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Horoscope Predictions

Predictions can be given for your life events with accurate timing.

Prasna Marga

Analysis of the question asked and prediction given based on the time of question (Prasna).


Vastu is the science of building a home as per vedic astrology.


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We are experts in Vedic Astrology, Prasna Marga and Vastu.
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Guru in Astrology


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As suggested previously by you I had done all dosa poojas. I also got my US work permits recently. I am yet to have my visa stamping was done which is on 24th May. After that, I can fly to the US in August. So the poojas and timelines predicted by you did work. Thank you for that. 

Gajjar N

Astrology Seeker


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Tantra Chakra

Tantra Chakra helps in synchronizing your energy.

Astrology And The Yogic Chakras
https://blog.sivanaspirit.com/astrology-and-the-yogic-chakras/ Refer the diagram. In that, Shani as Capricorn ruler, is mapped to root chakra as in the below image. Aries as root is a generic view of the zodiac mapping.…
What The 12 Houses Of A Horoscope Signify?
The 12 houses significance are as below 1st house: Your physical appearance, body, complexion, intelligence, strengths & weaknesses, the head 2nd house: Overall state of our finances (savings, hoardable assets mainly),…

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