Guru Budha

Are Guru Budha enemies!

Graha Budha an enemy of Guru

Consider the relationship of Guru and Budha from their houses in the zodiac

Guru → Budha

From Meena owned by Guru, Budha (Mithuna) is 4th and Budha (Kanya) is 7th.

From Dhanur owned by Guru, Budha (Mithuna) is 7th and Budha (Kanya) is 10th.

Budha → Guru

From Mithuna owned by Budha, Guru (Dhanur) is 7th and Guru (Meena) is 10th.

From Kanya owned by Budha, Guru (Dhanur) is 4th and Guru (Meena) is 7th.

From the bold-highlighted, one can easily know, both are equally balanced.

As Guru and Budha are EQUALS, but read below.

BUT, Guru does not like Budha and Budha becomes neecha in Meena which is owned by Guru.


Once upon a time, Chandra seduced Guru’s wife Tara, and an illegitimate son was born, who was nothing but Budha. So Guru DOES NOT like an illegal son of his wife. So Guru made Budha neecha in his house Meena.

The stories in Hindu puranas have astrological significance.

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