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What is Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is one of the vedangas of the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures. The vedangas are the six sciences that are studied in order to practice and understand Vedic teachings.

In Vedic astrology, a person s destiny is determined by his/her karma, which is set forth in the cosmic design.

Our site provides Free Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

Matrimony or Marriage Matching.

Worldly prediction are made using Mundane Astrology.

Stock Analysis and Vedic Astrology.

Know more about the connection of Free Will, Karma and Vedic Astrology.

Astrology - Western and Vedic

Vedic and Western astrology have some similarities, including the 12 signs of the zodiac, but Vedic astrology emphasizes the rising sign at the precise moment of birth rather than the 30-day sun sign. Also, the difference between the sun signs in the two systems of astrology is said to be 24 degrees, meaning that one might identify with a different constellation.

In Vedic astrology, a master astrologer, known as a jyotish acharaya, uses a variety of charts to further refine the individual s horoscope.

Birth Chart

Click here to get your Birth Chart. Birth Chart is also called by different names like Vedic Astrology chart, Jathakam, Janam Kundli, Natal Chart, Birth Horoscope, Rash chart and Sidereal Birth chart.

The chart is prepared with Ayanamsa or Precession of Equinox. Ayanamsa or Precession of Equinox can be calculated scientifically.

Birth Chart Predictions is given using Parasara methodology.

Birth Chart or vedic chart (Sidereal) horoscope is made according to True Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360. Birth chart analysis is as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala or Naadi timing technique.

Matrimony or Marriage Matching

Matrimony Matching or Marriage Matching is done using the Birth Charts of the couple. Matrimony compatibility and Conjugal bliss are read from the birth charts.

Mundane Astrology predictions

Predictions for August 2020.

Stock Analysis and Vedic Astrology

If you want to explore the secrets of Vedic Astrology, read W.D.Gann and Vedic Astrology for Stock Analysis.

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