Secrets of Varma

An ancient technique

Varma or Marma (Secret) points of Tamil Martial Arts

Varma or Marma points are based on the movement of Prana Energy in a human body.

Amirtha Nilai (Prana location)

On each tithi day the prana moves as below

Each person is born with Prana concentrated in a place in the human body as per the birth tithi.

As a person grows, due to external influences of environment, food, infections and karmic influences, partial blockages happen to prana energy. This brings about diseases or conditions which the body suffer.

When these blockages are removed, the prana energy flows freely and the body becomes free of diseases and conditions.

The blockages is due to imbalance of doshas or the five basic elements of life.

So Astrology and Ayurveda and the Marma points as per Tamil Varma Kalai are linked to Tithi.

Balancing the tri-doshas or five elements on that particular tithi for a person born on a particular tithi, is secret of curing a disease or condition of human body.

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