Secrets of Vedic Astrology


Sahamas - Artha Sahamas

Part of Fortune is part of Arabic Astrology, which was copied into western astrology before 13th century.

Part of Fortune is called as Punya Sahamas. In layman terms one can call it as Special lagna. There are many in Vedic Astrology.

What sets apart Punya Sahamas?. Read below

A person has a horoscope with many influences of Grahas and timely events happening in life.

Is there a point in time, when good, great and joyful events will happen? How to know or predict to oneself that?.

Punya Sahamas is the answer. These special lagnas or longitudes are calculated as per Vedic Astrology as below.

There are many such lagnas like for Vidya, Power, Foreign travel etc.

One such calculation is for Fortune as below.

Lagna Longitude + (Sun longitude - Moon longitude) for day birth

Lagna Longitude + (Moon longitude - Sun longitude) for night birth.

These lagna rise every day for a person.

Any Graha crossing this lagna gives good fortune according to ownership.

But the calculation as done in all softwares are wrong.

The fallacy are as below

There should be no difference for night or day birth. Also a minus operation cannot be made on a cyclic value. It cannot be applied between grahas other than luminaries and lagna. When these are taken care, this lagna can be used for predicting from the chart and Tithi pravesha chart, with great accuracy.