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  1. Only 7 karakas is valid. Rahu-Ketu is taken as one unit.

  2. AtmaKaraka will denote soul s purpose in this life.

  3. AmatyaKaraka will be Career.

  4. BhratruKaraka will be Co-borns.

  5. MatruKaraka will be Mother and Education.

  6. PutraKaraka will be Children, Intelligence and Creativity.

  7. GnatiKaraka will be Diseases, Pain and Spiritual sadhana.

  8. DaraKaraka, will be spouse and marriage.

  9. Sign aspects or Padas WILL NOT be considered for Mundane Predictions of karma/destiny or fate.

  10. Natural karakas like Surya, Chandra and Kuja will NOT be used for Mundane Predictions purpose.

  11. The mother of Jaimini Chara dasha namely Narayana Dasha will be used. Parasara s, K.N.Rao s and Irangati Rangacharya s will NOT be used for timing events. Narayana Dasha of Normal type will be used, which is just Parasara s with NO exceptions. There will be NO consideration for subtraction or addition of a year, for exaltation or debilitation of that lagna lord. All readings will be from Lagna, and not from Surya or Chandra.

  12. The Jaimini karakas will be read with KarakaAmsa.

  13. There will be NO exceptions between pair of signs.

  14. Rahu and Ketu will have NO lordship over Aquarius and Scorpio respectively.

  15. No exceptions for start of Chara Dasha.

  16. No consideration for house lords of Parasara or drishtis in analysis.

  17. No mixing of Vimshottari dasha with Jaimini or No cosideration for Nakshatras.

Analysis of Chart

Mahatma Gandhi

Horoscope of Mahatma Gandhi

Marriage happened in May 1883. Jaimini Chara dasha running period was Dhanur-Makara.

DaraKaraka - Budha is in Makara. Guru is AtmaKaraka, is in Dhanur.

Father s death in late 1885. Running period was Vrishabha-Thula. MatruKaraka Shukra is in Thula.

Child born in 1888. Running period is Vrishabha-Kanya. Shani as PutraKaraka is in Kanya.

Second child in 1892. Running period is Vrishabha-Vrishabha. Saptamsa has 5th-5th-5th connection to Kanya-Makara-Vrishabha.

Third child in 1898. Running period is Mithuna-Kanya. Kanya has Shani in it.

Fourth child in 1990. Running period is Thula-Makara. Makara is fifth from Kanya, which Shani in it.

Spouse death in Feb 1944. Running period was Mesha-Makara. DK Budha is in Makara.

Jaimini Yoga predictions

AtmaKaraka Guru is in Mesha in Rashi and in Dhanur in Navamsa. Considering KarakaAmsa as

Dhanur, Guru is in 5th. He has great Punya and becomes very famous.

AmatyaKaraka Chandra is in Kataka in Rashi and Meena in Navamsa. Considering KarakaAmsa as Meena, Chandra is in 5th. His career is of great Punya and becomes a Father for his children of India.

BhratruKaraka is Kuja in Thula Rashi and in Vrishabha in Navamsa. Considering KarakaAmsa as

Vrishabha, Kuja is in 6th. Due to this he had no younger sibling.

MatruKaraka is Shukra in Thula Rashi and in Vrishabha in Navamsa. Considering KarakaAmsa as Thula, Shukra is in its 1st house. His mother was God fearing and devouted mother. Read more

at https://pedia.desibantu.com/putlibai-gandhi/

PutraKaraka is Shani in Vrishika Rasi and in Kanya in Navamsa. Considering KarakaAmsa as Kanya, Shani is in 3rd house. Not a good relationship with children.

GnatiKaraka is Surya in Kanya Rashi and in Mithuna in Navamsa. Considering KarakaAmsa as Mithuna, Surya is in 4th house. Pain and Spiritual sadhana was enjoyed by him.

DaraKaraka is Budha is in Thula Rashi and in Makara in Navamsa. Considering KarakaAmsa as Makara, Budha is in 10th house. Foreign travel, Top position, Name and Fame in society was great. A great relationship with Spouse.

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