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Horoscope prediction

Get predictions from Astrologers for your life problems and solutions. Your Vedic horoscope will be made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha. Your birth horoscope will be read as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique.

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Ashtakavarga Ashtakavarga system deals with transit (Gochara) of Grahas (Planets) in Bhavas (Houses). It has less significance in natal chart interpretation for prediction and timing of events.

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12 Houses

What The 12 Houses Of A Horoscope Signify? The 12 houses significance are as below

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In Depth Knowledge

Vedic Astrology is a vast subject. Our astrologers have in-depth knowledge for horoscope predictions.


We respect the privacy of our Clients and DO NOT DISCLOSE any private information to anyone.

Accurate Predictions

Using a prediction technique from Tamil Nadi Grantha, the Timing and Predictions are accurately given.

We’re expert Astrologers.

Accurate Timing and prediction of life events from a horoscope.


NO computer generated report of your horoscope.

Privacy & Secrecy

Your private information is always secure with us.


Timing and Prediction accurate as per Tamil Nadi Grantha technique.

Solutions and Remedies

Customized solutions and remedies as per your horoscope and vedic traditions.

Our Solutions

Horoscope Predictions

Accurate Vedic Horoscope Predictions using a technique and algorithm from Nadi.

Shri Chakra Meditation

Personalized Shri Chakra as per your horoscope. Personalized yantra and mantra as per Vedic traditions.

Prasna Marga

Get questions answered according to the time of the question.

Astrology Advice

We provide advice on every aspect of Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology advice and Horoscope Predictions & Readings using a prediction technique from Tamil Nadi Grantha.

  • 01- Vedic Horoscope Prediction

  • 02- Shri Chakra Meditation - Mantra, Yantra and Tantra

  • 03- Prasna Marga

  • 04- Sanskrit Numerology and Vastu


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Steve Hora

Vedic Astrologer

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Sri Krishna

Vastu Expert

Expert in Astrology, Vastu and Prasna Marga.


Sri Lakshmi

Yantra Designer

Yantra and Mandala designer according to vedic traditions.



Yantra Designer

Computerised Yantra Designer.



Dec 25, 2010

Client feedback – There was a glimpse of a past experience and my father’s current state of mind in his prediction which was amazingly accurate. It gives us confidence about the future predictions. Also my friend that consulted you felt the same.



Jan 2, 2016

Client feedback – Mantra, Yantra and Tantra for my astrological chart is effective and great service.



Jul 18, 2019

Client feedback – Vedic Astrology advice was very useful for me to change my business and now making profit.

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