Bhrigu Bindu

What is Bhrigu Bindu and How to use it?

Bhrigu Bindu

Bhrigu Bindu is the midpoint between Chandra (Moon) and Rahu (Dragon head).

How do I use Bhrigu Bindu and Tribhagi Vimshottari dasha together from a horoscope to delineate events in life?.

It is a fixed point in a horoscope. Many good horoscope softwares add that as a delineation in D1 (Rashi chart).

BB is of high significance for knowing about grahas (planets) trigger of events according to one’s horoscope.

When a graha crosses over, its significance can be predicted accurately.

But grahas being cyclic, by intuition, every graha going around, will mean, regular happenings of events in a person’s life. BUT that is not the actual real world case.

Here comes the great Vimshottari Dasha with unequal dasha value for each graha.

This unequal values makes happen non-cyclic events in a person’s life.

But the fallacy of Vimshottari is, a set of 9 nakshatras covers only 4 houses, so a Tribhagi variation of Vimshottari dasha will do the trick.

That said, progressing Chandra s position through all nakshatras and crossing of BB, is a tricky calculation (pure math). No logic here, like many astrologers role out.

This way the transit and fixed karma indicated by Tribhagi Vimshottari dasha, can be predicted for events of life.