drekkana is the feared and dangerous one. Shani inflicts a secret, incurable (8th) disease, with Shani’s affectation with cold, fever and death.

Shani with its 3rd eye looks badly at 10th, destroying the power of the government and its structure.

And looking with a 10th-eye looks badly at 5th house of Children, destroying its Children, namely the People of China.

Karmic Shani did its normal Karmic duties.

There is relief for the People of China from 22nd Feb 2020.

But from Oct 2019 till Apr 2022, it is not a good period for China.