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Take away

Provide your accurate birth details and life questions for which you are seeking solutions.

Based on your queries, predictions will be given as per Vedic Astrology.

I make the Vedic horoscope according to True Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360.

I read a chart as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha and Samaya Amsa or Kalaa timing technique.

I provide the following

  • Give accurate analysis using Lagna and Amsa charts as well.
  • and timing of the life events of your questions.
  • Solutions as per the karma of your chart.
  • Psychological advice, astrological remedies and other solutions.
  • Analyze Yoga present for that question asked, combinations and Drishti of other planets will be taken into account
  • Color recommendation, Temple visits for Graha benevolence

As always with all other clients, Assuring you of accurate, genuine astrological help.



I am accurate with my Vedic Astrology based on Samaya Amsa.

For Remedial solutions based on Shri Chakra Meditation for your karma based on your horoscope.