Rashi Sign

What is Rashi Sign?

How is your Rasi sign determined?

The zodiac sign in which the planet Moon is situated at the time of your birth becomes your rasi or moon sign.

This signifies your Mind, how you perceive the events that happen in your life, as it unfold by time.

Rashi sign is important for matching horoscopes for marriage, as it very important of how both would perceive each other in married life.

Rashi also has nakshatras, which is a sub division of the space. THe position of Moon in a particular nakshatra, gives finer details about that person.

The Rashi lord which is governed by Sign lord like Mesha (Aries) by Kuja, helps in understanding the disposition of the person. The Nakshatra lord, gives more detailed picture of the person.

The Nakshatra lord decides the start time in Vimshottari dasha system.

Rashi and Nakshatra plays an important role in one s life.

You can determine your Rashi sign using any good astrological software.