What is Dasha timing?

Dasha systems

  • are many in Vedic Astrology for timing events in one’s life from the horoscope.

Each Dasha system has a purpose as enumerated in the samhitas.

There are general purpose dasha sytems namely Vimshottari and Ashtottari Dasha systems.

Both are nakshatra based, meaning the position of Chandra is taken for initial reminder dasha calculation.

Vimshottari is 120 years and Asshtottari is 108 years based.

I will dwell upon Vimshottari Dasha as it uses 120 years which is normally accepted as the maximum age that a human can live. Also the zodiac is 360 degree, which is a multiple of 120.

Again the 120 is divided into equal number of nakshatras namely 9.

There are variations of Vimshottari with their own bylaws, which I will NOT consider for now.

  • The lord of the nakshatra is NOT the lord of a House.
  • The dasha lord is NOT the same as the lord of a house.
  • Same goes for Antara or sub-antara periods.
  • The graha(s) in a nakshatra is NOT connected to Dasha lords.
  • Timing is pure maths and NOT logic of yoga or any graha placed in some nakshatra.

For example : Some would say - Guru is in Shani nakshatra, Guru dasha is running, Shani antara, Shani is 7th lord, so marriage will happen. This kind of analysis or synthesis is ABSURD.

When Space (Graha degree in zodiac) meets the Time or Samaya (Dasha) for a particular Event lord, then the timing calculated, will make that event happen.