August 2020

Mundane Predictions

Mundane - World Predictions

The predictions are given on the transits of planets, with no fixed Ascendant (Lagna).

This applies to all countries, if otherwise specified to a country which has a Deccan (Drekkana).

Current Planetary Positions (Sidereal)

  • Saturn (Shani) is retrograde in his own house namely Capricorn (Makara).

  • Jupiter is also retrograde in his own house namely Sagittarius (Dhanur).

  • Saturn is with arch enemy Moon (Chandra).

  • Jupiter is with arch enemy Ketu (Dragon Tail).

  • Sun is opposing arch enemy Saturn from Cancer (Karkataka).

  • Rahu - Ketu axis is cutting Sagittarius and Gemini (Mithuna).

  • Venus or Shukra and Jupiter (Guru) is under Rahu-Ketu axis.

  • Mars (Kuja) is alone in Pisces (Meena).

Astrological Predictions

The world will continue to reel under egoistic power struggle,

between Democratic, Autocratic and Religious power centers.

Luckily War-Lord Mars is not involved with any planets, so there will be no war.

Mercury is in enemy house, so not much academic or new research will be made.

Effect on India

The Lagna or Ascendant of India Republic Chart is Pisces, whose lord Guru is in 10th, retrograde,

with arch enemy Ketu. India is powerful, but the strength is down, as Guru is in a bad alignment with Sun, and with Ketu.

When Guru becomes direct in motion and Sun moving to Leo (Simha) on September 15th, the strength will be regained.

Effect on Financial Markets

Democratic countries will have better stability in financial markets.

Religious based countries will continue to suffer.

Autocratic countries will come under pressure from Democratic ruled ones for finance.

Sun being good in Karkataka, will bring good news as relief for the general public.

As Sun is, after all, Father of Saturn (Sun enemy), and Moon is with Saturn, the vaccine for the corona virus is in sight.

Political Upheavals

Saturn and Jupiter are not in good alignment, so Democratic forces will put pressure on Religious based Countries.

But Religious countries will survive on its own strength.


Cyclones in the Southern hemisphere is likely to hit countries.

References and Analysis method followed

The above predictions are based on major movement of Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Rahu (Dragon Head), Ketu (Dragon Tail) and in a minor ways other grahas (planets) namely Venus, Mars, Moon and Mercury.

Considerations was given for all planet retrograde motions, if any.

The software used for Mundane chart is Jagannatha Hora with Ayanamsa as True Lahiri (Chitra Paksha).