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Below is the vedic astrology chart of Republic of India.

In mundane astrology, when dealing with regions, it is very important to see, the 1st lord, its children 5th house (People), Relationship 7th house, 6th house of Conflict and Peace.

Lagna and its lord, 10th house lord and Dasamsa tells about the power of the country, its institutions of Constitutional law and its amendments and there upon its jurisdictions.

The Dasamsa positions are as below

Analyzing the Lagna or Rasi chart, one can find Guru is the lagna lord, 10th house lord also and he is in 11th house, neecha, flanked by 6th lord Surya and 8th lord Shukra. A clear case of caught between enemies- hidden and outside.

Budha as badaka sitting in 10th, spoils power of the country.

In Dasamsa Surya is sitting in Vaayu dasa-amsa ruling North-West. Trouble from enemies from North-West of New Delhi, India.

Guru, Surya and Shukra sitting in Sravana nakshatra, who is in maraka sthana, does not augur well, for proper law enactment, rather more amendments.

Article 370 and 35A was enacted to take care of Surya’s problems, as he is in 6/8 position with Shani, the ruler of democracy.

But that very position brought a tug off war between Democracy (Shani) and its enemy (Surya).

As per Samaya Amsa, from July 2011 it was good time for Guru. So the power and constitutional institutions became strong.

From June 2019, it became stronger, when Guru became powerful in its 10th house, and the articles were scrapped.

Some may ask - Why so long?

Because Guru was also in 6/8 position with Shani, so inherently Lagna lord (India) was in a tug-off situation with Democracy itself.

Some may ask - Why Republic chart than Independence chart?

Well, a country becomes fully qualified, to enact and amend laws, by declaring itself Republic.

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