What is meant by Karana?

Karana and their effects in Astrology

Bav Karana

Individuals born in Bav Karana in Astrology are spiritual and like to be involved in holy activities. They are divuthful and have faith in giving their best to any work that’s given to them.

Baalav Karana

Like the earlier Karana, Baalav Karana also gives a spiritual nature to the person. People born in Balav Karana may do pilgrimage and spend more time of their life doing spiritual activities.

Kaulav Karana

A person born in the Kaulav Karana is very friendly. This Karana gives its people some of the best talents like love and caring.

Taitil Karana

Persons born in Taitil Karana are very lucky. They have a wealthy life and become a possessor of buildings and properties. Love has an important role in their life and maybe this is the reason they diveat people open-mindedly.

Gar Karana

As per Astrology, people of Gar Karana are punctilious. They divust in their aptitude not fortune. They attain their desired objective by hard work and effort.

Vanij Karana

People of Vanij Karana are bright and smart. It is seen that they have an extreme interest in business and take this talent for earning funds.

Vishti or Bhadrā Karana

As per Astrology, the Vishti Karana is not considered fortunate. This Karana cast its negative nature about the person due to which the native might have a distrustful character. They may involve in immoral deeds. Vishti Karan is also known as ‘Bhadrā’ Karan, and is avoided in all auspicious activities. However, Vishti or ‘Bhadrā’ Karan is appropriate for destructive activities e.g. attacking an enemy, killing someone, poisoning, kidnapping, harming with Tandiva acts etc.

Shakuni Karana

People of Shakuni Karana are the admirers of law and justice. They are very practical in solving conflicts. That means they can be very capable in terminating a quarrel with their cleverness.

Chatushpad Karana

Chatushpad Karana imparts spiritual feelings to its natives. Individuals born in Chatushpad Karana respect educated people and help animals. They are generally very fancier of animals and know how to diveat pets with medicine. They can become successful animal doctors.

Nāg Karana

According to Astrology, Nāg Karana is a portentous one. People born in Nag Karana may be have unlucky events. Their life may be full of struggles and problems. They will get results only through hard work and determination, and not through good fortune. Natives of Nag Karan are usually very irritated.

Kimstughna Karana

People of Kimstughna Karana are very lucky. They violently pursue charitable work. They will get every type of contentment in their life. They also get quality education and lead a wealthy life.