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Question: What does your ascendant mean?

In a day, from sunrise till next sunrise, the earth rotates on itself. As it rotates, a place on Earth e.g. Mumbai, will rotate through the whole zodiac of Aries till Pisces.

For a given birth, the sign and degree in which Sun rises, gives Sun position (minus ayanamsa). From that position, the ascendant is calculated based on that many hours-minutes, elapsed. Roughly it is 2 hours for each sign.

Another way is - The zodiac degree at which the horizon is at the time of event or birth minus ayanamsa is Ascendant.

In Nadi palm leaf readings, the ascendant or lagna degree is called as “Uyir” in Tamil, meaning Life breath or Prana.

“Mei” in tamil, meaning Body, is lagna house,

Uyir-Mei is living body. And Tamil alphabets are called UyirMei letters.

Chandra is called as “Mathi” in tamil, meaning Intelligence and Emotions.

And the proverb in Tamil is “Vidhi-ai Mathi-yal Vellalam”, One can win over Fate with Intelligence or Free will. There is a way to remedy bad karma using Chandra, astrologically.

Long live Tamil and Blessed are Tamilians.

So be it. Tathastu.

My obeisance to Tamil Sage and SapthaRishi Agasthya.

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Question: What are the meanings of different houses in a D10 chart?

Sheshachalam Iyengar in his answer has explained it.

Houses or signs and bhava or rashi chart in terms of divisional charts to be considered, to mathematically derive any.

Considering D10 as a chart by itself, begs explanation, for any graha placement, or lordship or power (neecha or oucha).

At least D9 has a proper definition in terms of nakshatra padas.

Going by above considerations, all other divisional charts have this definition as told, with its stated anomalies.

A closer look at D60 reveals secrets from a Nadi perspective. The same analogy can be used to derive mathematically, deduce and predict any divisional charts.

D150 becomes more difficult and becomes mysterious, and looks like one has to acquire and use divine powers, to predict.

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Question: What is the scientific basis of Nadi palm leaf astrology to predict accurately?

Steve Hora's answer to What is the scientific basis of Nadi palm leaf astrology to predict accurately?

Refer above question’s answer.

Further research into Nadi Palm leaf timing methodology is as below.

  1. It does NOT follow Vimshottari Dasha system.
  2. It does NOT use Chandra as the base for timing.
  3. It uses all divisional charts, for prediction of event.
  4. The timing of event is by Navamsa, D60 and D150.
  5. The reading of a set of lines or stanzas is in multiples of 3 or 5, based on which Amsa chart is used for timing.
  6. Mostly it is 3 years, so it is D60 being used.
  7. Moving the house, for each set of years, gets the prediction.
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Question: What happens when Rahu is in the 9th house in Gemini?

Rahu is in 9th house - Gemini (Mithuna).

Where is Budha situated?.

In which nakshatra?.

Where is Shani the 9th house lord is situated?.

Without information for these above questions, only generic answers is possible by anybody.

For a particular and accurate answer, with yoga and timing of an event, the birth details are needed.

A sample question with birth detail is as follows

“What will be my career as per D1, D10 and nakshatra?. When will I get married as per my lagna and Navamsa and Nadi Amsa chart?. I was born on February 4, 1996, at 11:30 AM, at Mumbai, India.”

For horoscope predictions or any astrological questions like Dasamsa related, it is necessary to give birth details as below, for accurate analysis by any astrologer, to ask on Quora.

::Steve Hora

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Question: How are planetary houses and horoscope signs linked?

Planetary Houses are ARBITRARY markings in the night sky. For sure. No.

Signs also are the same.

When anybody looks into the night sky, there is no boundaries to mark the sky as 1st house or this or that sign.

There are many house system, namely UnEqual houses (Placidus) or Equal houses or more.

All these are imaginations of a fertile mind of humans, nothing on the sky. Same goes for signs also.

That said, observations by the humans, brought in houses and signs into our understanding. And understandings goes, there are varied opinion among all.

Then again were the first house starts is not accepted properly by Sidereal or Tropical.

To KISS (Keep It Simple Standard), just accept Houses and Signs are just same with a proper starting point.

Then your understanding will fall in place.

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Question: What is the difference between sidereal and tropical astrology?

Keeping math and the analytical thing apart for both type of Astrology, below goes my thesis.

The Sun is the center for our solar system. Th Solar system moves or drifts as a disk around in the Milky way. This shift is called Ayanamsa or Precession as in Sidereal (Vedic) system.

This Ayanamsa is used to put back the disk to the original position, which gets its “Start of Aries” point right.

Why this was done in Vedic is, the basics are in the Karmic theory of Rebirth and Death. So unless the disc or the horoscope is set back to its original zero-ith point, one cannot read the carry-over of Karma from previous births.

With Start of Aries, calculated and made fixed for a year, the measurement of signs and stars, with constellations (STARs) AND Signs (Rashi), which are more or less stationery, from a geo-centric observations, is INDEPENDENT of seasons on Earth.

So to summarize geometrically, Vedic Horoscope considers the movement of planets from a Karmic Point called Start of Aries, with constellations and Signs as the background for calculations.

Coming to Analysis, the different theories within Vedic Astrology is vast to predict, the actual karmic effects of a person, from his/her horoscope.

Western Astrology will stay in Earth only, as it depends only on seasons on Earth, so only psychological effects is possible, with it.

Albeit seasons changes on Earth at different places, esp, near South, North and Equator areas. So it cannot be Universal (on Earth). With seasons reference, measuring and something in sky, namely planets, is not scientific.

Vedic is ALWAYS superior than Western.

BTW, Time delineation using Dasha can be found only in Sidereal Vedic.

So be it, Tathaastu.

Image : Courtesy Google Images

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Question: Why is the law of karma inexorable?

Newton's third law is:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton's laws of motion - Wikipedia

This world is forward moving on Time.

Energy and Space are mutable, changeable, but cannot be destroyed or created.

This macro cosmos called Universe is just Energy, Space and Time.

The same Tantra or Formula is for living things also.

The Life-Breath is the main energy sustained by material energy called body. Space is the physical space of the body. Time of Life is continuous and forward moving.

Law of Karma is just Law of Nature. Recycling happens for life also, so the karma.

Image : Courtesy Google Images.

But there is a way out of this cycle, the Nir-Vikalpa way.

And also there is a Vikalpa way using Shree Chakra according to your horoscope, and that is the secret of Maha Vidya. So be it, Tathaastu.

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Question: What is Dasha Bukthi in astrology?

Dasha and Bhukthi in Vedic Astrology is part of Vimshottari Dasha system.

Based on the Chandra’s position in a nakshatra and its nakshatra lord, the birth-remaining dasha is calculated.

Adding in the sequence of nakshatra lord’s years, one gets the full dasha years, namely 120 years of solar years.

Image : Courtesy google images

Bhukthi is also called Antara. Bhukthi is the sub part of each Dasha. The division is based on sub-parts of 120 years of a graha. This is math.

Dasha is calculated on Chandra position. But Chandra itself is a Graha. Old text prescribe based on Chandra only. This is an approximation.

The fallacy of Vimshottari system is the above.

I differ. Timing an event should be purely be on math not on logic.

One can see, logic is used to time an event, which is reverse-proof reading. Recently I read one. It goes as below

Prathyantra lord is Budha who is third lord, so I write this now. Absurd.

Timing of Event DO NOT obey geometrical patterns of planets. But it is calculated based on position.

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Question: What is the Sri Chakra mystery of Oregon, USA?

Courtesy : Google images

One can know more about it in google search for Sri Chakra Oregon.

There had been counterclaims by some group, that they did it, but proved wrong by another.

As such Shri Chakra or Yantra is itself a Mystery. Mysterious, that drawing on a paper with the best geometrical tools is tough. Let alone drawing it on a lake bed over 13.3 miles long drawing.

Shri Chakra when drawn has a mystery. When it comes into your home or life, it will be a mystery.

It will become more mysterious when you connect your micro-cosmos (Your Life-breath Prana Energy, Body-Space and Time from your horoscope) to the Macro-Cosmos - The universal Energy (Adhi-Shakthi), Space and the eternal Time.

In that connect, the mysterious karma of yours will dissolve into that of the universe.

Such is the Power of Shri Chakra or Yantra.

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Question: What is the Murthi Nirnaya method to transit the benefits of any planets? How do I judge for the present Jupiter transit into Sagittarius?

Murthi Nirnaya Method for Transit Effects of Any Planet

Presently Transit of Guru (Jupiter) had happened and he is in Dhanur (Sagittarius) Rashi, as of now.

Murthi Nirnaya is an interesting method to judge yourself the transit of ANY Graha (Planet) according to your Rashi (Moon Sign).

To make it simple I will go by citing an example.

Assuming your Rashi is Mesha, Aswini nakshatra and Lagna (Rising sign) as Simha (Leo).

As per Drik Kanith panchang, when Guru transitted to Sagittarius on Nov 5th 2019, Moon was in Capricorn (Makara) Rashi.

Count from your Janma Rashi till Capricorn (Makara).

For Mesha Rashi - it is 10th house.

Refer below table for the benefits.

So for Mesha Rashi it is Copper (Tamra), so Average. So the affectation of Guru for Mesha Rashi is average, means the mind or thinking will get average benefits.

From Lagna one can count to Transit Moon. In the example, Simha lagna counts to Makara Rashi as 6, which is Swarna, so extremely favorable for your body and health., Refer above table to know effect on Lagna, which is your body.

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Question: Why is chandra graha used for marriage compatibility and the Vimshottari Dasha system in Vedic astrology?

Chandra as a Graha is the nearest to Earth, where we earthlings live.

Courtesy : Google Images.

Chandra reflects Sun Energy to Us, our prime source of Energy, Night and Day.

In the same way Chandra reflects also other Grahas Energy to us.

So Chandra becomes prime motivator for our brains.

There is a need for zero reference as well as movement to measure Time. This can NOT be done on our Earth, as we are on Earth and when using geo-centric observation data for a horoscope.

So the nearest Graha is used in Vimshottari Dasha. And that Graha is Chandra.

Read my Profile

I challenge the status quo and ad-literam of vedic and western astrology, navigate uncharted waters, to find newer vistas from the astrology lore and find the truth. Be unbiased, even with my own opinion, or by the very information gathered, than to assimilate, digest, critically analyse, synthesize and find the truest path, which had been lost to time.
(This quality of mine is due to Makara Lagna Shani and Ketu sitting in Abhijit-Sravanna nakshatra, who is exalted in 5th).

So using Chandra in marriage compatibility at Nakshatra level and Chandra as the base for Vimshottari Dasha was adopted.

But I differ on the above and below is my own analysis.

I use Nakshatra for all Grahas for Marriage compatibility for each/both horoscope.

Also My analysis of Vimshottari Dasha is different deduction, which makes my Time prediction algorithm accurate.

Timing of Events accurately from a Horoscope is the secret of Astrology.

So be it. Taathastu.

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Question: How do you prove mathematically that divisional charts like D9 do not have houses or signs?

Divisional charts do NOT have houses nor Signs.

Divisional charts cannot be derived from a Placidus or Non-Equal House system.

Divisional charts has NO lordship.

Divisional charts do NOT have Drishtis.

Divisional houses should NOT be interpreted like Lagna or D1 or Rashi chart.

Divisional charts or Amsa chart is a particular feature of the D1 chart. Period.

For example, Navamsa or D9 is a division of each house of D1 into 9 parts.

The parts are DISTRIBUTED to different “Houses”. That is it. Period.

Proof: As such the PARTS DO NOT become the WHOLE. So it stays as a part or Amsa.

Courtesy : Google Images

But how to read the Amsa chart, and that, can be done, only by, erudite Astrologers, like me, not just referring back to old books to claim or deny otherwise.

It takes math and intuition to read Amsa charts, to know the meaning with respect to D1 chart.

Creation time: Nov 12, 2019 08:26 PM PST


Question: What is the 1 to 249 concept in KP astrology?

249 number was arrived by KP, by dividing Placidus or Non-Equal house into parts using Vimshottari Dasha periods for each Graha.

It is a flawed number. How?

The Vimshottari Dasha consists nine sub graha dashas, and further divided at antara level into 9. So totally it is 9 * 9 = 81.

There are 3 sets of nakshatras for each graha in the zodiac.

So 81 * 3 = 243.

So the KP number SHOULD be 243 only.

But KP in his time was swayed by Western thought, deviated from Indian books, found his own ayanamsa, changed from Equal houses to Placidus and got a mixed thought as KP astrology.

In KP, Un-Equal houses cannot have equal nakshatra degrees. But the Vimshottari Dasha is equal nakshatra system.

There goes down the fallacy of KP Astrology.

Courtesy : Google Images.

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Question: What is the Bhava Chalit chart?

Rashi or Lagna chart is based on “Start of Aries” and Equal Houses of Parasara system.

Bhava Chalit chart is based on Inter-Cuspal, In-equal Houses of SriPati of recent origin.

Sripati or Bhava or Chalit or KP or Placidus are just masturbation of a free mind. Some use Sripati to reverse-proof or fit their dasha or yoga prediction. Absurd and Quixotically.

Sripati or Bhava or Chalit or KP or Placidus cannot be used to derive Divisional charts.

I am reproducing the text from a web page for reference.

Courtesy : ShreeAmbika


How is a Bhava Chart Calculated?

To calculate bhava chart, we need two values – Ascendant and Mid heaven. Ascendant is the sign rising in the eastern direction at the time of casting of chart. The longitudinal position of Ascendant is the mid point of the first house. Mid heaven is the sign directly above the head. It is the midpoint of tenth house. The steps to calculate mid points of other houses are:

total difference = Ascendant – Midheaven

difference for one house = total difference divided by three

mid point of 11th house = midheaven + difference for one house

mid point of 12th house = mid point of 11th house + difference for one house.

Similarly, calculate the mid points of all the other houses to get the bhava chart. The starting point of a bhava is the mean of its and the previous house’s midpoint. Naturally, the end point of a house is the beginning of the next one.

How is Rashi Chart different from Chalit Chart?

1. Mathematically: Rashi chart assumes that all the houses are equal – 30 degrees in length. While calculating the positions of ascendant and other planets, we just take the modulo of the degree by 30 and assign the houses. In bhava chart, the mid point of a house, i.e. the bhava madhya, is given a lot of importance. The influence of a house is calculated based on this bhava madhya. e.g. if Ascendant value is 2 degrees, then the influence of the first house extends from approximately 350 degrees to about 17 degrees and not Zero to 30 degrees as would be the case with a rashi chart. The upper and the lower limits of influence of a house are called Bhava Sandhis. Planets are placed in this newly computed Bhava chart – and we get something called Chalit chart. The rule is simple, if a planet’s longitude is more than the starting sandhi and less than the end sandhi, it is said to fall in that bhava.

2. For interpretations: The combinations that are used for interpretations are – rashi chart along with divisional charts on one hand and bhava charts on other hand. We never mix divisional charts with bhava chart. Planets influence a chart based on the bhava they are situated in. Rule of thumb – if an interpretation system works only with planets and houses and not signs, you can safely assume that it is working with the chalit chart and not the rashi chart. However, the aspects of planets on other planets are always studied from rashi chart. Similarly exaltation/debilitation of planets is again studied only from the rashi chart. Manglik Dosha is studied partly from bhava chart (e.g. statements like Mars causes dosha if situated in 7th house) and partly from rashi chart. When looking for exceptions (e.g. Mars in Simha, i.e. in the sign of a friend does not cause dosha), we should see the rashi chart. Normally, bhava chart and rashi chart would agree with each other. However, if the Ascendant or planets’ degree is closer to multiple of 30, there may be differences between the charts. It is always interesting to see if a planet has moved from one house to another from rashi chart to chalit chart. This explains a lot of times why a yoga that is so obvious in rashi chart does not fructify in real life.

Courtesy : Google Image.

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Question: How will the Guru Transit (November 2019) into Dhanur affect a Vrischika Rashi person?

The benevolent Guru, will move from Vrischika to Dhanur on Nov 5th 2019, as per panchang.

Dhanur Rashi House contains the following nakshatra namely

  1. Moola - 1,2,3,4th pada - Ruled by Ketu
  2. Purva Shada(Puram) - 1,2,3,4 pada Ruled by Shukra
  3. Uttara Shada (Uttiradam) - 1 pada Ruled by Surya

and Guru will transit the above nakshatras.

Vrischika Rashi consists of the following nakshatras namely

  • Visakha - 4th pada - Ruled by Guru
  • Anuradha (Anusham) - 1,2,3,4 pada Ruled by Shani
  • Jyeshta (Ketai) - 1,2,3,4 pada Ruled by Budha

Ascertain your Rashi and then your nakshtra and then read your affectations.

Guru transiting the 2nd from Vrischika Rasi is good , overall. As 2nd lord, he will ascertain himself, and brings wealth. As 5th lord he will bring good luck, benefits to children, name through children and travel to punya sthalas.

Guru will be good for Visakha 4th pada star born natives, when moving through Moola. Not good when in Purva Shada and good in Uttara Shada.

Guru will be not good to Anuradha ( all padas), when moving through Moola. Excellent when in Purva Shada and not good in Uttara Shada.

Guru will be good to Jyeshta 1,2,3,4 pada, when moving through Moola. not good when in Purva Shada and good in Uttara Shada.

Excellent, Very Good, Good and bad are with respect to significance pertaining to wealth, luck and children. Through these you would get benefit, in those respective nakshatra transit time.

Other rashi transit predictions will be done in due course.

Creation time: Nov 15, 2019 02:51 AM PST


Question: How will Shukra (Venus) transit on November 21st, 2019 into Dhanur Rashi and joining Guru and Shani affect India?

Below is the horoscope of “Republic of India”.

Chart Analysis and Prediction
The Vedic horoscope is made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

I proceed to read the horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique.

Lagna lord Guru had entered into 10th house in his own 10th house.

India had become powerful. Period.

This very placement in 10th, brings Kendra dosha to India. Luckily the Democratic Shani is also in Dhanur to pacify the dosha and convert it into a Yoga.

Shukra enters Dhanur on Nov 21st 2019.

The egoistic Gurus of Deva and Asuras, namely Guru and Shukra, both equal had joined Shani.

Shani is a friend of both. So Shani will balance the ego of these benefic grahas.

Guru and Shukra will be in Moola nakshatra, for some time. Ketu is also in Dhanur.

Ketu does not like Guru, but being a friend of Shani and in Guru house, will be played down.

In Navamsa (Karmic-strength) and In Dasamsa (Power) – India is well placed to move forward.

On Dec 26th the Solar eclipse will affect India. Refer below quora Q2A.

Steve Hora's answer to What are the mundane astrology predictions for India based on the solar eclipse on December 26th, 2019, 8:00 AM, in New Delhi, India?

Net result

For eclipse dosha, Hindus and India should do agamic hindu rituals for propitiation of Pitris (Ancestors) and take political action.

India and its Gov. will bring changes, which will impact permanently the Indian society.

The rich will come under the scanner of the Gov. Also some of the fake-rich religious people.

Below calculation is specific for India, based on Samaya Amsa math.

From now till Apr 2020, Gov. will tax more and bring in black money to make more revenue.

Enemies will not create problems and India will keep them at bay.

Gold consumption will rise and Gov. will buy it.

Indian people will be happy, but will spend for luxurious things.

From Apr 2020 till Aug 2023, Gov. will concentrate on Export sector. If not, there will be loss of revenue. The steps taken will fructify after Nov 2020.

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Question: What are the positive and negative effects of a retrograde Saturn?

Retrogression of ANY planet means the said planet is in reverse gear as observed from a geo-centric point of view.

Courtesy : Quora Q2A Images

Retrograde Planet significance

  1. What the planet signifies, depends on your horoscope. Period.
  2. Natural karakatwa of a planet cannot be read directly to a house significance. Absurd and Quixotically.
  3. Benefics or Malefics are with respect to Horoscope, not based on Graha's name (e.g.: Shani) or Graha's karakatwa (e.g.: Jupiter which is the karaka of religion, culture etc). Absurd, Shoddy and less knowledge.
  4. Retrograde Planets are in reverse mode, NOT unstable.
  5. Retrogression does make things unconventional, delay and abnormal due to their reverse motion.
  6. Based on your horoscope, the planet being good OR bad, will behave in a very unconventional and abnormal behavior.

I read somewhere, which is most absurd thing - "Retrograde Mercury usually makes one change their field of education."

Courtesy : Google Images

On May 11th 2020, Shani will become retrograde in Makara Rashi.

Shani as per your horoscope, will influence those houses, he is in, and lords and has drishti. According to your horoscope, if good it will delay and if bad it will be curbed.

When Shani becomes again direct, it will rewrite the karma and give the opposite results of, when in retrograde.

Creation time: Nov 16, 2019 01:39 AM PST


Question: How accurate is astrology?

Vedic Astrology is accurate. Yes.

The reasons of Vedic Astrology being accurate is due to the following reasons, Namely Math and Logic, Timing and Solution.


  1. Based on Law of Karma, the sidereal horoscope is synced back to “Start of Aries” using Ayanamsa.
  2. With the same unique reference of sidereal “Start of Aries”, the geo-centric observed planetary positions are noted down using pure Astronomy and deducted a pure astronomical value called Ayanamsa.
  3. As math and astronomical data is used, the horoscope made is an accurate one.
  4. The horoscope erected is nothing but the sky zodiac of 360 degree, which is divided in 12 equal parts signifying different life events and body parts and amsas.


Here comes the hard part

  1. Due to its vast knowledge gathered and deep analysis, Vedic astrology had found so many methods to predict the events.
  2. Erudite Astrologers like me knows how to fit verb, adjective and noun of a prediction according to horoscope.

Connecting the dots - namely, Timing of Events, Prediction and Solution

  1. Timing of Events using Dasha is done. But there is NO universal Dasha system, which connects, nakshatra, house, graha and flow of events.
    I follow my own Samaya Amsa with Vimshottari dasha, which connects these, using Math which is 100% accurate for Timing.
  2. Astrology has to connect Time, Space and Energy together at micro and macro cosmos level for a perfect solution.
    Under research by me.

So Vedic Astrology as of now followed by many is

Math - 100% accurate,

Logic - Depends based on method and astrologer,

Connecting the dots - Depends again based on method and astrologer.

Courtesy : Google Images

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Question: Isn't the degree of a planet necessary for deciding debilitation or exaltation in a particular sign?

Image Source: Goravani Jyotish

The degree of a planet is necessary for deciding debilitation or exaltation in a particular sign or house.

That said, the horoscope is a snapshot of Graha-movement at the time of birth of a person or event. Kind of still photograph.

The grahas continue to move, even after the said birth or event. This brings the transit effects on the said still photo or horoscope.

The power of the each graha as in above table, shows 100% at deep exalted or debilitated degrees.

It decreases on both sides of exalted degrees, like a mount, according to sthana bala of that graha.

It increases on both sides of debilitated degrees, like a trough, according to sthana bala of that graha.

In this scenario, the power can increase or decrease and cross over to adjacent signs or houses.

This is where most astrologers get confused.

There goes down another fallacy of Vedic Astrology.

To read with graha exaltation or debilitation inside a house, as well its influence on other adjacent houses, using sthana bala, can be done only using math, by erudite astrologer and reseacher like me.

Image Source: Google Images

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Question: What is biorythm in astrology? How can I predict the future of a person through biorythm?

Biorythm in Vedic Astrology is Pancha Pakshi.

Please check my write up on Pancha Pakshi on this.

It cannot be used for predicting the future.

Pancha Pakshi is to choose a good time, for commencing activity.

Courtesy : Google Images

This is a mystical South Indian astrology invented by Tamil Sage Agasthya, the learned disciple of Lord Shiva.

He was so creative, that he would have thought a way to escape fate, using Timing from an horoscope and use Prana, to know the breadth flow - which changes from left to right nostril and back.

No one was upto his cailber to write volumes of volumes on Astrology, Yantra, Mantra, First Grammar for Tamil, Ayurveda, Yoga and other mystic practices.

He was the head of all Siddhars - Tamil sages.

He got the secret Pancha pakshi vidya, as he worshiped Valai or Bala as Lordess Maha Tripura Sundari, the Adhi Shakthi of this universe or cosmos.

Long live Tamil, Pancha Pakshi sastra and Nada Brahma.

It is so mystical and powerful, that there is a saying in Tamil

Pancha Pakshi therinthavani pakaichikatheye - Meaning “Do not make foe with a person who knows Pancha Pakshi”.

It was kept as secret,and passed on or revealed to few only.

Ordinary texts written Pancha pakshi is based on Vaar or weekday.

The fallacy of start of weekday was exposed by many.

Some cling to some old astrology texts with AMatuer commentatories.

So the real Pancha pakshi is based on …..

Creation time: Nov 28, 2019 03:29 AM PST


Question: What is the best way to learn vedic astrology?

There are many ways to learn.

In this modern free internet world, self learning is the best.

To choose the best resource on internet, is a pain.

I had done a curated Chat group.

It is FREE and you can learn.

The group link is public and free.

Learn Vedic Astrology Free

Image : Courtesy Google

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Question: What does Mars in the 7th house and a conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in the 11th house mean?

Kuja (Mars) is in 7th house and with Guru. Budha in 11th house mean ascendant can be any house.

More so Moon position with Mars or Jupiter can define, what Mercury role will be.

Also Mars in 7th, which marriage, can indicate, how Guru will affect it. More so Budha is 5th from Guru and Kuja.

Budha being child of Guru, can make Guru ineffective. Mars will not like Budha and will support Guru.

Courtesy : Oxford English dictionary for English.

Creation time: Nov 29, 2019 10:00 PM PST


Question: If I'm 1998 January born then how is my zodiac sign Leo?

As per sayana zodiac, the Chandra will be in Simha (Leo) sign.

Chandra being Moon in English, your zodiac sign becomes Leo.

But with sidereal zodiac, you will become Cancer, so the confusion.

As long as you consider yourself Leo, you would be proud, but if cancer (not disease), then you should become emotional.

Courtesy : Zodiac definitions and Sign definitions.

Creation time: Nov 29, 2019 10:21 PM PST


Question: When a malefic Jupiter is placed in 6th place (own house for Libra ascendant), will the impact be good or bad in Mahadasha?

Jupiter is a great benefic for any horoscope. He cannot become malefic and he can do good in his Mahadasha, provided Libra is well placed.

Guru in 6th is good irrespective of ascendant, as Guru is Brahmin.

His mahadasha based on VD dasha can read generically.

Courtesy : Vedic Astrology - Naradha Samhita

Creation time: Nov 29, 2019 10:24 PM PST


Question: What are the effects of Leo Sun in the 12th house?

Leo Sun in 12th house of any ascendant has all good effects, as Sun is atmakaraka for all ascendants.

Leo ruled by Surya or Sun, is great with no pride in 12th. it will liberate the soul, as per Jaimini system.

You will have followers of high position.

Courtesy : Jaimini system

Creation time: Nov 29, 2019 10:28 PM PST


Question: Will the assistant commandant exam and job be suitable for a person born on March 12, 1997 at 10:45 am in Faridabad? Will the exam get cleared?

There are good books to pass the assistant commandant exam, which you study and increase your knowledge.

This is present good karma which you have to do to pass the exam. Then exam will get cleared by you.

Horoscope will tell whether you are suitable to that job and accordingly nature will reject you.

Courtesy : Past, Present and Future Karma book

Creation time: Nov 29, 2019 10:33 PM PST


Question: What are the effects of Venus, Sun, and Mercury in Virgo for a Taurus ascendant?

For a Taurus ascendant, Venus will fight with Mercury (Budha) and Sun.

This again depends on the placement of other planets in the horoscope, as per ascendant.

You will fight with yourself and name will be lost, venus if gained well.

Courtesy : Nadi Grantha leaf reading

Creation time: Nov 29, 2019 10:36 PM PST


Question: If a girl is born on 21 June 1993 in West Bengal, what are some astrological predictions for her career and finances?

West Bengal is a big place, to know exactly its latitude and longitude.

Also time of birth will decide best career and finances, if provided.

The above is not based on some astrology, rather with very less data.

Courtesy : Insufficient data on Quora question.

Creation time: Nov 29, 2019 10:39 PM PST


Question: What does it mean when a full moon occurs in your moon sign?

In Tamil or Vedic Astrology and in Tamil Calendar, every month, full Moon is celebrated.

The tamil calendar is based on Sidereal Sun months.

The phases of moon for each day is called Tithi in Tamil.

Full Moon is called Pournami.

Panguni Uthiram means Sun-month (Panguni) from 15th March to 15th April, a full moon transits through the star or asterism or nakshatra called Uthiram. Uthiram star belongs to Leo partly and Virgo Moon sign.

So a Full Moon (Pournami) tithi occurs in the above month and said Moon sign.

As per Tamil Hindu calendar, this tithi-month combination is auspicious.

Courtesy : Google Image.

The significance is great.

For e.g.: Lord Buddha born as Siddarth, was born on a Poornima, got Enlightened on a Poornima and attained the end (Samadhi) on a Poornima.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: Dec 14, 2019 05:46 AM PST


Question: What is the Tithi Pravesha Chakra for the monthly and yearly return of the Moon?

Sun (Soul) is considered as Father in Vedic Astrology and Moon (Mind) as Mother for this Earth and its Earthlings, born in an ascendant (Body).

So it is imperative to consider the difference of degrees between Sun and Moon, which is nothing but Tithi, an observed astronomical phenomenon, happening daily in the sky, as the basis of any Return of the Monthly or Yearly.

VarshaPhal of any Solar Calendar in India, is based on Sun’s return, likewise a Yearly or Monthly return of Chandra or Moon, based on Tithi is called Tithi Pravesha Chakra.

Why Tithi is so important?.

Adhi-Shakthi’s Maha Vidya of Shri Chakra is based on Tithi. When such is the prowess of the creator of Universe, Tithi becomes the de-facto of any birth or event on Earth.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Courtesy : Google Images - Fifteen Nityas

Creation time: Dec 14, 2019 08:14 PM PST


Question: What is it like to be a professional astrologer?

I take inspiration from Karen Marie Shelton, another answerer to this question. Thanks Karen.

**My First Shingle**

I started learning Vedic Astrology from my Father’s brother. He taught me how to read Panchang and introduced to books and taught the basics. My age was at that time 17 years. I am now more than 3 times this number.

**Private discussions**

There was private predictions with Kith, Kin and Friends about astrology, to understand Nadi leaf readings, its secrets and its methodology.

**Astrological Research and Consultations**

I was into research of vedic astrology, as I started as a non-believer of fate and destiny. (Ketu in my lagna).

Books helped to understand different prediction techniques. Condensing them, understanding the noun, verb, adjective of a prediction was my first challenge. Then came the very timing.

I was not satisfied with Vimshottari dasha for timing, based on Moon. So more research was done by me, to come up with a unique system.

Remedies was again a challenge that has to given, from a psychological and spiritual level.

All these were done, as a part-time work with my engineering day job.

Being an engineer by profession, mathematical proof of any astrological axiom or its meta-physical meaning of the Sanskrit sutras, was my primary concern.

**Doing Astrological Consultations Can Be Exhausting**

It is challenging and exhausting, but the feedback from my followers made me changes, in my pattern of prediction, and was more or less standardized.

**Long Term Clients**

Clients return back now and then for newer problems, know their fate and find a solution to their life events.

**Hard Work And Potentially Frustrating**

It was a lot of long years of lonely path of learning, hard work and thinking, which frustrates.

**Electional Astrology**

As this is a easy one in Vedic astrology with the help of Panchang. Vara and weekday, I ignore, as it does not contain any mathematical proof. Nor Hora dependent on Vara is used by me.

**Mundane Astrology**

This was exiting for me, to understand, how each graha shows its true character, in a worldly way, than imparting only color for human horoscopes.

**Trying To Warn Clients May Be Futile**

Well, the self-confidence of each client, makes them think that they can overcome, any bad or negative prediction. This is a shortcoming of most.

**Destiny And Free Will Are Important**

As I had my dive into Western astrology, it was easy for me to understand and explain, to clients, what is free will and what one is destined to be.

**Preparation Is Critical For Some Professional Astrologers**

It is true that preparation, be good at basics, apply the same axioms for all horoscopes for prediction, use the same mathematical timing for different houses for different events, is needed. This took my time.

**Drawbacks And Rewards**

There is NO great income in this thankless job. Very few understands that.

Only one lady (client) understood that, and she sends Guru dakshina every year, without me asking for it. I bless her, with the divine in me.

The reward to throw light (Jyoti) on one’s karma, by predicting, is the highlight of this thankless divine science.

So be it, Tathaastu.

Pranam to all the Gurus of Jyotish. _/\_

Creation time: Dec 17, 2019 07:38 AM PST


Question: How do I calculate the daily thithis based on the location one is residing? For instance, Ekadesi in India will be different from Ekadesi in the UK.

Well you can use any horoscope making software.

Make a horoscope for that day and place, which will indicate the tithi in it, for that place and day and time.

I have one on this website

Tithi Information | Steve Hora Astrologer | Vedic Astrology Advice

You can use online panchang for that place, but depends on the software.

If you are looking for a good software, like I use, then it is Jagannatha Hora, which is the best of breed of astrologer’s use.

Creation time: Jan 06, 2020 01:42 AM PST


Question: Are the Sun and the Moon equally important in astrology?

Sun (Surya) in Vedic astrology is the Father and Moon (Chandra) is the Mother. This is at the metaphysical level.

At the mundane level, Sun gives energy to this solar system, including all planets revolving around it.

Moon the nearest satellite, which is considered as Graha, reflects the Sun rays on to Earth and we earthlings. Also it exerts its pull on Earth.

Both are equally important in Vedic Astrology.

The lagna or ascendant point for a birth or event is fixed with Sun’s degree. This sidereal ascendant is the karmic life in a person, which undergoes the influence of all past karma and also the doer of present karma.

Moon representing the mind, goes through the motions and emotions of past karma and present free will action in a chart.

The Sun-Moon connection creates phases or tithis, which plays an important part in one’s life. With Sun’s (Ascendant) energy and the Moon (thinking Mind), one enjoys past karma and also suffers. At the same time, the living person creates newer karma with his energy (Sun) and thinking (Moon), with one’s free will.

And the life cycle continues…

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: Jan 16, 2020 04:21 AM PST


Question: How accurate is Gann analysis for Intraday trading?

Here is the analysis using Gann-Vedic chakra for 17th Jan 2020 for “S&P BSE SENSEX 50”.

The data for analysis is just 16th Jan’s.

Below is ACTUAL Jan 17th movement.

See for the uncanny behavior of Price dependent on time which reflects sentiments and memory of the group-psychology of investors.

Let now put it for 17th and observe on 20th Jan 2020.

Creation time: Jan 17, 2020 06:05 PM PST


Question: What are the effects if Raghu, Mars, and the Moon are placed in Meena Lagna and Lagna is also a Meenam?

Chart Analysis and Prediction
Your Vedic horoscope is made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.
I proceed to read your birth horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique.

Reading - Effect of Rahu, Kuja and Chandra in Meena Rashi and Meena Lagna

This combination could have happened in below chart in 1987 or 2005.

Assuming it is 1987 chart, clearly Guru as lagna lord is in Kumbha Rashi. Rahu, Kuja and Chandra are in Meena lagna.

1st lord Guru and 7th lord Budha are combined in 12th.

Apart from Chandra, Kuja and Rahu in lagna is not good.

As the above is an assumptive chart, accurate prediction should be NOT given. Only a speculation, as the input question is bot-based, is ALSO gaming and speculative in nature, as per astrology.

Creation time: Jan 19, 2020 11:41 PM PST


Question: How do we find a karmic relationship or past life karmic connection when we match two horoscopes? Do we check D1 to D9 or D1 to D1 charts?

The question has too many parts to it.

  • Karma and its Relationship in one’s own chart.
  • Relationship between two charts and the karmic impact.
  • Divisional charts based on equal houses and equal nakshatra system.
  • The inter relationship of varga charts of two different persons.
  • The matching of charts for marriage or for a karmic relationship.

To know more about refer - Secrets of Astrology | Lagna and Navamsa chart.

The analysis of Navamsa is same with any other varga chart.

Navamsa is more karmic in nature and was applied for Spouse and marriage also, because our ancient seers saw its value for both propagation of family and gene, the connection to past life karmas and its implied formation in the present janma kundali chart.

7th is the 11th from 9th, which becomes Spouse and when read properly in relationship with the other person’s chart, it becomes clear.

Creation time: Jan 24, 2020 05:57 PM PST


Question: Does Rakesh Jhunjhunwala consult any astrologer before investing?

Considering his horoscope as below, it has all ingredients for a great Long-Term Investor with great returns. :) . May be he consults astrologers before investing.

Chart Analysis and Prediction
The above Vedic horoscope is made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.
I proceed to read your birth horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique.

Reading -

Shukra is in 10th, Budha is in 11th, Shani is in 4th and Guru in 4th, makes a great combination for profit from speculation and that also being with karmathipathi Budha.

Kuja in 8th makes the person to take long-term as the prime investments.

Speculation on short term can be done with spouse as partner.

Overall O++ (Outstanding par excellence) chart.

Timing as per Samaya (Naadi) Amsa tell that till June 2020 it is excellent. From July 2020 till Aug 2023 profits will slow down.

Creation time: Feb 01, 2020 05:07 PM PST


Question: Should one invest in Bajaj Consumer Care?

Taking 52 week high low values, and last one month high of 240, the present value of 217, is not good in long term.

As of today 4th Feb, below is for Intra day

Again it is doing not great.

Creation time: Feb 04, 2020 03:44 AM PST


Question: How do you time events in Dasha?

Dasha systems are many in Vedic Astrology for timing events in one’s life from the horoscope.

Each Dasha system has a purpose as enumerated in the samhitas.

There are general purpose dasha sytems namely Vimshottari and Ashtottari Dasha systems.

Both are nakshatra based, meaning the position of Chandra is taken for initial reminder dasha calculation.

Vimshottari is 120 years and Asshtottari is 108 years based.

I will dwell upon Vimshottari as it uses 120 years which is normally accepted as the maximum age that a human can live. Also the zodiac is 360 degree, which is a multiple of 120.

Again the 120 is divided into equal number of nakshatras namely 9.

There are variations of Vimshottari with their own bylaws, which I will NOT consider for now.

  • The lord of the nakshatra is NOT the lord of a House.
  • The dasha lord is NOT the same as the lord of a house.
  • Same goes for Antara or sub-antara periods.
  • The graha(s) in a nakshatra is NOT connected to Dasha lords.
  • Timing is pure maths and NOT logic of yoga or any graha placed in some nakshatra.

For example : Some would say -> Guru is in Shani nakshatra, Guru dasha is running, Shani antara, Shani is 7th lord, so marriage will happen. This kind of analysis or synthesis is ABSURD.

When Space (Graha degree in zodiac) meets the Time or Samaya (Dasha) for a particular Event lord, then the timing calculated, will make that event happen.

Creation time: Feb 05, 2020 07:54 AM PST


Question: What happens if both the bride and the groom have the same Upapada Lagna?

Upapada lagna clearly denotes 12th lord significance of a chart.

What you get out of your spouse or you giving her/him. In Rashi chart language, 12th lord is bed pleasures, it is the sex that unites the two in marriage.

If it is same Upapada lagna, it denotes both would be in match in size of sex parts and in satisfaction of the sexual desire.

Upapada lagna lord signifies the status of the spouse family. But I consider this lord reading as an exaggerated reading in BPHS.

Upapada lagna research had been done in detail in Parasara and our modern times, because family values and marriage are essential part of Indian culture.

It is accurate only for 12th house significance in both the chart of a couple.

I would consider Upapada lagna matching as a very important tool for marriage horoscope matching in present modern days, as sex plays an important role for conjugal bliss and unity and prevent adultery in married life.

Creation time: Feb 06, 2020 12:16 AM PST


Question: My date of birth is January 6, 1964 (Bengaluru) at 8:30 am. What is the impact of having Mars, Saturn and Venus in Lagna? What will be my career and financial prediction for the coming years?

I had taken up this chart for prediction to demonstrate my prediction style.

Chart Analysis and Prediction
Your Vedic horoscope is made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

I proceed to read your birth horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala or Naadi timing technique.

Reading - Career and Finance Position

Yogakaraka Shukra (Venus) is sitting in Lagna with Lagnathipathi Shani (Saturn). Great. A Sasa yoga with yogakaraka Shukra. Shukra being 10th lord ruling Career. Career is excellent.

You are a self-made person with the will and luck to achieve what you want.

Kuja (Mars) is badaka (bad) for your lagna and sitting in 1st house is locked or jailed by enemy Shani, so all bad things are locked by yourself, with keen thinking. But it heats up your brain and body.

Shani rules 2nd house (Wealth), Kuja is 11th lord rules profit, sitting in 1st with Shani. Good.

Kuja will give you profits but being badaka for your lagna, can hurt your profit from Career.

Guru as 3rd lord in 3rd house, is good for your courage and connection with foreign lands.


From Dec 2019 till Oct 2022, it is excellent period for Career. Make the most of it.

From now till Aug 2020, excellent profit from Career. From Sep 2020 till Mar 2023, Not good period. Losses can be minimized.

Wealth accumulation will be hindered from now till Oct 2021. From Nov 2021 till Dec 2022, it is excellent for wealth accumulation.

For foreign connections and for co-born, from now till Jun 2020 is not good. But from July 2020 it is good.

Creation time: Feb 11, 2020 10:36 PM PST


Question: Are upvotes worth in Quora in 2020?

Absolutely not.

I had been writing on Astrology and upvotes are not a measure of one’s worthy answer.

The optics one gets on Quora is greater than on Fb and the least is on twitter.

The answers are many to questions, which makes the users to scroll, and may not be in a position to upvote a particular answer.

More so familiarity with a particular writer makes the reader to skip upvoting.

Also many readers wants to hide their identity, so normally do not upvote.

So there is a disparity in views and upvotes.

Having followers are better than views and views are better than upvotes, which is better than being a mvw.

Then again followers may not be keen to read your answers, due to familiarity, and might skip and then forget.

Enjoy writing.

Creation time: Feb 20, 2020 06:39 AM PST


Question: When considering fixed stars, does it give Western astrologers help in predictions equal to Eastern astrologer’s?

Western Astrologers use Tropical or Moving zodiac for theme-based on free will or humanistic observations of a horoscope, with no timing system.

Eastern or Vedic Astrologers used Sidereal or Fixed zodiac. The ayanamsa helps in making the chart back to the original position of the zodiac, when these two zodiac coincided.
So more of destiny and karmic-ness involved with accurate timing using dasha.

All planets are in constant movement. That said, measuring their relative position with VERY FAR OFF star is the MOST accurate.

So “Start of Aries” and fixing fixed stars and equal houses is the right way to go, as per Vedic Astrology.

Stars and Signs are just markers in the sky. The house boundaries are also artificial, imaginary and according different fancies of astrology. Rather masturbation of the mind, like Placidus or Non-Equal or whatever.

Fixed zodiac or vedic astrology or sidereal with all its graha or planet positions, deals with destiny and the karmic-ness of the person.

Without ayanamsa, western astrologers cannot deal with karmic-ness, only Free will.

Some assume vedic astrology is Moon based so not humanistic. It is more Karmic not just based on Moon, rather with all planets of the horoscope.

Western Astrologers should use fixed star, ayanamsa, “Start of Aries” as per fixed star and equal houses. Then they will be accurate in prediction. Using Dasha system, they can predict time of events happenings also.

BTW, the above paragraph had INDEED converted a Western to Eastern astrology or astrologer.

Creation time: Mar 02, 2020 07:48 PM PST


Question: How do I predict using both Vedic (Sidereal) and Western horoscopes for a person?

Let us first look at the difference in the horoscope of these two great Astrological systems.

Vedic (Sidereal)

The ayanamsa is taken into account. The position of grahas in degree and minutes are taken from actual astronomy from a geo-centric point of view, and deducted the ayanamsa for that birth year, which is math.

Due to this ayanamsa subtraction, the Vedic horoscope is called Fixed zodiac based.

Westeren (Tropical)

The ayanamsa or prcession of equinoxes is NOT taken into account.

Due to this, the western horoscope is called Moving zodiac based.

One can make a Vedic chart with fixed star, signs and equal houses into a western one by just not minus the ayanamsa.

This is possible in sophisticated softwares for horoscope making.

The ayanamsa will be typically 22–23 degrees for a year. So the position of planets will change in a vedic chart compared to western one.

The most important position change is the Lagna or Ascendant, Surya or Sun and Chandra or Moon. This should be noted.

If the lagna changes then one can predict how this person will evolve in this birth from his previous karma from his previous birth.

If the Sun sign changes, one can predict his energy to change or his free will to change his karma for good or bad compared to his previous birth karma.

If Moon sign changes, one predict how he would accept emotionally the changes in this birth.

Permutation and combination of Lagna, Surya and Chandra changing positions between these two zodiac, will give a clear picture of this person will be, change or behave.

So Vedic will give a clear idea of destiny, fate.
Western will tell the free will within the destiny of the person.


The sidereal vedic astrology uses Dashas for predicting the karmic or destined happenings in this life.

The tropical western astrology using progression and transits.
I use a metonic cycle of 19 years for all planets, to know how this person is changing his action as per his/her free will, as delineated by Ascendant, Sun and Moon from vedic one.

Mahatma Gandhi horoscope



In Mahatma Gandhi’s chart, the Lagna or Ascendant has NOT changed, but Surya and Chandra position has changed.

As lagna has not changed, no change in his personality and was adamant in his ways.

His Energy to change with his free will due to Surya was great.

Also his emotional change due to Chandra was there.

One can read more into the sign or rashi gunas and the changes that happened.

Creation time: Mar 05, 2020 06:44 PM PST


Question: What are two-word girl names that relate to Tamil “Thiruvothu Arasi”?My Nadi astrologer read my 7th section of my palm leaf related to marriage.He said the girl I would be marrying will have two word name that relate to Tamil phrase above.Please help

Thiru - means God or Goddess.

Vothu - means resembling or becoming

Arasi - means Queen.

Most of the Nadi reading give a reading of the indication as a pronoun, not the exact name.

As it is a two phrased word, the second word could be Rani or Arasi itself (both tamil words), the first word can signify any of the three Goddess namely Lakshmi, Parvathi or Saraswathi.

Nadi readings give exact names after the event (your marriage) had happened.

In my case, my wife name came up, after marriage, And in my wife reading, my name came up.

Nadi obeys nature law of selection, so it indicates before and confirms it after the event had happened.

Nadi is a mysterious thing by itself.

Creation time: Mar 05, 2020 09:52 PM PST


Question: What is the effect of Saturn in first house-Lagna for a Capricorn ascendant?

Saturn (Shani) is the lord of Capricorn (Makara).

He sways the whole sign of Makara, irrespective of being in any nakshatra or navamsa position.

He changes his significance according to the Amsa chart and shows his significance according to Samaya Amsa.

A sasha yoga with overall growth and benefits is assured by Shani.

Depending on the Chandra-Rashi, he will benefit you. Example : Vrishabha Rashi.

Aspecting 3rd and 10th with his partial eye and 7th with full eye, he benefits 3rd and 7th. Being 2nd lord and kendra-trikona lord aspecting 10th is not good for job.

Creation time: Mar 10, 2020 05:14 AM PDT


Question: How do I use Bhrigu Bindu and Tribhagi Vimshottari dasha together from a horoscope to delineate events in life?

Bhrigu Bindu is the midpoint between Chandra (Moon) and Rahu (Dragon head).

It is a fixed point in a horoscope. Many good horoscope softwares add that as a delineation in D1 (Rashi chart).

BB is of high significance for knowing about grahas (planets) trigger of events according to one’s horoscope.

When a graha crosses over, its significance can be predicted accurately.

But grahas being cyclic, by intuition, every graha going around, will mean, regular happenings of events in a person’s life. BUT that is not the actual real world case.

Here comes the great Vimshottari Dasha with unequal dasha value for each graha.

This unequal values makes happen non-cyclic events in a person’s life.

But the fallacy of Vimshottari is, a set of 9 nakshatras covers only 4 houses, so a Tribhagi variation of Vimshottari dasha will do the trick.

That said, progressing Chandra’s position through all nakshatras and crossing of BB, is a tricky calculation (pure math).

Many astrologers roll out with no math, like in this example : Some would say -> Shani is in Guru nakshatra, Shani dasha is running, Guru antara, Guru is 7th lord, so marriage will happen. This kind of analysis or synthesis is ABSURD and CRAPPY.

The transit and fixed karma indicated by Bhrigu Bindu and Tribhagi Vimshottari dasha, can be predicted accurately for events of life.

Creation time: Mar 13, 2020 04:20 AM PDT


Question: Is asking an astrologer about someone’s future, past, or whatever halal or haram in Islam? Is it true or false on whatever the information the astrologers say about someone?

From the OP’s name, it can be assumed that, OP is a follower of Islam.

Yes, as per Islam as in Quran, written by Prophet Mohammad, it is Haram or Halal FOR YOU to BELIEVE in Astrology.

That DOES NOT prevent others (Non-Islamic followers) to believe in Astrology.

Astrology is universal for all born on this Earth, which encompasses all followers of All Religions.

That said, Accurate Astrological predictions given by authentic Astrologers is TRUE for all.

I had predicted for Muslims and it had happened, but whether that becomes haram or halal for him, is his problem.

Astrology is above Religions.

Creation time: Mar 14, 2020 02:17 AM PDT


Question: What is the astrological significance of the Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

The first death of a person was reported in China on Jan 11th 2020. Below is the chart for the place Wuhan, China. Time of Event is taken as the Sunrise for that place, as Sun is the Father of Earthlings. Below is the chart

Read this Q2A and its comments for more details…

Steve Hora's answer to What are some predictions for the future of China?

In mundane astrology, when dealing with countries, it is very important to see, the 1st lord, its children (People) and 6th house of Diseases.

Chart Analysis and Prediction
Vedic horoscope is made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

I proceed to read the horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique.

Guru (Jupiter) the ascendant or lagna lord is in his own house, but eclipsed by Ketu-Rahu axis. Ketu does NOT like Guru.

Saturn, Mercury and Sun are also caught in the Rahu-Ketu (North-South Node) axis.

Rahu had become powerful in Gemini, and its dispositor Budha (Mercury) is in lagna, opposing Guru.

Killer Mars is in 1/12 position with lagna lord Guru and Saturn, looking badly at 6th house of disease, and Mars with its bad-4th eye looks badly at Venus in 3rd. So the part of the body affected is 3rd house, which is Nose, Lungs and Respiratory system.

This brought the first sad news of death by way of a new virus, for great change in the world.

Saturn representing the masses is also in the R-K axis, and about to enter its own house Capricorn, causing great changes to the world structure.

Saturn sheds old ways and structures when in Sagittarius and brings great changes in Capricorn, to start a new order in world. Guru assists by being with Saturn in Sagittarius.


Saturn and Jupiter should transit to Capricorn and Mars also. Then Mars will be locked and jailed by Saturn in its house, thereby bring a solution to this menace of mankind. After April 1st there will be relief.

Till Mars transits out of Capricorn, all precautions can be taken.

When in Aquarius, Mars will again try to harm Saturn (People of the world), but solution will be in place and will be controlled.

Creation time: Mar 17, 2020 09:45 PM PDT


Question: Can epidemics be predicted astrologically?

Epidemics across the globe will be predicted using Mundane Astrology and it is NOT based on individual country chart.

It can be predicted only in Panchang (Hindu Calendar). See below the picture of the latest Tamil Panchang. If you know Tamil, you can read it.

For others it says “ A new virus in the North direction will be found”.

Each year Panchangs are updated with newer information and published before the Tamil New Year, which starts around April 15 , each year.

This Panchang is for April 2019 till April 2020.

Addendum : BramhaHathi Dosha happens when Guru and Shani combine in a Rashi.

This leads to calamities in a person’s chart or for a country or the globe.

This combination of Guru and Shani happened from Dec 2019 till Feb 2020.

Solution: There are temples dedicated to Lord Shiva for removing this dosha. One such Lord Shiva temple is in Tamil Nadu namely, at Thiruvidaimarudur Mahalinga Swamy Temple is one of the Panchakrosha Sthalas.

Creation time: Mar 22, 2020 06:40 AM PDT


Question: Is there any genuine astrologer who has in depth knowledge of astrology and who can give correct predictions and remedies that will actually solve the problem for free?

There are.

But do you have Good Karma and Good Time (Samaya) to get to one, as asked for.

Your destiny will see to that, in your Bad times, you do NOT have access to a genuine Astrologer or a Guru to solve your problem. You will end up with fake ones. So be it.

And in your Good Times, you will enjoy your Good Karma and be prudent of it.

Tathaatsu. So be it.

Free predictions will make you indebted for life and here after.

The karmic way of freeing one self from any action, is to give away some energy of yours . That way, Karma’s law of Time, Space and Energy will be nullified.

Creation time: Mar 23, 2020 07:33 PM PDT


Question: How low would NIFTY and SENSEX sink due to Coronavirus?

Below is the analysis of today’s NIFTY 50 index at start of today morning 24th March 2020 against its 52 week high low values.

It is hovering around 52 week low value.

On Feb 24th the high value was 11829.40 , which is near 52 week high value.

Nifty 50 had now become like Intra-Day trading, not for long-term.

When it becomes at least 8000, then the market will grow.

Creation time: Mar 23, 2020 10:17 PM PDT


Question: Astrologically, when will India be free of coronavirus disease?

In mundane astrology, when dealing with countries, it is very important to see, the 1st lord, its children (People) and 6th house of Diseases.

Chart Analysis and Prediction
Vedic horoscope is made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

I proceed to read the horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique.

Rahu is the indicator for this expansive disease.

Rahu as a Head with No body, had consumed Amirtha/Nectar/Immortality, but had NOT digested or assimilated it, because of a No-Body. So it thinks that it knows everything, but without body, not able, to find a way to achieve God or Salvation or Immortality.

Due to which Rahu will destroy anything, without any logic of assimilation, which is the very essence of survival of anything.

Presently Rahu is in Aridhra nakshatra 1st pada, in Mithuna (Gemini) house. It has to cross this nakshatra and enter Mrigasira nakshatra, which is on May 20th 2020.

Aridhra nakshatra is considered as a fiery nakshatra, where Lord Shiva is in Ugra-Thandav, a destructive dance of the cosmos.

To pacify Lord Shiva and become benevolent, as per agama Hindu tradition and rituals, Hindus can do a Athma Puja to him.

In a temple in Tamil Nadu (ThiruvidaiMarudhur), Lord Shiva as Maha-Linga Eeswaran, meditates on himself, to enable himself, to teach, the SapthaRishis, the science of this cosmos, yoga and salvation.

Such is his benevolence. Om Namah Shivaya Namah.

Creation time: Mar 25, 2020 07:33 PM PDT


Question: What is a practical and logical interpretation of Ketu in the 12th house of a horoscope?

Each Graha has a favorite house or sign based on its inherent character and intrinsic quality.

Ketu with its own qualities has affinity for emancipation of this soul.

Ketu (mythology) - Wikipedia

Ketu likes 12th house of emancipation.

Being in 12th, by itself does NOT guarantee, NO next life. That violates the very Karmic law of Life and Death.

With Ketu in 12th, it can be predicted that, this person’s load of karma is less in this birth, and has chance to redeem or have emancipation, in this life, provided that person takes those steps for the same.

Anecdotally, persons have made simple statements, but, per say it is not the case.

Creation time: Mar 29, 2020 01:50 AM PDT


Question: Can you learn Vedic astrology overnight?

You can, if you are blessed and destined for that, and if the time had come.

I do NOT answer questions, unless I am followed, upvoted my answers and A2A to me.

I am answering this, because, by any standards, you are making a mockery of ANY learning, including Alphabets in any language.

It took 25 years for me to master this subject.

Quite funny question…

Creation time: Mar 30, 2020 12:19 AM PDT


Question: Do astrologers use the scientific method?

Should use a scientific method.

Do I use?.

Yes. How I do?.

When reading a horoscope, a vedic one, there are two parts.

First Part is Prediction: One is the reading based on the position of Grahas, and its significance with respect to houses, signs, nakshatras and most importantly Amsa (Divisional charts).

The above para is about the metaphysical meaning of the horoscope to the life events. This can vary depending on the methodology followed by the Astrologer and his/her experience and adeptness.

My method: I use Vedic (Sidereal) horoscope for Accurate timing and analysis, according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Analysis is as per Parasara system.

Second Part is the timing of events:

This is the crux part and math is involved, which should be scientific.

I use the same timing algorithm for all events of each houses and for any horoscope.

Example : Timing for health is from 1st house and for Career it is 10th house. Both time period running parallel with different overlapping time periods.

Not one Mahadasa or antara taking care of both 1st and 10th. That is crappy.

This way there will be 12 dasha-antara running parallel for all the 12 houses.

This explains some of the crude logic of life, namely, a person will be earning a lot, but simultaneously suffering from a disease. It is 11th house and 6th house happening as per the first part’s prediction in its own time, namely second part.

My Timing: Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala or Naadi timing technique.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: Mar 30, 2020 07:58 PM PDT


Question: What is the purpose of lighting a candle, diya, torch or your mobiles on 5th April as said by PM Narendra Modi in his message today? Is it going to help India in fighting the corona virus crisis?

Astrological significance is there, according to Hindu Agamas.

A Diyya made of mud signifies Surya.

Ghee or Oil is Chandra.

The wick is Budha.

The flame is Kuja.

The shadow of the flame is Rahu.

The heat and light is Ketu.

The color of the flame, which is yellow is Guru.

The burning of the wick represents Shukra.

The ash after the burning which is black is Shani.

According to Shastras, burning a Diya at night, is to bring Light, Hope and to Dispel darkness. This brings an Inner Energy (Atma Shakthi), in each to believe in oneself which is nothing but belief in God.

Om That Sat.

வரும் 05.04.20 அன்று ......தீபவழிபாட்டின் தத்துவம் இதுதான்...திருக்கோயில் சார்த்தபட்டிருக்கிறது, நவகிரக பாதிப்பால் இந்த கொரானாவிற்கு சம்பந்தஇருப்பதாக தெரியவருகிறது...இந்தியா முழுவதும் ஏற்றும் கோடிகணக்கானதீபத்திற்கு ஒருபலன் உண்டு எனநம்புவோம்.... ஔிவிளக்கு நமக்குநாமே செய்து கொள்ளும் பரிகாரமே. நாம் வாழும் பூமி ஆன்மீகபூமி

கோவில்களிலும், வீடுகளிலும் நாம் அகல் விளக்கு வைத்து வழிபடுகிறோம். அந்த அகல்விளக்கில் நவக்கிரகங்களும் வீற்றிருக்கின்றன. அது எப்படி? அறிந்து கொள்வோம்.

அகல் விளக்கு - சூரியன்

நெய்/எண்ணெய் - சந்திரன்

திரி - புதன்

எரியும் ஜூவாலை - செவ்வாய்

கீழே விழும் ஜூவாலையின் நிழல் - ராகு

ஜூவாலையில் உள்ள மஞ்சள் நிறம் - குரு

ஜூவாலையால் பரவும் வெளிச்சம் - கேது

திரி எரிய எரிய குறைந்துகொண்டே வருவது - சுக்ரன்

தீபம் அணைந்ததும் அடியில் இருக்கும் கரி - சனி

இதில் சுக்ரன், ஆசையை குறிப்பதாகும். ஆசையை குறைத்துக் கொண்டால், இன்பம் வந்து சேரும். ஆசை தான் நம்மை அழிக்கிறது. அந்த ஆசை தான் முக்தி கிடைக்கவிடாமல் நம்மை மீண்டும் மீண்டும் பிறவி எடுக்கச் செய்கிறது. இதுவே அகல் தீபம் நமக்கு உணர்த்தும் தத்துவம். (இன்றைய காலகட்டத்தில் நமக்கு வெளியில் சுற்றுவதுதான் ஆசை)

முரளிபட்டர் பதிவிலிருந்து..

Creation time: Apr 03, 2020 08:48 AM PDT


Question: What is the proven technique of tantra and mantra for eradicating corona virus for ever?

As per TantraRaja, one of the Old Hindu Tantra text, worshiping Lordess Maha Tripura Sundari on her particular tithi day, will eradicate poisons and impurities in our body, like these virus, corona or any infections.

Bherunda Devi rules Chathurthi tithi which is a Riktha tithi.

Rikta tithis are considered auspicious only for activities related to purification, detox, demolition, destruction, cleaning and removal.

Below is the Mantra, that is given as a Guru, from me, without dakshina for this world.

Recite this every day

  1. Worship only after taking bath and wearing clean clothes.
  2. Sit facing the East or North.
  3. Sit on an asan of Deer Skin, Silk, Woolen or Cotton only.
  4. Light a lamp and offer some prasad - even milk or sugar will do
  5. Ladies must avoid the worship during the menstrual period
  6. Never do the worship with any negative sankalpa (purpose).
  7. Before you start the worship, offer a prayer to Ganesha, Guru and Saraswati

There is an accompanying Yantra which can be given for particular persons as per astrology and their horoscope only, for 100% solutions.

Creation time: Apr 05, 2020 07:24 PM PDT


Question: What did India achieve by lighting a candle/diya on April 5th at 9 pm?

On April 5th 2020, 9 PM, the Tithi ruling was Shukla Paksha (Waxing or Postive phase) Triyodasi ( 13th lunar day).

This day is highly venerated and celebrated in Tamil Nadu Shiva temples and all over India.

On this day Lord Shiva temples wear a festive look. On this day, if one whispers their wishes into Vrishabha or Nandhi, who meditates on Lord Shiva, it will be granted.

The remover of Sin, Lord Shiva bestows his best blessings on this Tithi.

Choosing a Sunday, makes it more significant by getting the energy of Surya and Chandra (tithi).

At 9 PM, the Prasana chart, has lagna lord in 8th, who is Shukra, in his own house, signifying Long life, for the answer of the question or event.

Rahu is in 9th, making him harmless.

Yogakaraka Shani is in his own house, with friend Guru, and controlling the trouble maker Kuja.

9th lord Budha is well disposed in 5th, auguring well.

Surya is going towards exaltation.

Rahu and Ketu dispositors, namely Budha and Guru are well placed.

India will achieve, the answer for this event by lighting a Diya or Candle, when Surya becomes exalted in Mesha.

My prayers and blessings to World people, India and Indians.

Creation time: Apr 06, 2020 06:41 AM PDT


Question: How is the D60 chart analyzed by the KP method?

D60 ShastiAmsa chart is a divisional or amsa or varga chart derived from D1 Lagna Chart.

KP method is NOT connected to D60 chart at all, nor KP method can analyse D60.

KP method is a technique for timing, and it is a callous one at that.


KP assumes that 120 years of VImshottari Dasha can be divided in 249 parts.

Funnily 249 is wrong.


The 120 degree of the zodiac is divided into 9 nakshatras of 13 deg 20 min each. Each nakshatra is again divided into 9 parts.

So total is 9 * 9 = 81.

There are 3 * 120’s in a zodiac.

So grand total is 81 * 3 = 243.

249 is wrong and only 243 is mathematically correct.

So KP is callously wrong in timing, mathematically, at the basic level. And it uses non-equal Placidus house system borrowed from western, to suit at that time of popularity. Non-Equal houses CANNOT generate any Amsa chart, even a simple NavaAmsa chart.

Also it considers some cuspal theory and tropical calculations, to be more appropriate in his time towards western thinking.

It assumes antara lord to decide the outcome, with no regards for Maha dasha lord.

Creation time: Apr 08, 2020 07:26 AM PDT


Question: What is the astrological analysis of Sweden developing a vaccine for coronavirus?

Below is the Sidereal (Vedic) Horoscope of Sweden Independence.

In mundane astrology, when dealing with countries, it is very important to see, the 1st lord, its children 5th house (People), Relationship 7th house, 6th house of Diseases and 8th from 6th for Cure (Vaccine).

Chart Analysis and Prediction

The Vedic horoscope is made according to Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

I proceed to read the horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique.

Lagna (1st house) and its lord, 10th house lord and Dasamsa tells about the power of the country, its institutions of Constitutional law and its amendments and there upon its jurisdictions.

5th house lord deals with People.

Guru (Jupiter) as 5th lord is well placed in 7th, with 7th lord Saturn. But with Rahu.

Also Saturn being 6th house lord (House of disease) and Rahu indicating a disease from a country outside Sweden.

Affliction of the disease happens to the people of Sweden.

More so Guru is also 8th lord, giving rise to diseases of a hidden, mysterious and unknown kind, a virus of new unnatural origins.

8th from 6th is the cure for the disease. The 1st lord Surya (Sun) is 8th from 6th, is well placed in 10th house.

Sweden is researching to find a vaccine for this deadly virus. As Sun is powerful, Sweden will find a vaccine.

Kuja (Mars) is yogakaraka, as well badaka (bad) for this lagna, is sitting in 1st with friendly Ketu.

Sweden will/will have, to put very hard word to find success in this research.


Below calculation is specific for Vaccine Research, based on Samaya Amsa.

From now till June end 2020, research results will be positive.

From July 2020 till Nov 2020, not good. Great effort has to be put.

From Nov 2020 till Jan 2021, excellent results for the research.

Below calculation is specific for relief from this disease and opening up of country, based on Samaya Amsa.

From now till June 6th, 2020, travel will be restricted.

From June 2020 till Sep 18th 2020, country will open up for foreigners and foreign travel, and Sweden will be free from this disease.

So be it, Tathaastu.

Creation time: Apr 30, 2020 11:46 PM PDT


Question: Which nakshatra or grah gives a bad result? In which condition and any bad condition do Nakshatra and Grah give good results?

Per-se none of the Nakshatra or Graha gives a bad result. Read more…

Again there is NO stigmatized condition (bad or otherwise), do a Nakshatra or/and Graha gives a bad or/and good result.

Nakshatra and Grahas cannot be straight jacketed into good or bad condition. This is shoddy analysis.

As Grahas and nakshatra, they are neutral, till an event or a life is born. The minute (artha-nadi) it is born, the horoscope and according to that horoscope’s Graha, nakshatra and lagna, they administer or minister as good or bad.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Most analysis are about, fixing a graha or nakshatra as bad or good, based on hearsay, traditional mumbo-jumbo, religious captioning and natural guna of them without reference to horoscope. Pathetic.

Creation time: May 01, 2020 10:05 PM PDT


Question: Does the W. D. Gann theory properly work in the stock market?

W.D.Gann invented his “Square of Nine” theory for stock market prediction using vedic astrology.

He had traveled to India, Calcutta to learn from Tea traders, some practices.

Read more on this, in my question and answers.

He did NOT reveal the secret behind it and became a very successful investor.

The basis of this theory is related to Jyotish - Vedic astrology.

I found that and use it for Intra day trading, as show below

In any trading, there are Long and Short ways of playing the market.

  1. One should predict when to enter the market to bid a share.
  2. It can be for a Long Buy or a Short Sell position.
  3. It can be a bull run in a falling share market due to volatility to make small profits and the same applies to bear run in a rising value.
  4. The trend switching should be predicted accurately for a closure of deal, at minimum and maximum (Free fall or free rise) states.
  5. Also Stop Loss should be predicted for loss minimization.

All said, One can make profits - big or small in any bear or bull run of a share prize.

I play as below with my Vedic Chakra based on W.D. Gann.

The name of the share price is obscured for security reasons. It was on BSE, pharma sector.

The profit was made by shorting for a small profit, when bull run, after tanking.

Creation time: May 18, 2020 07:15 PM PDT


Question: How do I learn the basics of the Ashtakavarga system of Vedic astrology?

One can learn Ashatakavarga in below link.


Ashtakavarga system deals with transit (Gochara) of Grahas (Planets) in Bhavas (Houses).

It is a useful tool in Gochara predictions.

Creation time: Jun 02, 2020 07:05 AM PDT


Question: Do you believe the universe will give you signs or that things are pure coincidence?

The universe will give you signs - Is a euphoric thought.

All things are coincidental is a simple generalization.

Response or Results, out of one’s action is simply mundane enough.

The basic question is “Why do you need a sign from any”. That shows a person’s in-adequateness in a given situation.

If a person has thought thoroughly well, the problem at hand, and also has solutions with many choices, then the human brain IS CAPABLE of giving a sign for itself, the right solution to the problem, from among the choices. This solution will manifest as part of dream or in Turiya moments of a person or according the person’s cognitive ability and levels.

It has happened in real life. The sewing machine needle was invented from a dream, when that person had exhausted all his thought to invent it.

Elias Howe and Invention of the Sewing Machine Needle.

Serendipity is one such.

But just believe for signs or saying thing are pure coincidence is pure arm-chair dreaming or lecturing.

Creation time: Jun 18, 2020 03:02 AM PDT


Question: Which divisional chart gives sol for business loss and profit and luk in life if lagnchsrt is totally negative in all field?

To know about Divisional charts refer this wikipedia.

Varga (astrology) - Wikipedia

For reading business losses, profits and luck - Lagna chart (D1), Navamsa (D9) and Dasamsa (D10), has to be read together.

The following has to be observed for ANY divisional charts

  1. There is NO lordship of houses in divisional or amsa or varga charts.
  2. NO exaltation or debilitation
  3. Cannot use natural karakas for reading
  4. Cannot use nakshatras or its lords in these charts
  5. NO KP or Bhrigu Bindu principles can be applied.
  6. Nor, any divisional chart can be read as a lagna chart.
Creation time: Jun 18, 2020 03:52 AM PDT


Question: Is Jaimini astrology far way superior than the Prashara system?

Jaimini as per vedic lore was son of Parasara Muni itself and learned both from father and Vyaasa, the intricate details of Sastras and Astrology, became an expert himself and invented his own system of Astrology namely Jaimini system.

To explain and for reference check on this Quora space for more.

Jaimini Astrology

Also the article in it for prediction for Mahatma Gandhi chart.

Jaimini Astrology - a Modern outlook and prediction.

Jaimini system is unique and to master it one should be adept in Parasara, Nakshatra and Nadi system, to predict.

Yes, Jaimini Astrology system is far superior than Parashara system.

Creation time: Jun 18, 2020 10:37 PM PDT


Question: Is there any set of guidelines or any theory to identify the trends in the market?

There are many theories for analyzing the trends in the market.

One should understand the fundamentals to know trends as below

  1. Without volatility there is no meaning in trends.
  2. There should be enough volumes traded in a given period, to really find trends.
  3. Trends CAN HAPPEN, at anytime, for given market value of a share, based on the demand-supply of the stock.
  4. Breaks, Reversals and free-rise or free-fall can happen anytime.
  5. Market is asymmetrical.
  6. Applying a symmetrical analysis by MANY (e.g. Moving Average or any other) , defeats the very purpose of analysis. A pseudo behavior is then exhibited by the market.

To really identify trends there are as many tools. This means all of them are missing the point or all are approximation tools.

The trend is there in the OHLC price of the share itself, at that particular time, according to time. And that is the secret.

Creation time: Jun 18, 2020 11:19 PM PDT


Question: How can I be a successful day trader in India?

Intra day Trading in India requires discipline to be successful.

  1. The market should be assumed as a Game Play. The psychology of the person should be sanguine, to accept Gains as well Loss, not every day.
  2. Volumes and Liquidity matter.
  3. Movement of the price in sync with indexes.
  4. One should know the minute before, when price will reverse or break-out.
  5. One should know, what is the price range in which volumes, have less effect on price.
  6. If going on losses, convert to long term, and sell or buy later.
  7. Play within your margins, do not overuse margins.

Should map values well before the Games begins, “The Game starts in 10 secs”.

An example screen shot above depicts a scenario in intraday.

Creation time: Jun 23, 2020 07:11 PM PDT


Question: How will the solar eclipse of the 21st of June affect the corona virus pandemic?

Nothing happens in isolation.

The very year “Sarvari” of Hindu Calendar is not good for the whole world.

Check this Hindu New Year April 14th 2020, Starting - Predictions

And the movement of Rahu as Rudra in Aridhra nakshatra till May 20 2020.

Then Lunar eclipse with overlapping Solar eclipse in June 2020.

All the above has made a real pandemic of astrological predictions.

Virus, BLM, War Misadventures, food shortage and economic downturn are the effects.

Creation time: Jun 29, 2020 07:17 AM PDT


Question: In astrology does the house influence the planets or planets influence the houses, also what about the signs?

Houses are Portfolios and its managers are its House lords namely Grahas.

That house lord, Graha plays an important role. NOT the Grahas in a house.

But most of the questions asked, WILL BE prediction for position of Grahas in a given house, which is comical.

That said, The House lord gets influenced by itself and influences other Grahas in same or other houses.

In equal house system and sidereal, the sign becomes the house. In other systems, there will be variations. Bhava charts also has overlapping Signs and Houses.

The influence of Grahas are as below

  1. By placement of house lord
  2. By Position of Graha, which is again a house lord
  3. By Conjunction
  4. By Drishti
  5. Mutual aspects
  6. Exchange of houses
  7. Strength based displacements, namely Neechabanga.
  8. Divisional chart positional strength, namely Vargottma
  9. Due to very Time, each Graha can behave differently in different times according to its Strength (Energy) and Position (Space) and Time for each Graha.
  10. But house lord is the most pivotal guy.
Creation time: Jul 01, 2020 05:06 AM PDT


Question: Wealth & Fame: How does astrology predict that one will become wealthy and famous?

2nd house is the indicator of all wealth in astrology chart.

All connections to 2nd house particular to a chart denotes the way the wealth got.

Any 2nd house lord of any house indicates wealth got from that house.

e.g. 11th is 2nd from 10th,so gains from career (10th) is denoted by 11th and its lord.

Where it is posited, in which nakshatra, in which amsa, in which kalaa and in which dasha, denotes the amount, way, acceptance, time and nature of manas, the wealth is got.

Famous is denoted by 5th house.

Creation time: Jul 02, 2020 07:35 AM PDT


Question: What are nakshatras? What is the scientific explanation for them?

As Rami Sivan had explained in his answer, nakshatra is just a finer division of the zodiac.

Nakshatra in vedic astrology, can be a single or a group of stars (constellation).

The metaphysical meaning of Nakshatra is what makes the difference in prediction.

So when Chandra traverses a particular Nakshatra, a particular character was observed for a person born in that period of Chandra. So those attributes were assigned to that person as having it.

A such a nakshatra does NOT by itself gives attributes to a person.

The nakshatra was given a Graha name for codification, and as such that Graha also is not for attributes of the person.

But at a house level, there are portfolios which house governs.

Creation time: Jul 02, 2020 07:53 AM PDT


Question: What is your opinion of the astrologer PVR Narasimha Rao, his software Jagannatha Hora and his delineation of the Pushya-paksha Ayanamsa?

PVR Narasimha Rao Garu had done a great exemplary service and Punya to Vedic Astrology.

He is the Seer of Modern Vedic Astrology after B.V.Raman. No doubt about that.

His software the “Jagannatha Hora” is the best and unique software made ever.

Without this software, no research can be done in Vedic Astrology.

Pranam Guru. Hats Off to you.

Pushya Paksha Ayanamsa is a well thought proposition. Its effectiveness has to be tested for many years, to really comment on that.

Pushya is a star or nakshatra in Karkataka (Cancer), or Summer solstice as in western astrology.

It is a good and logical attempt by PVR Narasimha Rao with latest modern observed astronomical data, to propose Pushya as a reference point for calculating “Start of Aries”. The Ayanamsa thereby calculated is under observation for prediction.

Pushya is on the elliptical plane and at center of Cancer, Pushya ruled by Guru is an epoch changing research.

Rather this ayanamsa has great future for western astrology also, as it is in Summer solstice, when the day time is the longest. This should help delineating lagna for longitudes near the poles.

Creation time: Jul 16, 2020 08:02 PM PDT


Question: Medium vs Quora, which is a better blogging platform?

Both are great blog platforms. Quora gives a personnel touch with questioners.

Content can be shared in Medium and Quora from website, that way, it is good to push content from website and publish it on Medium and as well share it on Quora.

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Creation time: Aug 09, 2020 04:56 AM PDT


Question: How many A2A requests do you receive daily?

Today it is 29.

Hope to answer them soon.

Creation time: Aug 10, 2020 06:57 AM PDT


Question: How do you examine each planet through Jaimini astrology?

Each Planet in Jaimini astrology becomes Karakas.

With Karakas, the prediction is made as per KarakaAmsa and Karaka Chara Dasha system.

Karakas are as below

  1. The atma karaka (the indicator of self),
  2. The amatya karaka (the indicator of career);
  3. The bhatri karaka (the indicator of siblings and father);
  4. The matri karaka (the indicator of mother and education);
  5. The putri karaka (the indicator of children, intelligence and creativity);
  6. The gnati karaka (the indicator of strife, disease, and spiritual sadhana);
  7. And the stri or dara karaka, the indicator of marriage (and partnerships in general).
Creation time: Aug 11, 2020 11:26 PM PDT


Question: What are the Mantra, Yantra, and Tantra?

Mantra, Yantra and Tantra are esoteric things for Sadhana.

Mantra is the Sound Energy.

Yantra is the Space and Energy - namely body, its chakras and geometric shapes of 2D and 3D as idols or Chakras.

Tantra is the procedure - namely yoga, astrological things like nakshatra, tithi etc namely Time.

Each of these three has varied meaning in every context.

Astrological context is again mixed with many things.

For example : Graha Shanti Puja uses grains, nakshatra at tantra level. Idol of Graha at Yantra level and Graha mantra for the puja.

Space, Energy and Time are ones that has to be connected to Mantra, Yantra and Tantra, astrologically.

Space governs Eye and Ear and its properties namely Seeing and Hearing.

Energy is the body which gives energy to the mantra uttered.

Time is calculated from the horoscope to customize the Tantra.

When these are synced, then the Karma of a person dissolves, good or bad.

Shri Chakra is the one, when customized to a person’s horoscope, brings about this.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: Aug 23, 2020 02:19 AM PDT


Question: What are the Mantra, Yantra, and Tantra?

Mantra, Yantra and Tantra are esoteric things for Sadhana.

Mantra is the Sound Energy.

Yantra is the Space and Energy - namely body, its chakras and geometric shapes of 2D and 3D as idols or Chakras.

Tantra is the procedure - namely yoga, astrological things like nakshatra, tithi etc namely Time.

Each of these three has varied meaning in every context.

Astrological context is again mixed with many things.

For example : Graha Shanti Puja uses grains, nakshatra at tantra level. Idol of Graha at Yantra level and Graha mantra for the puja.

Space, Energy and Time are ones that has to be connected to Mantra, Yantra and Tantra, astrologically.

Space governs Eye and Ear and its properties namely Seeing and Hearing.

Energy is the body which gives energy to the mantra uttered.

Time is calculated from the horoscope to customize the Tantra.

When these are synced, then the Karma of a person dissolves, good or bad.

Shri Chakra is the one, when customized to a person’s horoscope, brings about this.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: Aug 23, 2020 02:19 AM PDT


Question: It was told to me that while doing a nava griha parikrama, the parikramas for Rahu and Ketu happens anti-clockwise because of the nature of these planets. Is this true?

It is true that Rahu and Ketu does go anti-clockwise in a horoscope.

Normally, the parikrama that is done in a Nava Griha is 9 times clockwise.

Your question is valid. But one has to go into details of the placements of graha idols in a Hindu temple for Parikrama purposes.

There are two school of thoughts about the placements.

The one followed in Tamil Nadu is the correct one. With that all Grahas are placed in “AnuGraha” fashion, to facilitate benefic to the worshipper.

This was done by Saint and Siddha EdaiKadar, who has his samadhi in Thirvannamalai temple, near Chennai.

Do 9 time clockwise as Rahu and Ketu are in AnuGraha mode.

IdaiKadar: Inventor of Arrangement of Navagrahas in Temples

Creation time: Aug 24, 2020 12:47 AM PDT


Question: How does Digbala remain the same for all the ascendants, or does it change? Is DigBala applicable to Navamsa as well?

Digbala means directional strength acquired by a said planet or graha. The different houses represents different directions.

Lagna is East, as the Ascendant or Rising point is measured using Sun, so East. The measured value will be different., based on a lagna lord planet’s placement in that directional house.

Digbala is measured for Lagna or Rashi chart only.

But the ascendant gets a particular significance or Amsa as per the divisional chart.

In Nava-Amsa chart DigBala of the ascendant gets a significance, but the basic strength is still from D1 or lagna chart only.

e.g.: If say Simha as lagna. Look for Surya and where in which house placed. Based on that, the DigBala of Surya is calculated. If Surya is placed in Simha, both in Rashi and Navamsa, then Surya gets highest DigBala and a significance of Vargottama in Navamsa.

Creation time: Aug 28, 2020 03:35 AM PDT


Question: Can a Western astrologer use the sidereal system?

A Western Astrologer need NOT use the sidereal system and there is NO necessity for that.

As western astrology do NOT take into account the precession of equinox into consideration.

Once upon a time the tropical (western) and sidereal (Vedic) coincided and was the same. The drift started happening due to astronomical reasons, which Vedic takes into account, using a reference point, namely a fixed star (e.g. Spica).

There are different values due to different reference point and in the calculation of Ayanamsa or Precession of Equinox.

Western Astrology is grounded to Earth with its reference to Solstice, which makes it very effective in analyzing the natural tendencies and psychology.

Vedic syncs back to the old reference point, by minus the Ayanamsa, which makes it good for analyzing the Karmic deeds of a person and its ensuing yoga in this birth.

Creation time: Aug 30, 2020 06:18 PM PDT


Question: What will be the impact from tomorrow's rarest of the planetary combination starting at 10:30 AM Sep 13th, 2020 on different lagnas? 8 planets out of 9 will be sitting in their own sign for next 60 hours.

Excellent observation. If you are a QPP questioner, I will recommend you to Quora, for a good question asked.

It is good to see that except Shukra (Venus), all other grahas are in their own house.

Swabha or significance of a graha in its own house, makes it good by its own nature for mundane predictions.

Hope the world gets emancipated and get peace from the turmoil faced as of now.

Om Namaha Shivaya Namah.

Creation time: Sep 12, 2020 08:27 AM PDT


Question: Many astrologers say that if Ketu is present in the second house, the person refrain from money. But in superstar Rajnikant's horoscope, Saturn and Ketu are present in second house. He is having so much wealth. So is the first statement true or not?

The very assumption that a planet in a house, irrespective of its nature, is wrong.

One has to ascertain whether Ketu or/and Shani is really bad for this said chart.

So the first statement is totally absurd.

Going by an example chart, does NOT give a general axiom or postulation to be applied across different charts.

First ascertain whether Ketu is bad for this chart, based on that apply its guna to the said house. As Ketu does not own the house in which it is placed, the other grahas occupying 2nd house or house lord becomes significant for analysis.

This is the first step, which is just analysis.

Then comes the interpretation of the combinations, bala and guna.

Then only comes the prediction, which comes with intuition, experience and deep thinking.

Divisional charts play an important role and delineation with that gives a clean prediction.

Over top of it, of the above, namely analysis, interpretation and prediction is the Timing, which decides whether any yoga is going to happen within the 120 years, provided those dashas come early in living life.

In Rajnikant’s chart with respect to 2nd house, in that Ketu and Shani play an important role in accumulating wealth, when seen from Navamsa and Hora D2(Uma Shambhu) charts.

Creation time: Sep 22, 2020 08:30 AM PDT


Question: What is Tantra n Mantra, How and why did they originated?

The below video by me will let know the basis of Mantra.


Yantra and Tantra is the next higher form of syncing with Space, Energy and Time of this universe.

Creation time: Sep 22, 2020 08:27 PM PDT


Question: Is Navamsa used to determine the strength of the planet in rasi chart or used to tell life after 36 of native?

Many many fine Astrologers had written about this new research, both on Quora and on Internet.

There is no proof or Sanskrit verse, which substantiates this “After 36” assumption.

  1. All divisional charts are DERIVED from Lagna chart, so everything and anything STARTS with Lagna chart.
  2. BUT for a particular significance (e.g: Marriage, Karma - Navamsa - D9), the karmic destiny becomes more activated. Again this significance is read in reference with D1 or Lagna chart.
  3. In South India, Rashi (Lagna) and Navamsa are the only charts used for a quick Naadi reading for General Kandam of Palm Leaf, which gives a glimpse of the whole life.
  4. Other divisional charts like D10 Dasamsa is read with D1 chart for Career.
  5. With D1 and all divisional charts, life opens like a flower with all its petals.

Now how to clear this myth of “After 36”. Simple.

Number 9 is very significant in Hinduism and Vedic Astrology, as in Nava(9)Amsa.

Each house has 9 navamsa pada. By distributing them to each Graha, a full cycle gets completed within a house. This cycle repeats in the next and next houses.

As per Navamsa Dasha system, each Amsa is given a year, totaling to 108 years of Life or Ayush.

For one full house cycle, it will be 9 years. For one quadrant for example : from Mesha till Karkataka it will be 36 years. Why one quadrant, one may ask, it is 120 years of Vimshottari Dasha is used for 9 set of planets.

So the first 36 years, the Navamsa significance is NOT visible or Tangible, due to the fact, that All Grahas had not fully karmic matured for Space (Houses), Energy (Planets) and Time (Dasha).

The next 36 year cycle shows tangible karmic influences. The analogy being the flower opens with the next set of petals, as it unfolds.

So NAVAMSA has to be read with Lagna chart from birth till death, with intuition for different cycles of it.

Creation time: Sep 24, 2020 08:47 PM PDT


Question: Do Neechabhanga rules apply to debilitated planets in Navamsa? How can one interpret the results from Neecha Bhanga happening in Navasam?

Neechabhanga or Debilitation or Exaltation rules DOES NOT apply for Navamsa or ANY divisional chart.

Debilitation or Exaltation is with respect to degrees in Lagna chart. When a derived chart like Navamsa is made out of Lagna chart, the degree meaning loses all its value as such in divisional chart.

The said debilitated gets a newer significance in the Navamsa chart as placed in that Navamsa. For eg: Vargottama.

Yes, Vargottama has the power to cancel debilitation in a way equivalent to Neechabhanga in Lagna chart.

But transposing Neecha or its bhanga to Navamsa is against Math and meta-physics of Astrology.

The myth of this assumption would have come about as follows

  1. All divisional charts look like Lagna chart, which is NOT technically or mathematically correct.
  2. In a cyclic way the divisions of a divisional chart (Navamsa) are distributed in a 12 house fashion.
  3. The 12 houses of a Lagna DOES NOT correspond to the 12 houses of any divisional chart.

Rather the division of an Amsa has more significance than the house concerned. Like in case of Vargottama.

Creation time: Sep 25, 2020 07:21 PM PDT


Question: Is there any way to know your past karma through astrology?

Karma is Action. Its fruits are Punya and Papa, depending on the nature of it.

A Personal Astrological Birth Chart is a map of the Past Karma's of a Person. The chart is made with Planetary Positions at the Time of Birth.

Karma creates Papa (Bad debt) and Punya (Good vibes).

One is born to enjoy Punya and suffer Papa.

One of the divisional chart namely D60 - ShastiAmsa delineates the Past Karma of the Past birth(s).

Another one D150 - NadiAmsa captures the whole present life with its Karma and its output namely Papa and Puya.

But making these charts need accurate Time of Birth, Best Ayanamsa, Scientific Ephemeris and a good analytical mind to analyse, interpret, synthesis and predict.

Astrology with Houses (Space), Planets (Energy), Time (Dasha) and Karma can predict Past, Present and Future.

Creation time: Sep 29, 2020 05:27 AM PDT


Question: What are the astrological results for an exalted Mercury?

The question is about Astrological results about exalted Budha or Mercury.

Not to a particular birth chart. Period.

Budha is exalted in its own house, which is Kanya and owns it also. This is a very salient feature of this Graha and stands out from other grahas.

Even the most powerful Grahas like Surya, Guru and Shani do not have this bala.

Within Kanya Rashi, there are three nakshatras namely Uttara, Hasta and Chitra.

The deep exaltation of Budha is at 15 degrees, right in the middle of the Rashi and in Hasta nakshatra 2nd pada.

Chandra owns the 11th house from Kanya. So Budha gets maximum benefit from Chandra, even if it is a temporal enemy of Chandra.

So Budha gives maximum benefit in Virgo or Kanya, with its exaltation and house ownership power.

Even if Budha is neecha and sitting in Meena, and looking at its own house, it gives best benefits.

From the above statement one can know what Neecha Grahas can also give benefits.

Budha exalted in a horoscope, has altogether a different meaning, and depends on other factors of Budha.

Creation time: Oct 02, 2020 01:54 AM PDT


Question: What are the rules of analysing a native's annual Tithi Pravesha chakra?

Tithi is the angular distance between Surya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon), which is nothing but the phases of Chandra as waxing and waning.

Poornima (Full Moon) is when Chandra is 180 degrees opposite to Surya. And Amavasya (New Moon) is when Chandra hides behind Earth from Surya, in its rotation.

There are 15 phases or tithis. From Amavasya till Poornima it is called Shukla Paksha (waxing) (Brighter Phase) and from Poornima till Amavasya is called Krishna Paksha (Dark Phase).

A person is born in a particular Tithi, which is called Janma Tithi.

As life progresses year to year, the same tithi in that same lunisolar month happens. That return of the same tithi is called Tithi Pravesha and its associated chakra or chart.

The significance is as below

  1. Surya and Chandra plays an important role on Earth
  2. The angular distance or tithi influences the body and mind.
  3. The return of the same tithi signifies the same composition as at janma or birth.
  4. The lagna and other grahas would have changed places, but given the importance of Surya and Chandra, the effects on this tithi-born person can be predicted for that year.
  5. The Tithi Pravesha is extended to each month of the Year also, and a monthly prediction on tithi can be done.
  6. The tithi has connection to Space (Houses), Energy (Grahas), Time (Tithi) and Karma and it is a secret, which cannot be divulged.
  7. With Tithi one can change life course of the Karma-based lagna chart with its Papa/Punya outputs.

The rules of analysis

  • Janma Tithi and present Tithi Pravesha for year or month should be same with remaining tithi percentage.
  • The position of Lagna, Surya and Chandra should be noted in Lagna and Tithi Pravesha chart.
  • The disposition of these with each, of its own, will tell whether it is a good or bad year or month.
  • Using Ashtottari Tithi Dasha system for that year, one can predict for that year.
Creation time: Oct 04, 2020 05:08 AM PDT


Question: Vedic v.s. western astrology: My ascendent is in Cancer in Western astrology, but in Gemini in Vedic astrology - so what is my ascendent? And how to interpret my ascendent, do Vedic and Western interpret Gemini ascendent similarly?

Birth chart in Vedic Astrology (Sidereal) Planetary & Ascendant position = Western Tropical position - Ayanamsa (Precession of Equinox).

Due to above formula, ascendant can be in Gemini in Vedic and Cancer in Western.

The Vedic chart is predisposed to predict the actual karma from birth to birth.

The western is about the free will with which to act upon in this life.

The effort put to overcome the inertia of karma is what makes one strive with free will.

With Western one can understand, what is the possibility for free will and with Vedic, what are the available karmic possibilities in life.

Creation time: Oct 07, 2020 01:25 AM PDT


Question: What's the easiest way to predict events using vedic astrology?

The easiest way of predicting is using Sudarshana Chakra Dasha in Vedic Astrology.


Sudarshana Chakra used by Lord Vishnu has 108 spokes and the emblem of Lord Jaganath of Puri temple.

108 signifies Navamsa padas. In another Q2A, a brief about Navamsa as below

Steve Hora's answer to Is Navamsa used to determine the strength of the planet in rasi chart or used to tell life after 36 of native?


  1. Take the Navamsa D9 chart.
  2. Check for the position of Grahas in Lagna chart, whether it is in Moveable, Dual or Fixed sign.
  3. Check the same in Navamsa.
  4. Take one luni-solar year for each Navamsa.
  5. A luni-solar day is tithi not a solar day as observed every day now.
  6. Make the Sudarshan Chakra Dasha Timing based on Lagna, Surya or Chandra using good software.
  7. The initial left over years at birth for Surya, Lagna and Chandra will tell position in Navamsa.
  8. From that position count number of years for each house or sign.
  9. Based on the Dasha and the number of Navamsa count, one can predict the event of life.
Creation time: Oct 09, 2020 04:49 AM PDT


Question: Which Sidereal Ayanamsa is most accurate?

[1] Sideral Ayanamsa or Precession of Equinox can be a frustrating one to determine given the below astronomical reasons.

  1. The Earth wobbles
  2. The Moon’s perturbation on Earth’s movement
  3. The Sun’s pull on both Earth and Moon
  4. Sun’s own movement around the center of the milkyway galaxy.
  5. Measuring these NOT from Earth, instead using a reference in space.
  6. Then when the two zodiacs namely Sidereal and Tropical coincided

A scientific approach

Ayanamsa - A Scientific Calculation as the most accurate one.

Scientific data : Data used is from scientific community and not from Vedic text books.

But Vedic Seers have to be credited for noting this great scientific data namely Ayanamsa or Precession of Equinox, astronomically long back. This is the greatest Achievement of Vedic Sidereal Astrology and Astronomical observations in India from time immemorial.

Axial precession - Wikipedia

Calculation of Ayanamsa using Modern Astronomical Data

Polaris (Alpha UMi) or Urs Major or Dhrurva nakshatra or the Pole star is the present reference star for measuring the precession of Earth or Ayanamsa.

North Ecliptic Pole (NEP) is 90 degree of center of Equator of Earth.

The Earth tilt is about 23 degrees 26 min 11.8 seconds (23.43661 degrees). Again this changes slightly due to Earth nutations, but more or less constant. So, North Celestial Pole (NCP) of Earth is in a tilt of 23.43661 degree with NEP of Earth.

Also the Polaris star is tilted from NCP (NCP-Polaris tilt) by 0.736 degrees away. This value will change according to Earths nutation and Polaris own motion.

Scientifically according to mathematical calculation, NCP will point and will be closet to Polaris in 2140 AD.

The full precession circle of Dhurva or Polaris nakshatra, scientifically is 25,771.58 Julian years. In Hindu terminology it is 25,770 years.

The scientific accumulated precession formula for 2000 as the epoch Julian year is

AP = 5,028.796195 + 2.2108696 × T in ArcSeconds, T being the Julian centuries.

So to use this above formula, we need to know when the tropical and sidereal zodiac coincided.

25771.58 minus 2140 years will take us back in time, when Polaris was in same position as it will be in 2140, meaning NCP will be exactly pointing to Polaris with zero tilt with NCP, that is (25771.58 - 2140) = 23631.58 julian years back.

So the total Julian years expended from that NCP-Polaris-Zero year, is used to calculate the total accumulated precession.

23631.58 plus 2000 = 25631.58, will enable us to use above formula for Epoch 2000 which is the scientific formula for Accumulated precession.

Accumulated Precession (AP) in ArcSeconds AP = 5,028.796195 + 2.2108696 * ( 23631.58 minus 2000) / 365.25) dividing with 365.25 is done to convert normal number of years to Julian years.

The values got from above has to be added to the actual tilt of Earth w.r.t to Dhurva nakshatra on that day, i.e. Epoch 2000.

Why add, one may ask, it is because the Earth arrives later (Or Sun arrives earlier) to same point on celestial plane around Sun, due to this precession.

Adding 23.43661 tilt degree (between NCP and NEP) will give Ayanamsa for Epoch 2000.

So, Ayanamsa = 23.43661 + (AP / 3600). AP is divided by 3600 to convert Arcseconds to degrees for Epoch 2000.

So the perfect scientific Ayanamsa formula for 2000 AD year is

  • For birth year before 2000 Epoch

Ay = 23.43661 + (5,028.796195 + 2.2108696 * ( 23631.58 + (2000 - Birth Year) / 365.25)) / 3600

  • For birth year after 2000 Epoch

Ay = 23.43661 + (5,028.796195 + 2.2108696 * ( 23631.58 + ((2000 - Birth Year) + (Birth Year - 2000)) / 365.25)) / 3600

The slight changes in Earth tilt (Axial Tilt) changes between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees on a scale of 41000 years.

and Polaris actual degree away from NCP now (40 arcminute or 0.736 degree away), again changes in few arcseconds, needs to be taken into consideration, which would be another calculation for another day.

More on Axial Precession

If these two (Axial Tilt and NCP-Polaris Tilt) changes are taken into account, according to that Birth Year, it will make the aynamasa accurate in seconds. For that need more astronomical data, energy and time.


[1] Ayanamsa | Hora Vedic Astrology by Steve - Advice Predictions

Creation time: Oct 10, 2020 10:20 PM PDT


Question: How can I know my correct birth time for preparing a correct horoscope?

Using PranaPada Lagna which is 20 times faster than the movement of Lagna point in a horoscope. Both the lagnas are based on Surya’s position on that day and the rotation of Earth upon itself in a day.

Basic Vedic Astrological math is needed to calculate the above lagna as below

[math]1 solar day = 24 hours.[/math]

[math]1 solar day = 60 ghati.[/math]

[math]1 hora = 2.5 ghati.[/math]

[math]1 ghati = 60 vighati.[/math]

[math]1 minute = 2.5 vighati.[/math]

Input for calculation

  1. Surya’s longitude at sunrise for that day of birth, in deg-min-sec.
  2. Surya’s rising or sun rise-time for that day.
  3. Note Surya’s position in chart, whether in Moveable, Fixed or Dual.


  1. Find the difference between birth time and sun rise time in minutes, Diff-Min = BT[math]~SRT[/math].
  2. Convert that value to vighati, Diff-Min in vg.
  3. Divide the above vighati value by 15.
  4. The resultant value should be converted to degree-minutes-seconds.
  5. Add this degree-min-sec to Surya’s sunrise longitude. Multiples of 12 at degree should be minus or expunged.
  6. The above added figure need correction for different types of signs in which Surya is.
  7. If Surya is in Moveable, add zero. If in Fixed, add 240 deg. If in Dual, add 120 degree.

Correction of TOB

  1. The above got Prana Pada has predictions based on its position from Surya’s Lagna, for Prana’s energy, attitude of person and type of vasana (smell) for wealth.
  2. The Prana Pada should be in Trine or Trikona with Chandra, which indicates a Human birth. The Trikonas are 1st, 5th and 9th houses.
  3. With adjusting the TOB, one can arrive the accurate Time of Birth.
Creation time: Oct 13, 2020 11:18 PM PDT


Question: What is the Hora Lagna?

Hora chart or D2 or Wealth chart has it is own lagna called “Hora Lagna”.

It is calculated as below

  1. Find the sunrise time and longitude for the date of birth.
  2. Take the Birth time and find the difference from above sunrise time.
  3. Convert the difference into hours.
  4. Divide the total hours elapsed by 720. Why 720, one may ask. It is zodiac’s 360 * 2 is the speed of Hora.
  5. Add above value to sunrise’s longitude.
  6. The arrived value is Hora Lagna in that house of the zodiac.
  7. Expunge 30’s from above value, to get the exact position in that house.

There are predictions available for the Hora lagna to be in different houses from Rashi lagna.

Weekday has a sequence mathematically - namely starting with Sunday etc. And the Hora sequence in a day is assigned accordingly.

But when the first Week started with a Sunday is an assumption.

So Hora based on each weekday as in Panchang or on Internet does NOT have any mathematical or astrological basis.

But with Hora chart one can customize that for one’s chart and observe each day for wealth accumulation and predictions.

Creation time: Oct 16, 2020 02:33 AM PDT


Question: Who will be the 15th Dalai Lama?

In Tibetan Buddhism, the next 15th Dalai Lama will be selected according to their culture and traditions followed.

It is of great significance to the world.

What is the life purpose of Dalai Lama, astrologically?

A respected and veneered Holy Monk, The Religious and Political Head of Tibet, Dalai Lama, The Noble laureate and World Peace Torch Bearer, will play an important role in selecting the next 15th Dalai Lama.

Read more on Answer and Comments for What are some predictions for the future of China?

Creation time: Oct 18, 2020 08:42 AM PDT


Question: If the OM frequency is 136.1Hz and the 3rd eye chakra is at 432 Hz and the mantra is OM, how is this linked?

OM or AUM is the un-struck Sound. It means Human Physical Ear cannot hear it.

Only the Spiritual Inner Ear can hear.

The frequency of AUM is 7.86 Hz, not 136.1 Hz.

7.86 Hz is too low to be heard. So only when one meditates, the lower Alpha, Beta and Gamma frequency states of yogic meditation state can hear the AUM frequency, thereby get clarity, peace and enlightenment.

If one makes a golden ratio or fibonacci series of 7.86 Hz as base, one will arrive at 432.3 Hz at the 9th level of third eye chakra.

This clearly indicates, that even if the third eye is opened, there are higher levels to go to reach the Pranava, which is the Bindu and at Sahasra Chakra.

The in-between frequencies are different lokhas, where other celestial beings reside and meditate.

Creation time: Oct 19, 2020 09:58 AM PDT


Question: Why is a sequence of planets in certain way in astrology in parashari system?

Are you mentioning Parasara’s Vimshottari Dasha sequence?.

If so, the answer is below

Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun and Moon are the Inner Planets from Earth.

Mars, Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn are Outer Planets from Earth.

So the sequence is accordingly.

But it starts with Ketu (Aswini) from “Start of Aries” and ends with Mercury (Ashelesha) at end of Cancer and it repeats.

Due to synodic and sidereal cyclic allocation this sequence is followed.

Also the Proof of allocation of Years for different Planets in Vimshottari system follows the math based on synodic, sidereal, saros and metonic cycles, which is beyond the scope of common understanding.

Creation time: Oct 22, 2020 03:45 AM PDT


Question: What are Isochronic Tones?

There is a lot of literature and research done on IsoChronic Tones and BinAural Beats.

IsoChronic Tones are singular frequency repeated.

In India, Hinduism was using chants of various Mantras, to do the same Brain-Entrainment, for thousands of years, to attain Tranquility, Peace and Enlightenment.

There had been TOO much research, which had made the present Brain-Entrainment practical application as a farce.

Simply put Brain-Entrainment is Meditation using external stimuli as Tones.

One has to go back to its roots to know its true usage and application.

Yoga, Hinduism and Meditation talks about AUM, the Pranava Mantra, the fundamental sound, which scientists had found, that it is 7.83 Hz for Earth.

This Earth frequency is disturbed by usage of many high frequencies and other newer technologies like 5G.

The disturbances creates a high frequency noise pollution which will affect Humans and Brain activity.

That said, the Alpha, Beta and Gamma states of sleep and deep sleep will get disturbed.

To synchronize back to the fundamental frequency of 7.83 Hz, thereby, the Mind, Brain and its Neurons will be reset back to Nature’s way.

The below link is a Pure IsoChronic Tones based on 7.83 Hz from 1.14 to 20.50 Hz and reverse back to the beginning.

The above series is based on Fibonacci Series, to keep in design of our Ear - Outer and Inner, which is a Fibonacci based Spiral.


Play the tone Alone or Together with your favorite instrumental music, for maximum synchronicity of Brain Entrainment.

Enjoy and get Entrained.

Hinduism believes that the Mantra AUM, can remove your Karmas and sail this Ocean of Life, easily.

Creation time: Oct 24, 2020 05:02 AM PDT


Question: What is the meaning when Mars is placed in Scorpio, which is the 10th house?

It means Mars (Kuja) is in its own house Scorpio (Vrishika), with lagna or ascendant as Aquarius (Kumbha).

From Kumbha, Vrishika is 10th house.

Mars rules Aries (Mesha) also.

Lagna lord Shani’s placement is not known, to predict.

Chandra’s position is not given to know the meaning.

In Dasamsa and Navamsa position of planets are given.

Nor the nakshatra placement of different grahas is given.

More so, the meaning of Kuja in 10th, depends on the Dasha-Bhukthi-Antara in Vimshottari system can change, according to Time.

Creation time: Oct 24, 2020 08:26 AM PDT


Question: What are the effects of Rahu and the Sun in Swati Nakshatra for a Capricorn ascendant?

Capricorn Asendant ruler Shani position is needed.

Sun and Rahu combination in 10th house, it means the effect varies based on all Grahas position in Rashi, Navamsa and Dasamsa.

Also the nakshatra position of all Grahas is not given.

More so, the effect of Sun and Rahu in 10th, depends on the Dasha-Bhukthi-Antara in Vimshottari system can change, according to Time.

Creation time: Oct 24, 2020 08:31 AM PDT


Question: Rahu/north node 7th house. Ketu/south node 1st house conjunct moon. I’m scared. How will this affect my marriage life?

Check whether Rahu is in 7th house alone, without combinations in your horoscope.

Ketu is with Moon in Lagna.

What is your lagna, in which nakshatras Rahu and Ketu are.

Who is the 1st house and 7th house lord.

Navamsa chart is needed to see married life.

Without above data, you cannot assume that you should be scared of married life.

Also the Dasha-Bhukthi running now matters a lot.

Unless the horoscope is analysed and synthesis fully well, do not go by your own opinion. Only an Astrologer can decode fully well.

Creation time: Oct 25, 2020 09:17 PM PDT


Question: Who will win USA President 2020 elections as per astrology, whether it’s Trump or Biden?

In Mundane Astrology, and for Elections it is not just two horoscopes that WILL decide the Fate of a Nation.

Latin dictum "Vox Populi Vox Dei" which means "Voice of the people is the voice of God".

மக்கள் தீர்ப்பே மகேசன் தீர்ப்பு - in Tamil proverb.

This is said to highlight the supremacy of the people in a democracy.

God Bless America and its People. Let them choose the best for USA and the World. May the Best win for the Best country.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
Abraham Lincoln

Creation time: Oct 27, 2020 12:23 AM PDT


Question: In astrology, which houses are Maraka Sthanas, and why?

Maraka Sthanas are counted from Ascendant or Lagna in D1 chart.

The Sthanas or Houses are 2nd and 7th from each house ascendant, as below

Maraka means one who kills in Sanskrit. The 8th and 3rd house are Houses of Longevity. The 12th from each of these is a “Loss of Longevity”, so termed as Maraka sthanas.

This Maraka is a given thing for each lagna, but it gets modified by the placement of these maraka grahas, in each individual horoscope.

The nature of death is indicated by the position of maraka.

This maraka graha gets modified by placement of 3rd and 8th house lord in a horoscope.

Example : If 8th lord is in 2nd, then the longevity is assured with some life-threatening happenings early in life.

Creation time: Oct 30, 2020 10:43 PM PDT


Question: Which planets in astrology hold more importance in today's world than older times? And why?

Moon is the most important planet in Vedic Astrology, anytime now from olden times, holds the most important place.
See the below picture, taken from my collection of Astrology book.

If you remove the Rahu-Ketu axis, all Grahas fall in the exact positions from a Geo-centric point of view.
Being on Earth, one cannot take Time, Space and Energy measurements of other planets from Earth itself, so the nearest Graha Moon is considered for the same.

Also the diagram shows clearly the Vimshottari Dasha sequence.

Moon attracted the life giving water on Earth, to create life and became central to all calculations and predictions based on it.

Creation time: Nov 01, 2020 06:55 AM PST


Question: How can I get an astrological answer of a question?

On Quora, there are many Astrologers who can answer your horoscope or astrological question.

  1. Read the profile of the Astrologer, to know the expertise and intuition levels. This is to know, whether you will get an accurate reply and solutions.
  2. Ask with A2A feature of Quora with relevant Topics added. Don’t add too many recipients. Just the chosen ones by you.
  3. Upvote and Follow that Astrologer to know more.
  4. Ask just one life question with accurate birth details.
  5. Do not ask a question based on your own interpretation or position of planets. Because it will be self defeating.
  6. Do not ask in the comment section of some other answer. Keep the context and content in appropriate place. Because that is not the proper place to ask.
  7. Do not ask based on your or some other Astrologer’s astrological opinion. This will put off the Astrologer.
  8. Message the Astrologer, privately for a private reading, or email.
  9. You have to take above steps properly,
    because Karma does NOT come Free Nor it is solvable Freely.
Creation time: Nov 01, 2020 06:42 PM PST


Question: Do astrological predictions change after a certain period of time?

Vedic Astrology Predictions from a horoscope of a person is based on the following

  1. The Position of Planets in Natal chart and its Divisional charts
  2. The Dasha timing changes, due to which the position or yoga of planets change.

Example : Say Venus is in 4th house of Education. It will bestow good education in its Dasha time. But when Venus’s inimical planet say Jupiter Dasha is running, Venus’s yoga will NOT be fruitful or happening.

So it is imperative that the following should happen to a person for best yoga and its time to happen, namely

  • Venus Dasha should come early in life for good education
  • In other dasha or antara, the Venus sub time should be exploited by putting more effort, to make or work towards that yoga of education.

So yes, predictions will change or should be changed by an Astrologer after a certain period according to the current running time.

Creation time: Nov 05, 2020 10:50 PM PST


Question: Which planet rules which house Vedic astrology?

Planets or Grahas in Vedic Astrology rules the respective houses as below.

When analyzing a horoscope, the planet in a house is important for reading the events of that house.

This above ruler allotment of houses is done, by taking the intersection of Cancer and Leo as Earth.

Creation time: Nov 08, 2020 05:31 AM PST


Question: What age will I get married? My DOB is 23 November 2000 at 23:35 in Rewari, Haryana.

Chart Analysis and Prediction
Your Vedic horoscope is made according to True Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

With all due respect to Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvathi and to the Gurus of Astrology,
I proceed to read your birth horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique, and using my mathematical model of Agasthiya Nadi.

Below is your Vedic Horoscope

Shani is in 10th house retrograde and Surya is in 4th house, looking at each other directly.

Your marriage will happen between Oct 2023 to Aug 2026.
Your age will be 23 to 26 in that period.

Creation time: Nov 08, 2020 07:47 PM PST


Question: Is the Saturn and Moon conjunction in the Aquarius sign in a Gemini ascendant good?

Saturn is 8th house lord and 9th, so neutral.

Moon is bad as maraka, so Moon cannot be good in 9th house.

So Moon will harm 9th house, irrespective of Saturn being powerful.

Badaka Guru position is not given, nor lagna lord position, for proper prediction.

Saturn and Moon combination need not be bad for all lagnas.

Creation time: Nov 14, 2020 05:49 AM PST


Question: What planet is Rahu in English?

Rahu is called North or Ascending Node of Moon in English. This is Astronomy Science.

When the Moon orbit crosses the elliptical orbit of Sun.

Lunar node - Wikipedia

The South or Descending Node is called Ketu.

Rahu-Ketu are as a set act as an axis. And these nodes move in anticlockwise with respect to other planets.

They are called shadowy planets in Vedic Astrology, as they do not have mass, being just a node.

Being a Node, the modern view in Vedic Astrology is, they do NOT own houses nor have exaltation or debilitation.

But olden texts claim the same, which is debatable from a scientific point of view as above.

Creation time: Nov 14, 2020 06:06 AM PST


Question: Which is the House of Health in astrology?

The sixth house is the House of Disease. The ascendant house or Lagna in Vedic Astrology is overall body.

So to read the Health, one has to read both Ascendant and Sixth House.

Sixth house is a Dusthana or Bad House, which signifies Enemies, Diseases, Fights, Pain, Sorrow and Theft. In a way 6th explains how the Health of a person can be affected by these.

The D-30 chart which is Divisional/Varga/Harmonics Chart delineates Health, by different Doshas as below. The Doshas are the fundamental aspects in AyurVeda, which enumerates the state of the body and disease.

Agni is Fire, Jala is Water, Vayu is Air, Akasha is Space and Prithivi is Earth.These five can cause Diseases which affects Health.

The five elements are condensed to three and called Tri-Dosha in AyurVedha.

By reading the Planets or Grahas from D-30, one can find the diseases that will affect that person.

Some Diseases are from Past Birth Karma, Some Acquired in this Janma showing as susceptible in the D-30 chart.

D-30 will indicate whether the diseases are curable or not, and whether that would lead to the end, which is signified by D-8.

Planets are classified as above for their affectations.

Creation time: Nov 14, 2020 07:14 PM PST


Question: Why do people do not get reply to their question related to astrology?

Below are the reasons for me not replying to OPs on Quora.

  1. I get 25 emails on an average per day for astrological service, so not able to write on Quora for predictions.
  2. Some OP ask in comment section of another unrelated Q2A.
  3. The OP has Nil contribution to Quora as their answers.
  4. The OP has not Upvoted or Followed me, nor A2A.
  5. The question is assumptive and predisposed to their own understandings.
  6. Birth Details are not fully given. Or just position of planets for a simple answer.
  7. So I answer one point type question which is properly framed, of broad astrological value and understanding for the general public.
Creation time: Nov 15, 2020 05:52 AM PST


Question: What is the significance of Rudramsa (D11) in a birth chart?

D-11 or Rudramsa or EkaDamsa is 1/11th Divisional/Varga/Harmonics chart.

This is a derived chart from Lagna or Natal or Rashi or Birth chart.

It signifies the gains of a horoscope.

This varga chart is a harmonic aspect of the each Rashi in 11 divisions, and how each graha's degree in those respective division.

11th house is called Labha / Vriddhi (Increase) of Money and other associated functions social networks and therefrom the Labha.

11th is connected to 10th, 9th, 5th and 2nd, in a prominent way, in present world as speculative, Career Earnings and Wealth accrual through different financial instruments.

This Amsa chart can be made using sophisticated software and read with D-1 lagna chart.

Let all get Money and Wealth by getting their chart read and customize Kubera Yantra according to their horoscope.

Creation time: Nov 16, 2020 08:12 PM PST


Question: Is it possible to predict daily horoscope for a specific person in astrology? Just like a newspaper horoscope, but for a specific person.

It is possible to predict Daily Horoscope predictions for a specific person like in a newspaper horoscope.

That said, there are two things to anything in this Dualistic world.

One is Fixed predictions based on one’s birth chart which is based on Past life Karma, as in Vedic Astrology. This is governed by the horoscope at birth which is a Snapshot Photo of the planets’ positions at time of birth.

Due to the incessant movement of planets after a person’s birth, the prediction will also be based on movement of Planets and its influence on the birth chart. This is called Transit predictions.

The Transit of planets in a way trigger the Karma points in the birth horoscope. Together with the Dasha and Bukthi periods, the predictions can be done.

In Vedic Astrology, approximations were done on Rashi (Moon Sign) and Nakshatra for predicting Daily horoscope in very generic way, which you can find as recent Jupiter transit for all Rashis.

This can be extended to be specific to each houses which govern the person’s life events.

Karma points in a horoscope coupled with Dasha system, one can predict daily horoscope of a person.

Creation time: Nov 18, 2020 05:43 AM PST


Question: What details should I provide to check my horoscope?

Before giving any personal details in this internet age.


  1. Check the profile and experience of your Astrologer. Quora is a good place to do that.
  2. The personal details can be shared privately through email of the astrologer.


Date of Birth should be in legible format,
Example : 12th Nov 1994, not as 11/12/94 or 12/11/94, where in ambiguity due to different formats of different countries.

Time of Birth should be in 24 hours format preferably in local time.
Example : 22:45. AM or PM can be added with this to remove again ambiguity.

Place of Birth with longitude and latitude, day light savings.
Example : San Francisco, California, USA. 37.7749° N, 122.4194° W.


The Life question for prediction from your horoscope should be clear.
Example : When I will get married?. How will be my married life?.


Ask before hand, is it free or paid prediction, to know and proceed.

Creation time: Nov 18, 2020 06:56 PM PST


Question: How do I know the purpose of life from a horoscope?

Aham Brahmasmi.

From your horoscope, you can know Your Purpose of Life.

The Grahas placed in different nakshatras tell your Purusharthas, Guna and Purpose of life, for which you are born in this Janma.

  1. Map your Grahas in the nakshatras as per your horoscope
  2. Know the Guna at 3 different levels - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.
  3. Know the Purpose by mapping your Grahas to the Purpose.

Plan your life according to the nakshatra placements, and you can sail this Ocean of Life - Samsara safely.

Creation time: Nov 21, 2020 05:51 AM PST


Question: Which planets fall under Rajas, Sattva, and Tamas in astrology?

Planets or Grahas own Houses or Signs in Astrology (Vedic).

Each Planet is classified as Rajas, Tamas and Sattva as below table.

Based on above classification, one can derive one’s Shakthi and Lord to worship.

Also the Rishi’s as per Planets or Signs will help identify your Guru and get Deeksha (Initiation) into Mantra Upadesha.

Based on your horoscope’s Hora chart, one can ascertain one’s wealth accumulation. The above classification also helps in delineation of Timing using Narayana Dasha, which is a Rashi based Dasha system.

Creation time: Dec 04, 2020 05:04 AM PST


Question: Is it possible to interpret via the horoscope that the person would attain moksha after this current birth?

It is verily possible to interpret a horoscope of a person, whether Moksha or Liberation would be attained after this janma or current birth.

In the above table, one can find the mapping of different houses to its purpose and meaning in this janma or current birth.

One has to ascertain, the present purpose and proceed to take Action or Karma to do the right thing (Dharma), Distribute wealth acquired by Materialism (Artha) and keep away from Unnecessary Desires (Kama), to attain Perfect Moksha or Pure Liberation.

Well if your chart shows definitively, then you are assured of Moksha in this Janma.

Creation time: Dec 05, 2020 08:57 PM PST


Question: What are the benefits of the Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction in 2020?

Shani and Guru are neutral to each other. Shani is good in governance and Guru in religious teaching and preaching.

Guru and Shani respect each other's philosophies and ideologies.

Shani's Karmic thinking is superior to Guru's religious thought which manifests in all world religion, educational institution, charity and social organizations.

The great conjunction happens in the Prithivi or Earth cycle, with benefits for Earth and living beings.

Below is the chart on Dec 21st 2020, 6.30 AM (Sunrise at Chennai, India) for Shani-Guru conjunction.

  1. Lagna is Dhanur, and its lord Guru is neecha in 2nd house of his friend Shani.
  2. Shani is in own house, with friend Guru.
  3. The conjunction happens in Abhijith Nakshatra. Great. The conjunction is in a nakshatra of mystical and divine grace. Om Namo Narayanaya.
  4. Nakshatra (Chandra's position) is in Purva Bhadra, owned by Guru, in Kumbha Rashi.
  5. Guru bestows good tiding for the world. Chandra is in Shani's MulaTrikona Rashi. Good for Democratic forces and thinking.
  6. Surya is in lagna, brings prosperity and benevolence to all. Budha is well placed, for intellectual pursuits and science.
  7. Kuja is under control by Shani's Good 3rd eye Dristhi. Wars will be controlled by Democratic forces and Religious leaders as well.
  8. Rahu in 6th, makes irrational structures in governance and religion go away.
  9. Ketu and Shukra in 12th, signifies practice of Yoga, Occult and Dharmic ways for Moksha and Emancipation.

Good for all Samsaras namely - Brahmacharis, Grihasthas and Sannyasis.

Creation time: Dec 05, 2020 11:44 PM PST


Question: How do we read the Dasamsa (D-10) chart? What are the effects of the different houses of the Dasamsa chart?

Dasamsa is called Maha Phalam.
The traditional Parasara Dasamsa (D10) is used to read the stature of a person in this janma or current birth, due to Past birth(s) Karma->Punya and/or Karma->Papa.

The divisions and effects are as follows

Classical texts says that Dasamsa is interconnected to 2nd and 6th house, but that is wrong, as the mathematical model enumerated above is NOT symmetric with 2nd and 6th indexes.

Different houses have below effects.

Dasamsa Lagna is of prime importance to know the strength of the Career.

The Speech and Wealth is indicated by 2nd house of Dasamsa.

3rd is communication.

4th is happiness.

5th is name and fame.

6th is enemies.

7th is relationships.

8th is hidden problems.

9th is luck.

10th is all activities.

11th is gain and 12th is losses.

The reading should be synchronized with Lagna chart.

Example: The grahas in D10 has more say than grahas in D1.

Creation time: Dec 10, 2020 06:18 PM PST


Question: Though actor Rajinikanth has Kala Sarpa Dosha in his horoscope, how did he gain massive success and money in his work?

Kal Sarp Dosh is a later invention in Vedic Astrology. Below is Tamil Actor Rajinikanth’s horoscope.

Technically all Grahas are within the grasp of Rahu-Ketu axis, except the ascendant.

Kala Sarpa Dosha is also a Yoga, depending on how the axis falls. Here the ascendant is away from the axis, so the person puts a lot of effort and hardship to make this Dosha Become Yoga. And that is what RajiniKanth did in his Life.

Shani-Ketu in 2nd makes him a Sanyasi in a Grihastha Samsara.

Shukra is well placed to earn massive success, money and fame in his acting work.

So Kala Sharpa Yoga had happened in his horoscope, by his sheer effort.

Creation time: Dec 16, 2020 05:37 AM PST


Question: How do the astrological houses work?

The below table is how astrological houses work in Vedic Astrology.

Example : If Sun is in Lagna or 1st house, it denotes Atma, Health and overall physic. That way Sun affects or shows its influence on the 1st house.

As such a Graha in a house does NOT show its significance in its OWN time, rather the influence of it and other Grahas on that particular house, makes the influence felt in that Dasha/Bukthi/Antara.

So a Graha is NOT connected directly to its Dasha or Antara, for its effects, than the house.

Creation time: Dec 19, 2020 07:31 PM PST


Question: What is the Sri chakra?

atiguhyatamatvahetutas tāṃ na vadāmi prathitaprabhāvabhūmim |

sakalāgamavedamūlabhūtām iha vidyāṃ tripurābhidhānayuktām || TSS.

“I shall not reveal the mantra (vidyā) related to Tripurā, because it is the most secret one. [This mantra], which is the root of all Āgamas and Vedas, is the receptacle of celebrated dignity.”

The tradition of the Kerala’s Nambudiris is called vaidika-tāntrika and has elements of the Tantric way of worship of Lordess Maha Tripura Sundari or Sri Vidya.

The Tri-Murthis meditate upon this Adhi-Shakthi, to govern this universe.

Sri Chakra or Yantra and its Mantra are the very Micro and Macro Cosmic Plan of this Universe.

The Bindu at the Center of Sri Vidya Chakra is formless and from where the Universe takes birth and dissolves, to form again.

Basically, The Space, Energy and Time evolves and dissolves to evolve again.

Ati Rahasya Yogini - Highest Secret of Secrets inside the Sri Chakra.

The Sri Maha Vidya by Adhi-Shakthi, is for the betterment of any soul, to dissolve one’s Karma of Papa and Punya, and escape this endless cycle.

After all this World or Universe or Life on any Planet, is just Energy Conversion and Recycling on a Time scale in Space.

Creation time: Dec 21, 2020 06:51 PM PST


Question: Are there houses present in Navamsa Kundali?

Excellent question.

The answer is NO.

There are no houses in Navamsa Kundali, Only Signs.

Navamsa being a division of Lagna or D1 or Rashi chart, it cannot represent a house, mathematically.

Each 9 part division of a D1 chart is called Navamsa Pada and gets distributed to the 12 houses in a particular way. That does NOT mean that the Pada becomes a house.

Rather the Pada gets the Amsa / Influence / Significance of that house.

This very definition makes one read Navamsa chart reading, the proper way.

For Example : For Aswini nakshatra is as below

For other Nakshatra the above pattern extends till Revati.

Creation time: Dec 23, 2020 05:36 PM PST


Question: Why is astrology considered a pseudo-science?

Astrology is an Art not a Science.

Art cannot be replicated, analysed in a straight jacket rules and laws, with the likes of Science.

Astrology is a search for evidence and proof, not to get proved by some other set of rules of science. Nor does it need any stamp of authority by science and its community.

Pseudo-sciences are subjects which is not as per Scientific Analysis, Experiment and Thinking.

From a Vedic Astrology perspective, it is more connected with Past Birth(s) Karma and so forth. Past Birth and its Karma are not scientifically proven. So let science keep away from Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology need not be proved as scientific. Some following western thinking and way of life, tend to disapprove it as not being scientific. It is a Pseudo thinking which is a Pseudo culture of modern way of life.

Due to which Astrology as such is considered as pseudo-science for fun and recreation for free in newspaper, internet and what not.

Astrology need not be scientific or factual to claim itself as a Science. Nor it need to be investigated for reality.

Looking from the fundamental Truth of this Universe, namely Space, Energy and Time, Vedic Astrology and its Horoscope reading suffices well.

Space - 12 Houses, Energy - Planets or Grahas in different Houses and Time of Event happening is measured using Dasha-Bhukthi system, namely Vimshottari Dasha system.

With Space, Energy and Time parameters of Vedic Astrology being Sidereal, is able to predict events in this janma or current birth, due to Past Birth(s) Karma.

This should suffice for Vedic Astrology to become a Science and Art in its own Right.

Creation time: Dec 26, 2020 10:35 PM PST


Question: What is Dwadasamsa (D12) in Vedic astrology?

Dwadasamsa (D12) in Vedic Astrology is a Varga/Amsa/Harmonics chart, where in the Lagna or Natal Chart Houses are divided into 12 parts or amsas and distributed in way to all signs or houses.

D12 helps in predicting one’s Parents, as below

The deities of each amsa helps for propitiation purposes.

The significance are used to predict from D12 in accordance with D1 or lagna chart.

Example Usage: D12 also is very helpful to know longevity of Parents, which help in correction of birth time of the native, given the time of demise of any parent.

Creation time: Dec 29, 2020 06:52 AM PST


Question: What are the Doshas in a horoscope, and what are the possible remedies?

Doshas in a horoscope are many.

Dosha like in Ayurveda, e.g.: Jala-Dosha (Cold fever), is a hindrance to normal living.

In Vedic Astrology, Dosha is again hindrance to normal living, due to Past Birth(s) bad Karma.

The bad or good karma from Past Birth(s) manifest as Dosha or Yoga in Time.

So one can consider Dosha as a negative of Yoga and vice-versa.

As in Ayurveda, Doshas are classified according to the five Pancha Bhuthas, and that in turn mapped to Grahas as below.

Doshas in a Horoscope of a Vedic Astrology is due the following

  1. Bad placement of Grahas.
  2. Bad effect or Drishti of Grahas.
  3. And inter-active (combinations) of different Grahas on the horoscope, by above mapped doshas.
  4. Also as below due to inert behavior of Grahas between them.

As in case of Modern Medical science or Ayurvedic science, there is a Medicine or Remedy for the Doshas.

Sage Agasthiya and other Rishis formulated different temples to dissolve the bad karma or dosha in different temples constructed according to Hindu Agamic Vastu based temples.

Hinduism is based on Karma, Agama rites, Temples were dedicated to the two of the Tri-Murthis namely Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Nava Grahas come under jurisdiction of the Tri-Murthis, so praying with Devotion and Belief in these dedicated Graha temples, removes the Doshas in a Horoscope.

Creation time: Dec 30, 2020 09:27 PM PST


Question: Which is the best method to time an event in astrology?

Best method to Time an Event in Vedic astrology depends on the system the Astrologer is following.

  1. Systems should NOT be mixed to prove timing.
    Example: KP with Parasara or Bhrighu.
  2. There are limitation for each system.
    Example : Bhrighu is yearly transition of Grahas around a point only.
    Vimshottari has a limitation due to Moon based Dasha, but as such Moon is another Graha. So Moon cannot decide other Grahas timing.
  3. Prediction is based on Grahas, Houses and each Graha’s own timing.
  4. Logic does not decide the timing. Only Math does decide the timing.

Check my answer for more details Steve Hora's answer to Do astrologers use the scientific method?

Prediction is based on the Placement of Grahas, which becomes Logic and Timing should be based on each Graha’s degree placement in houses.

That way Space which are 12 houses, Energy which is 9 Grahas and Time which are Dashas, will help to predict accurately Past Birth(s) Karma as manifested as Yoga or Dosha in a horoscope.

A modified Vimshottari Dasha system is the best method, as it has uneven timing Dasha/Bhukti for life events, which is true in real life.

Creation time: Jan 01, 2021 09:30 PM PST


Question: What are natural benefics, natural malefics, functional benefics, and functional malefics?

There is so much to these words in Vedic Astrology, which confuses many new learners and also learned ones.

More to this Maraka and Badaka add up to complete the confusion.

Many mix all these to prove their own reading of a horoscope.

Natural benefics are Grahas which are positive and provide positive vibes. Not for a particular Lagna or horoscope, rather in general. So Guru may be a Natural benefic generally speaking, but not necessarily benefic to a lagna or particular horoscope.

Same is the logic for Natural Malefics.

Functional Benefics or Malefics also are listed as per text books are functionally act, for a particular lagna ONLY. Not necessarily to the horoscope’s other houses. Period.

Reading just with lagna these classifications is generic to lagna not to other houses.

Lagna being Body and Mind, tends to get affected accordingly by these type of categorizations.

Creation time: Jan 03, 2021 09:19 AM PST


Question: Can you analyse the horoscope of Queen Velu Nachiyar, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, the first freedom fighter against Britishers in India? Her birth details are 3rd January, 1730, time of birth not known.

It is a great privilege to analyse the horoscope of Queen Velu Nachiyar, the first woman and Queen, who fought and Won the Britishers in India.

Read to know more RANI VELU NACHIYAR OF SIVAGANGAI- The 'Veeramangai'(The brave woman)

Her birth day was yesterday - Jan 3rd.

She was the Queen of SivaGanga, Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India. The bravest Woman who fought with her Valiant Woman Commander Kuyili and won the Britishers in a straight combat.

A great strategist, warrior, well versed in Tamil, French, English and Urdu. She made alliance with Tippu Sultan also.

She defeated single handed the erstwhile East India Company and kept them away from her Kingdom.

As time of birth is not known, the lagna cannot be fixed, to read in a normal way the horoscope..

The salient features of the horoscope is as below

  1. Guru is exalted in Kataka. A good strategist. And with Ketu makes one sharp in negotiations in armed warfare.
  2. Shani is in his MoolaTrikona and his own house Kumbha. Makes one a Queen in her own way, by way of birth right. Shani makes her fight for her homeland and protect her people.
  3. Surya is in 5th house from his own house Simha, indicating lineage in a Kingly family.

My respect to this Queen forever.

Creation time: Jan 03, 2021 10:38 PM PST


Question: What is the Sun in the 6th house impact on a person and its life, especially in Navamsa?

Sun (Surya) in the 6th house of Navamsa and its impact on a person and its life, depends on the following

  1. Sun is not an exact karaka or graha for a particular significance of life as per a horoscope.
  2. Sun is a karaka for many things in Mundane astrology. It does NOT apply directly in a particular horoscope. This holds good for all grahas.
  3. Sun’s position in Lagna chart, strength, Nakshatra lord and Dispositor House lord and its position is to be known.
  4. Also Which house lord Sun represents in that horoscope is to be known.
  5. In Navamsa in which Amsa and its sign significant has to be known.
  6. Then only the position of Sun in Navamsa matters for a reading.

Generally Sun in 6th house of Navamsa without Navamsa lagna and Lagna chart, is NOT an exact prediction, rather a false prediction, which brings bad name for astrology and astrologers.

More so the OP’s quest cannot be answered rather can be explained for its inherent faults.

Creation time: Jan 08, 2021 10:28 PM PST


Question: Without horoscope, is there any manifestation in one's day-to-day life to make out whether Saturn, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon is good or bad for one's kundali?

The question is an exemplary one and a too simple one at that.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Einstein.

This antithetical or contradictory question to Horoscope has to be analysed logically then, from a horoscope-astrology point of view, as the question is asked outside the scope, but within the spirit of horoscope. Funny.

To decide whether Saturn and other planets are good or bad, a horoscope has the following permutation and combinations

  1. 12 houses, so 12 lagnas.
  2. 9 planets, so 9 * 12 combination of placement of planets in different lagnas.
  3. 9 planetary combinations, so 9 * 9 different combinations.
  4. Special drishtis, can add more.
  5. Other placement in nakshatra and varga charts, add more complexity.

These above permutations may amount to more than a thousand, and its effect can be varying on an uneven time period called Dashas.

So the effect of good or bad of any planets on a daily basis as manifestation is complex and uneven time based.

Planetary transits are equal in time period, but its effect on a horoscope is transitory or temporary.

Given the above scenario, a daily manifestation of these grahas and classifying it as its own good or bad, is complex, useless and not practical.

But there is way out.

Creation time: Jan 09, 2021 07:21 PM PST


Question: What is the astrological significance of Tamil Pongal on January 14, 2021?

The Tamil Pongal festival is celebrated by Tamils. Harvest and Thanks giving to Sun God and for Protection by Lord Murugan of Tamil Religion.

பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள் and Best Wishes for all the Tamils.

On Jan 14th 1969, Tamil Nadu name came into existence. Below the parliamentary legislation Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly

Jan 14th in 1969 was the Pongal day.

So Pongal day of every year is “Tamil Nadu day” and Tamil festival Pongal day. Long live Tamils and their culture.

The movement of Surya (Sun) into Makara Rashi on Jan 14th, 2021 at 7:46 AM, at Chennai, India, is the astrological significance.

Below is the chart for above day.

Shani is in his own house, creating a Sasha Yoga. All round benevolence and development to Tamils.

Surya as Father of Shani in lagna, becomes highly benevolent to Shani. Agriculture and Farmers will be protected by the Rulers. Good harvest.

Guru being a great friend of Surya and Shani, is in lagna, enriching hard work and future karma for the people.

Chandra is in lagna, makes people to reflect on their heritage and greatness and be proud about it.

Budha is also in lagna, makes the people religious and pious and lucky.

Sevvai or Kuja or Mars is in his own house in 4th makes people joyful.

Shukra is in 12th, under check, making it good for Sanyasis and Madathipathis. Women will be protected and sexual offenders would be punished.

பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

Creation time: Jan 13, 2021 06:33 AM PST


Question: What is birth date of Rajendra Chola I, the greatest Emperor who ruled South and North India and its Gangetic areas, across seas, till Sumatra and son of illustrious Emperor Raja Raja Chola?

As per temple inscriptions in below link

Temple inscription throws light on birth star of Rajendra Chola I

Rajendra Chola I - Wikipedia

The tradition of naming a festival as per one’s own nakshatra in a temple was followed in olden days, to make people remember the King and to activate one’s karma energy in a temple.

The birth date is told as “Margazhi” - which is from Dec 14th till Jan 13th in any year. The nakshatra mentioned is “Thiruvadhirai”, which is Aridhra in Mithuna Rashi.

The probable birth date is January 9th, 969 AD, using the metonic cycle of 19 years when Sun’s and Moon’s position repeat, to create a Margazhi month and Aridhra nakshatra.

This is arrived by fact that Rajendra Chola I was in teenage, when his father, the Great Raja Raja Chola ascended the throne in 985 AD.

Rajendra Chola co-ruled with his father from 1012 onward. He ruled the below areas bigger than any other Emperor in India.

Below the chart of the Great Tamil Emperor Rajendra Chola I.

Creation time: Jan 14, 2021 05:23 AM PST


Question: How do I confirm Navamsa too have divorce while I have the combination of divorce in D1 (Rasi chart)? How do I read Navamsas along with the Rasi chart?

The question is “ How did you confirm in D1 (Rasi chart) that there is combination for divorce”.

While it is true that Rashi chart indicates a dosha or yoga, it is necessarily true, that it has to be confirmed in Navamsa also.

More over, any Varga chart is an indication at a subtle level a karma that can be overcome by free will or present karma or action.

Even if the sidereal chart frames your past birth(s) karmas in D1, it allows free will to change or to accept by fate, which is indicated by Varga charts.

The connection between the D1 and Varga charts is NOT by combination in D1 chart as you had asked for. So the answer according to your assumptive question is none.

Creation time: Jan 14, 2021 09:00 PM PST


Question: Where can I get information about Nadi astrology?

Nadi Astrology means reading from ancient palm-leaf available in Tamil Nadu. This palm-leaf writing by Tamil Sage Agasthya is authentic, if you approach the right person.

It is accurate, to tell you, your birth horoscope, WITHOUT you giving any data of your birth details.

Also it will tell your present name, father’s and mother’s name without you telling anything.

Also the number of co-born.

If you are married, at the time of reading, it will tell your spouse name etc.

VaidhiEeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu has many Nadi Palm Leaf readers. Check for genuineness before attempting.

Creation time: Jan 15, 2021 08:30 PM PST


Question: What is the effect of having 4 planets, Mars, Mercury, Rahi & Sun in 6th house, Gemini sign for Capricorn ascendant?

The OP’s question has many flaws and incomplete.

  1. The position of Lagna Ascendant lord Shani (Makara or Capricorn) is not given.
  2. The said planets Mars (Kuja), Mercury (Budha), Rahu and Sun (Surya) degree and position in Navamsa is not given.
  3. 6th house lord is Budha in the 6th house should be specifically told.
  4. All other planets can have drishti or special effects on 6th house, which is not specified.

My take on this is as follows

  • The said planets do not show their character DIRECTLY on 6th house.
  • Each planet can be good or bad on 6th house based on relationship, position, combination, drishti and strength.
  • To know a specific effect, the corresponding Varga chart has to be read. Example for 6th house Disease, the D30 chart has to be read with D1 chart.

Best way to ask a question to get specific answer is

  1. Give birth details accurately, to get horoscope content.
  2. Ask very specific life question to set the context. Example : When will my marriage happen?
  3. Give nakshatra positions of all grahas, navamsa chart and that specific chart for that specific life question. Then the prediction will 98% percent accurate for Yoga or Dosha, which is Effect.
  4. For time calculation, math NOT logic will delineate the Dasha-Bhukthi which tell when the actual life event will happen.

An approximate answer for the present question will be 5% accurate.

Budha is in 6th, indicates disease of Nerves in Kapha body.

Creation time: Jan 16, 2021 09:04 PM PST


Question: What is the effect of Rahu, Mercury and Sun conjunction in Leo in 6th house for Pisces ascendant and current mahadasha is Rahu-Rahu?

The question has many flaws and incomplete.

  1. The position of Lagna Ascendant lord Shani (Kumbha or Aquarius) is not given.
  2. The said planets Rahu, Mrcury and Sun degree and position in Navamsa is not given.
  3. All other planets can have drishti or special effects on 6th house, which is not specified.

My take on this is as follows

  • The said planets do not show their character DIRECTLY on 6th house.
  • Each planet can be good or bad on 6th house based on relationship, position, combination, drishti and strength.
  • To know a specific effect, the corresponding Varga chart has to be read. Example for 6th house Disease, the D30 chart has to be read with D1 chart.

Best way to ask a question to get specific answer is

  1. Ask very specific life question to set the context. Example : When will my marriage happen?
  2. Give nakshatra positions of all grahas, navamsa chart and that specific chart for that specific life question. Then the prediction will 98% percent accurate for Yoga or Dosha, which is Effect.
  3. For time calculation, math NOT logic will delineate the Dasha-Bhukthi which tell when the actual life event will happen.

There is no approximate answer for the present question as it does not contain any necessary information for analysis for effect or its effect in Rahu-Rahu.

Creation time: Jan 17, 2021 06:00 PM PST


Question: What does Venus in 9th House (Aries) in Lagna Chart and Rahu in 9th House (Leo) in Navamsa D9 Chart from Ascendent mean?

These are just positions of planets in different charts and mean nothing for an erudite astrologer.

Rashi or Lagna chart indicates a dosha or yoga, that it has to be confirmed in Navamsa (D9) chart also.

Your past birth(s) karmas in D1, it allows free will to change or to accept by fate, which is indicated by Varga charts.

Position of planets needed in both charts. Degrees should be specified for useful meaning to be deduced.

Creation time: Jan 17, 2021 06:05 PM PST


Question: Do you read horoscope and suggest remedies accordingly?

I do read horoscope and also suggest remedies according to the following

  1. Chart Analysis and Prediction using Your Vedic horoscope made according to True Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360 and Vimshottari Dasha.
  2. With all due respect to Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvathi and to the Gurus of Astrology, I proceed to read your birth horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique, and using my mathematical model of Agasthiya Nadi.
  3. Remedies are as per Grahas position in Rashi, Nakshatra and Amsa chart. This just takes care of bad karma at Space and Energy level only.
  4. Solution is different from Remedies : Solution is based on your horoscope with custom made solution based on Shri Chakra which removes bad karma and bad time and gives good karma and time. This takes care of karma at Space, Energy and Time level.
  5. So it is a Total solution.
Creation time: Jan 19, 2021 05:30 PM PST


Question: What is the equivalent of Draconic charts in Vedic astrology?

Draconic charts are nothing but Tropical (Western) natal chart with North Node (Rahu) as the Ascendant point.

Western Tropical Natal chart does not minus Ayanamsa (Precession of Equinox), it takes the exact astronomical geo-centric positions of Planets (Grahas) and plots the horoscope. The Ascendant is based on the seasonal change of equinox.

Vedic (Sidereal) Natal Chart DOES MINUS the Ayanamsa from the Geo-Centric positions of Grahas, to plot the Lagna or Natal or Rashi chart. In that Rahu position is sidereal in nature.

The closest of Draconic chart in Vedic Astrology is Bhrigu Bindu.
But in Vedic the midpoint between Chandra (Moon) and Rahu is taken as Bhrigu Bindu.

Bhrigu Bindu (BB) is a famous technique for delineating the transit effects of all Grahas, when they cross this natal bindu point of a horoscope.

Addendum :
A Vedic Natal chart with Bhrigu Bindu, can throw light on to know the effect and How to break Free from Past birth Karma(s) by using strong Free Will.

Creation time: Jan 20, 2021 06:53 PM PST


Question: How do I predict the Mahadasha and Antardasha results through astrology?

In Vimshottari Dasha system, Mahadasha is calculated based on Moon’s Nakshatra position for initial dasha period.

In other Rashi based systems, it is based on house, like Jaimini Chara Dasha system.

In both, the Nakshatra and Rashi Dasha systems, the Dasha lord is equated to Grahas. There in lies the fallacy. It cannot be. But the house lords are same in both systems, there lies the secret.

Due to above paragraph, KalaChakra Dasha system was invented to equate Nakshatra, Rashi Lord and Grahas. This by itself proves that Nakshatra Lord is NOT Dasha Lord NOR House Lord nor the Graha in a House.

KalaChakra Dasha system has many pitfalls as it has too many bylaws, which indicates the basics could be correct but not the math.

Coming back to Vimshottari Dasha system, the Moon by itself is a Graha. Measuring time based on Moon (Chandra) could be an accurate approximation, than not the EXACT measurement which meets the logic of House Lord, Graha and Dasha Lord.

But Vimshottari satisfies two conditions verily.

  1. 120 years of human life cycle span.
  2. Nakshatra measurement which indicates Time ONLY.

What it lacks is the connection as stated above.

Older Vedic Astrology text books talk about Tribhagi variation of Vimshottari Dasha system, and goes to analyse Sri Rama’s horoscope. But it again has too many bylaws, which defeats the purpose of universal application to ALL horoscopes.

I use my Universal Vimshottari Dasha system, where in the Space (House), Energy (Grahas) meet Time (Nakshatra), to telling effect for exact Logic and Time predictions.

Creation time: Jan 22, 2021 06:55 PM PST


Question: What is considered a marriage per planets in a horoscope? I want to believe that tying a knot itself does not meant anything If the couple didn’t consummate for instance abs broke up in a week. are they ever married per horoscope?

Marriage as per horoscope is a complete package as follows

  1. 7th house of Marriage and married life.
  2. 5th house of Love in married life or before marriage.
  3. 2nd house of Family life.
  4. 5th house of Progeny and Children.
  5. 12th house of bed pleasures and consummation.
  6. The planets (grahas) in above houses or the drishti on each house.
  7. Mental compatibility (Porutham) using Moon Nakshatra and its sign.
  8. Navamsa for Marriage karma.

The above is for both the bride and bridegroom horoscopes.

Alas with above things, still couples get married due to Fate or their own destiny. And that one cannot escape it with Free planning with Free Will, as Time unfolds each planets vibrations in life.

The downside of a horoscope which ends in divorce is as below

  1. 8th and 12th house denoting bad sexual inclinations and attitudes.
  2. 11th house of extra marital affairs or multiple marriages.
  3. Coupled with 1st house and 6th, if bad, indicate Narcissistic or Kama-Krotha attitudes.

So just tying the knot, thinking you have decided well does not guarantee a great marriage.

Marriage and married life is sailing this Ocean of Life or Samsara, So it is a Destiny, not a fate to be planned or suffered or enjoyed.

A good married life is half the battle won without fighting. The other half is anyway the better half or life.

Creation time: Jan 23, 2021 06:07 PM PST


Question: Is Ayurveda directly or indirectly related to astrology?

Ayurveda talks about 7 Dhatus signifying the body fluids and its tissues.

Dhātu are of seven types viz.

  1. Rasa (nourishing fluid of plasma),
  2. Rakta (blood),
  3. Māṃsa (muscular tissue),
  4. Meda (fatty tissue),
  5. Asthi (bone and connective tissues),
  6. Majjā (bone marrow)
  7. and Śukra (sexual vital substance).

The essence of the above Dhatus is called Ojas, in which is contained the Prana or the very Life Energy.

The shiny essence (tejas) of all the seven dhatus is Ojas. It is the best part of the seven dhatus collected together. It is sweer (madhu), heavey (guru) cold (shita), soft (mridu), mild, static (sthira), pleasant (prasanna), oily (snigdha), sticky (picchila) and slightly yellowish in colour, where Prana, the vital energy and “Life” resides. Ojas is responsible for the body’s immunity and strength. It is destroyed by anger, over-exertion, malnutrition and lack of food.

This Ojas of both the Parent get collected in the mother’s womb for development as Embryo and then into a Life form.

This Ojas of both the Parent can be called the Spiritual Energy also.

The great Tamil Siddhas talk about 15 Amirtha Nilai (Bio Energy or Ojas) in the body, which are nothing but Varma points or Life points.

This Ojas travels from one point to another according to the Tithi or Moon phase, everyday.

The consummation of two different Ojas of Parents on a particular Tithi, results in the formation of Embryo.

The proof of Tithi in menstruation cycle is a well known fact scientifically. So when the fertile eggs are ready on a particular Tithi, the sperms by copulation, transfer the Ojas to create the Prana Energy in that Egg or Karu.

Tithi is nothing but Sun-Moon degree phase.
Vedic Astrology enumerates Sun as Father and Moon as Mother.

So Siddha / Ayurvedha is directly related to Vedic Astrology by way of the very Prana Energy of Life.

Creation time: Jan 23, 2021 08:50 PM PST


Question: What is the significance of pranapada lagna in astrology?

For the significance of Pranapada lagna in Vedic astrology, refer below Q2A.

Steve Hora's answer to How can I know my correct birth time for preparing a correct horoscope?

Creation time: Jan 24, 2021 01:29 AM PST


Question: What is Varga in Vedic astrology?

Varga in Sanskrit means division.

Varga in Vedic Astrology means dividing the Lagna / Rashi / Natal chart’s (D-1) houses into parts.

The divided Varga chart are called Amsa charts.

The standard Varga / Amsa / Harmonics charts are as below. The numbers in the Symbol indicates the Varga or division done on Lagna chart.

As per latest research, when each house is divided by all divisive numbers, as above, the total number of unique segments comes to 150 unequal divisions.

This is D-150 which is nothing but Nadi Amsa as found in Tamil Nadi Palm Leaf granthas.

This Nadi Amsa is the most important segment which defines the destiny of a person born.

This completes the definition of Varga in Vedic Astrology.

The interpretation of D-1 with other varga charts varies.

The most important charts are D-1 and D-9 which is used in Tamil Nadi Grantha readings.

Creation time: Jan 25, 2021 08:46 PM PST


Question: What are the most important differences between D1 and D9 charts in Vedic astrology?

Steve Hora's answer to What is Varga in Vedic astrology?

All varga charts including D1 and D9 are part of Nadi Amsa chart. Check above Q2A.

Creation time: Jan 25, 2021 08:48 PM PST


Question: How many astrologers offer free analysis of your horoscope?

Most of the Astrologers on Quora, offer free analysis of horoscopes, including me.

Writing on Quora by me, itself, can be considered for free.

Read these Q2A for more details

Steve Hora's answer to What details should I provide to check my horoscope?

Steve Hora's answer to Why do people do not get reply to their question related to astrology?

Accurate Timing of Event and Exact Remedies and Solutions for Doshas are given privately by me.

Creation time: Jan 27, 2021 05:35 PM PST


Question: What is Sarva Vasamkari Mudra of Shri Chakra to achieve prosperity?

The answer lies in the Dasa Mudrani of Shri Vidhya of Shri Chakra or Yantra.

A Mudra is a physical symbolic gesture using the fingers of the two hands. The fingers represent the five (Pancha) Boothas or elements.

A mudra activates the pancha boothas only. Activation at Mind and conscience level is done using Mantra and Yantra. Time is chosen from horoscope.

In Shri Chakra or Shri Vidhya meditation, 10 or Dasa Mudras are used to worship Maha Tripura Sundari.

One such Mudra is called Sarva Vasamkari Mudra.

Sarva means All and Vasam means to attract in Tamil and Sanskrit.

With this Mudra, when meditating on the Shri Chakra, with proper Mantra and Chosen Time as per one’s own horoscope, one can attract prosperity for oneself.

The Mudra is done in four steps as illiustrated in this link.

Complete Dasha Maha Mudras

Creation time: Jan 30, 2021 08:57 PM PST


Question: What is Akshaya Lagna Pathadi in Tamil Vedic astrology?

Akshaya Lagna Pathadi (ALP) is the latest research by Poduvudai Moorthy, a Tamil Astrologer.

Here the lagna in the lagna chart is moved at a speed of 10 years per Rashi, so the total 120 years of Vimshottari Dasha years are accounted for a full human life cycle.

As a person grows, the lagna moves from Janma lagna to the next Rashi.

This helps to throw light on the moving lagna with Chandra’s position for Rashi predictions.

This is a unique way of mixing Chandra and Lagna position for prediction purposes taking into account Transit effects.

The downside of this method could be the past karma birth(s) happenings in this janma, in an uneven timely Vimshottari Dasha system, may not be taken into account, as the lagna has moved.

It is more of a Transit effect predictions with the lagna moved.

It is a great research by this Tamil Astrologer. Hats off to him and to the Great Tamil community. Tamil astrological researchers like KrishnaMurthi of KP fame also had come.

As always, in the tradition of Tamil Saint Agasthiya, the Nadi exponent of Tamil Nadi Astrological Palm Leaf Granthas.

Creation time: Feb 01, 2021 05:45 AM PST


Question: Do billionaires use astrology?

Billionaires do use Astrology.

J.P. Morgan once famously said that millionaires don't need astrologers, but billionaires do.

One of my USA millionaire client, has great belief in Fate, Destiny and Vedic Astrology. He believes that Astrology is above and beyond belief and in Past birth Karma(s).

From my experience, as an Astrologer, I had found the following people consulting for predictions

  1. Tamas Guna people and their problems - To attain materialistic comforts in this janma.
  2. Sattwa Guna people want salvation and want to find ways from horoscope, the ways and time for it.
  3. Rajas Guna people want growth and action to be performed for achieving results.

Most of the rich clientele e.g. Millionaire have life problems than the money itself, for which they consult me.

Creation time: Feb 02, 2021 06:30 PM PST


Question: When love is to be seen in the horoscope, which house should be seen?

Love in a horoscope depends on the type of relationship one wants to have.

  1. The lagna lord, its position and its nakshatra has to be looked into.
  2. The Grahas in 5th house, its lord, the lord’s nakshatra placement.
  3. Same to be seen for 7th also for a proper understanding and relationship.
  4. The lagna lord, 5th and 7th plays an important role for Love and Understanding.

Love has many expressions. It could be physical, meta-physical, platonic and newer gender mixed loves like gay and lesbian.

Platonic Love has 3rd house connections, which has no physical love, but more as a friendly love. If malefics are involved with 3rd, 5th and 12th, the tendencies for Gay and Lesbian love happens.

If Lagna lord and 5th is affected by malefics, then physically it would be a cruel Love of abuse.

9th house plays an important role in meta-physical love, like the Eternal Love of Lord Krishna and Radhai. In real world this can be seen as an expression of Love a devotee to their God or Goddess. This is spiritual Love.

Example : 5th house lord in 4th. A great Love affair. The 5th house lord was in 12th from 7th house lord( exalted). Love did not end in marriage. Married life is full of Love as, 7th house lord is exalted in 5th. Powerfully placed lagna lord did NOT help in succeeding in Love, due a dosha.

Creation time: Feb 03, 2021 06:21 AM PST


Question: What is the new moon and full moon ritual? Do they exist?

New Moon is called as Amavasya in Vedic Astrology. Full Moon as Pournami.

Rituals do exist for both these days in India.

Rather the phases of Moon called as Tithi, is celebrated in Hinduism and Vedic Astrology.

Amavasya in every month is used for intense Mantric practices.

Pournami is used for Rituals in Temples. In Tamil Nadu, South Indian temples celebrate the Month-Moon phase-Moon_Star in a great way. Example are Thai-Poosam (Month of Thai and Pushya nakshatra). Chitra-Pournami (Month of Chitra and Full moon day).

Mahalaya Amavasya in a year is celebrated for Departed souls.

Each phases of Moon have names and its properties in Hinduism is enumerated in this Tithi - Wikipedia link.

Creation time: Feb 05, 2021 07:10 PM PST


Question: What happens when planets (Grahas) occupy Pushkar Navamsa?

First let us define Pushkar Navamsa.

Pushkar Navamsa are particular navamsa padas (3 degree 20 minute) arc which are significant.

There are 24 of it, each Rashi having two.

3 out of this 24 amsas are vargottama with D-1 lagna chart.

Only benefics namely Guru, Budha, Shukra and Chandra owns them.

This clearly gives a clue that Navamsa is nothing but karma delineation as benefic and malefic, which can be extended to other Navamsas also, as the case may be.

So any planet or graha placed in a Pushkar Navamsa becomes benefic and bestows the best of its Power or Energy from D-1 chart.

Even more if it is a benefic by itself, if placed in Pushkar and as well Vargottama with D1 makes it fortunately placed.

In that scenario, the Graha acts as per D-1 chart, with full Energy and Space, and highly karmic as per Navamsa D-9. This will get reflected in the right Dasha time, and trigger the events, for ever for the whole life time.

That is the power of Navamsa, karmically.

There is a saying “If Karma is good, Good Time will fall in place with Action”.

Creation time: Feb 06, 2021 07:33 PM PST


Question: What is the logic behind Ayanamsa in Vedic astrology? Why are there so many variations in Ayanamsa? Why is research in this area so elusive?

There is astronomy and astrological logic behind ayanamsa in Vedic Astrology.

The variations in ayanamsa is a mathematical one and the zero reference, which is nothing but the coincidence of Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac.

The precession of equinox which is called as ayanamsa had been researched both from theoretical, empirical and puranic ways.

Read this for a scientific approach using pure astronomical data.

Scientific approach for Ayanamsa by Steve Hora.

In this the Pole star which is used as reference, its rotation, the North Ecliptic Pole (NEP), North Celestial Pole (NCP) of Earth, tilt of it with equator of Earth, scientific formula for Accumulate Precession is used.

The research is NOT elusive, rather the data from the Astronomy is to be measured away from Earth using latest equipment which has to be stationery without affectation from any gravity. This is available now for Axial Precession.

More on Axial Precession

If these two (Axial Tilt and NCP-Polaris Tilt) changes are taken into account, according to that Birth Year, it will make the aynamasa accurate in seconds.

Creation time: Feb 10, 2021 06:23 PM PST


Question: How does astrology work in the stock market?

Check out my other answers related to Gann and Vedic astrology.

There are so many techniques for judging the trends of a financial market.

W.D.Gann employed a “Square of Nine” Chakra or square. He had traveled to India, to know from vedic astrology, the secrets.

He connected price, volume for that matter any dates to Time. The secret is not told explicitly, but in his book called “Tunnel through the air”, but it is highly codified using symbolic language from Bible.

Above is based on IntraDay share movement prediction based on astrology and W.D.Gann chakra.

The above chart is NOT a standard Gann square, as you would find on internet. This is based on Vedic chart similar to “Square of Nine” of live data of a share-price.

Clearly one can say that Gann was a master mathematician and was a great investor of his times.

So now the time has come to use Gann chakra in a more accurate and timely manner, to exploit the markets for profits.

Let the volatility of the markets prevail.

Creation time: Feb 17, 2021 05:08 AM PST


Question: Can the 8th house and 12th house in astrology ever turn out be positive in an individual’s horoscope?

The 8th and the 12th house from any house in a horoscope can be seen.

Normally 8th and 12th from Lagna is taken to read the affectation to Body and Mind which is Lagna.

This axiom can be extended to other houses, provided the verb is understood properly. 8th signifies Die of the noun, which is of lagna. 12th signifies Lose to Lagna.

Then it becomes super simple to analyse the positive and negative in an individual’s horoscope.

For example: 9th becomes 8th for 2nd house, which indicates that for religiousness (9th) is to Die to Wealth (2nd). So if one wants to become religious, one has to forego Wealth. Or based on placement of 9th and 2nd, one can easily predict the present condition in the horoscope, whether one would become religious or wealthy and what not.

When these above events is decided by 9th and 2nd not just by generic Vimshottari Dasha based on Chandra, which is another Graha for some other house.

One can exploit 8th and 12th to one’s own advantage by knowing their Energy, Space and Time, namely Strength, House placement and its own Time.

For Example : 8th lord is in 3rd indicates No friends, which can indicate also independent thinking and valor.

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Question: What is the horoscope analysis of Edappadi Palanisamy, CM of Tamil Nadu, to win the 2021 elections?

The birth data to make a horoscope can be made available for analysis.

The internet media websites have two different versions. One is in March 2nd and another in June 1954.

If provided correctly, the birth horoscope of Edappadi Palanisamy, CM of Tamil Nadu can be analysed and predicted accurately.

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Question: How does the soul evolve astrologically?

The Soul takes many births to evolve. In each birth, it does some karmas or action with intention. This is carried as Papa or Punya karma.

Read Steve Hora's answer to How do I know the purpose of life from a horoscope?

Each karma’s fruit namely Papa or Punya is deposited into different nakshatras as Grahas. The different nakshatras are designated with different Purusharthas. The Guna of these Purusharthas namely Rajas, Tamas and Sattwa decide the type of Karma and the purpose of life in this Janma or current birth.

One has free will to break all these Purusharthas and take an independent path to fully Evolve and that is called Enlightenment. Thus the Soul gets liberated from rebirths.

Others just fall prey to this endless cycle, and take many births to evolve. Ultimately all souls will be liberated by one’s own free will or through karma-cycle.

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Question: What are the effects of chanting Om Nama Shivaya?

Na Ma Shi Va Ya - Panch-Akshara or Five Holy alphabets.

Lord Shiva is just the primordial sound “Aum” when manifested into pancha or five boothas - Na Ma Shi Va Ya.

When praying the mudra should be formed with both hands, with each finger, one at a time, as per above order, and bring about the Namaste hand gesture to Lord Shiva, at the top of the head, at Sahasara Chakra..

That way the Pancha Aksharas join as Pancha boothas, and Akasha - the middle finger, the tallest one, takes your soul to Chit-Anandham.

Chit-Anandham dance is done by Lord Shiva at Chidambaram Temple, Tamil Nadu.

The effect of reciting “Aum Na Ma Shi Va YA” - the Maha Pancha-Akshara Mantra, gives eternal bliss.

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Question: Can Stalin become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu ths year according to Astrological predictions?

In mundane astrology, the people, the drekkana of that nation or state and the horoscope of competing parties has to be taken into account.

A single person’s chart does NOT decide the fate of a nation or state.

மக்கள் தீர்ப்பே மகேசன் தீர்ப்பு - is the saying in the Great Tamil language.

Stalin chart had been analysed long back, as in below Q2A.

Other leaders birth details are not available to predict.

Steve Hora's answer to Can an Astrologer analyse the political career of M.K.Stalin's chart?

The formation of Tamil Nadu as a state was promulgated in the Indian parliament is as below. Based on that predictions can be made for 2021 elections.

Steve Hora's answer to What is the astrological significance of Tamil Pongal on January 14, 2021?

The birth Drekkana for Tamil Nadu is Agastya. So a brilliant and progressive future is there.

Present Progressive year (Varshabala) for 2021, is excellent, as below. Present Drekkana is Naraadha, so there will in-fight, misunderstanding, confusion in the mind of leaders, party and people. But all will end for good for the people of Tamil Nadu.

Vazhga Tamizh, its culture, people and pride.

Shani is in his own house, creating a Sasha Yoga. All round benevolence and development to Tamils.

Surya as Father of Shani in lagna, becomes highly benevolent to Shani. Agriculture and Farmers will be protected by the Rulers. Good harvest.

Guru being a great friend of Surya and Shani, is in lagna, enriching hard work and future karma for the people.

Chandra is in lagna, makes people to reflect on their heritage and greatness and be proud about it.

Budha is also in lagna, makes the people religious and pious and lucky.

Sevvai or Kuja or Mars is in his own house in 4th makes people joyful.

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Question: What is meant by 'nakshatras affected by planets'?

You had asked the most fundamental question. This will shake the very foundation of Planets (Grahas) and Nakshatra, as below.

Nakshatra is an Arc of 13 degree 20 minutes of the sidereal zodiac. Each nakshatra has a Lord assigned to it, which is a Graha by Guna.

Each Graha has its Own Guna, which changes according to its placement in a Nakshatra, by the very Owner of the Nakshatra, namely another Graha or itself.

Example : Shani Planet placed in Aswini nakshatra owned by Ketu. So Shani’s Guna gets modified or affected by Ketu.

In that scenario, predicting based on Shani in this or that house (as asked normally on Quora) becomes baseless. Because Nakshatra division is smaller and more accurate than a house degrees.

On a side note : In Jaimini System it is most accurate, as the very degree is taken for measurement and predictions. Here Nakshatra position becomes meaningless.

Without knowing the real affectation of a planet in a nakshatra, predictions will be wrong.

Also prediction of a planet in a nakshatra and its events will go wrong as per the timing with Vimshottari Dasha which is based on Chandra only.

Yes a deeper understanding of the fundamentals and connection of nakshatra, its lord, the Graha(s) placed in that nakshatra and how that will extrapolate to the Dasha lord, are the most important ones.

Example : Shani in Aswini nakshatra will NOT be fruitful in Shani or Ketu Dasha/Antara, considering Even the fact that Shani and Ketu go well with each other.

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Question: Is Drik Siddhanta or Surya Siddhanta accurate for astrological predictions?

Surya Siddhanta lays down the foundation for Vedic Astrology. This has all the parameters and measurement for making a horoscope.

Drik Siddhanta or treatise is the modern version of Surya Siddhanta, wherein the planetary positions are taken from Astronomical data.

So Drik Siddhanta is accurate for horoscope making only.

For definition of the very time in terms of Yugas etc, Surya Siddhanta excels.

Predictions based on a horoscope with Surya or Drik will vary due to different position of Planets (Grahas), due to inaccuracy of Ayanamsa and actual Astronomical position value.

To get a hold of all the definitions of astrological terms, one should learn from Surya Siddhanta. But for actual making of a horoscope, it is good to use Drik Siddanta and make accurate predictions.

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Question: How do I energize Yantra?

Yantra has the root Yam + Tra, which is Yam is to hold and tra is the instrument.

So a Yantra is nothing but a container or machine which holds.

A Yantra will contain triangles, squares, circles and other geometrical shapes to contain. The symmetric of these shapes makes it a machine or instrument.

Example : Shatkona or Shadakshara Yantra of Lord Murugan, which is Star of David in Jewish traditions.

To Energize a Yantra one needs the Mantra and to be recited with Prana Energy.

To consecrate the Yantra, one needs Tantra, which is Initiation, Pujas and Time.

To customize to one’s own use, the horoscope details can be used to choose the time to recite daily.

Without customization, if one does puja as above to the yantra, it will be for the benefit of all, which is being done in temples, by installing the yantra under the presiding deity in Tamil Nadu temples.

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Question: What does rahu in 10th house in d60 chart indicate?

How sure you are that Rahu is in 10th house of D60 chart.

Assuming that you know the intricacies of divisional charts, a divide by 60 of each house and distributing it to different signs, makes the D60 chart.

So it will be a minute division, which can be totally wrong, assuming that your TOB and Ayanamsa are accurate.

D60 is about purva janma karma indicator and with no details of D1 lagna chart, it is fallacious to predict the position of Rahu in D60.

So all birth details are required to indicate this position of Rahu.

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Question: Does Navamsa specify the behaviour of you after marriage or the characteristics of your spouse?

You have nailed it.

After all the Navamsa chart is derived from your lagna chart, which is yours.

So Navamsa tells about your attitude towards your spouse, your projected image towards your spouse. Also it will tell about what you expect from your spouse.

Extrapolation between Rashi and Navamsa chart using Arudha lagna is the key to understand that image of yours as projected towards your spouse.

As such the Spouse will have a Navamsa chart of its own.

So logically the Navamsa of both is more important, to know the behavior and characteristics of one’s own projection and mutual relationship.

Your Navamsa will tell about the static “What it is” condition from your charts( D1 & D9). Same is the case with your Spouse.

Before marriage, one can easily know from Rashi and Navamsa chart, what to expect from your fated spouse.

After marriage the Navamsas of both can be read to adjust, change behaviors or dissolve based on compatibility between charts.

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Question: What does my horoscope reveal about my career? I was born on 24/03/1996 at 6:33 AM in Ernakulam, Kerala.

Chart Analysis and prediction

Vedic horoscope is made according to True Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha, as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique, and using my mathematical model of Agasthiya Nadi.

Guru is in his own house of Dhanur 10th house, good for financial studies. Budha is well placed in lagna, but neecha.

Presently running 26th year from birth, so as per Nadi reading, you can attempt in the month Dec 2021-Jan 2022, to clear CA in one sitting. Lot of effort to be put, due to neecha Budha, which is a dosha, for which parihara can be done.

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Question: Is it possible to calculate the mind's state (active, concentrated, depressed, exhausted, etc.) in astrology, maybe using the moon's transit over nakshatras or padas?

One’s mind state is a reaction to a happening. So one can become active, concentrated, depressed and joyful according to event.

Moon or Chandra’s transition from birth nakshatra which is “NavaTara Chakra” helps to know beforehand what kind of event one can expect to happen.

From your birth nakshatra : Janma, Sampat, Vipat, Kshema, Pratyari, Sadhaka, Naidhana, Mitra and Ati-Mitra.

So you can expect a happening the best event in Sampat nakshatra, which will make your mind joyful and active.

In Vipath nakshatra, you can expect depressing and exhausting events to happen.

  1. Janma: Risk thats present at the moment of birth, danger in the birth process, health, mind etc.
  2. Sampat: Wealth and prosperity
  3. Vipat: Danger, calamities, mishaps, misfortunes
  4. Kshema: Well being, peace, auspicious events
  5. Pratyak: Obstacles and failures
  6. Sadhaka: Achievements, success, rise in life, improvement of status
  7. Vadha: Danger to life, death, risk of severe diseases, calamities and misfortunes
  8. Mitra: Friendship, help, support, happiness and freedom from worries
  9. Adhi-mitra: Intimate friendship or relationship, great sense of joy, take life easily, be casual and relaxed
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Question: What is the significance of Today (28th March 2021), Uttara Nakshatra in Phalguna month, Astrologically?

The Puranas say that Lord Shiva and Lordess Shakti gives boons on this Palguna lunar month Uttara nakshatra days.

Festivals are celebrated every month with importance to each nakshatra. One such combination is today which is Palguni month, Uttara nakshatra and Pournima day. Today 28th March 2021 is that auspicious day.

Most of the celestial weddings had happened on this combination day.

  1. Lord Shiva married Lordess Parvathi on this day.
  2. Lord Karthikeya married Indra's daughter Deivayani on this day.
  3. Indra and Indrani, Lord Brahma and Lordess Saraswati marriages also took place on this day.
  4. Lord ShriRam and Seetha, Lakshmanan-Urmila, Bharath-Mandavi, Shatrugnan-Sruthakirthi were also held on the same platform in Mithila on this day.
  5. Chandra married the 27 nakshatras as his wives on this day.
  6. Lordess Lakshmi was born on this day from churning of the Samudra Mandan and marries Lord Vishnu on this day.
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Question: Is it possible to predict mind's state (concentrated, depressed, exhausted etc.) on hourly basis with the astrology? May be using the moon transit on padas or nakshatras?
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Question: Which one is a better alternative, creating a blog with Jekyll or using Hugo? Is there some other better alternative?

Hugo or Jekyll are good for static website building.

Other alternatives are there, but the content of your blog should be more textual and not get into HTML-CSS-JS mess.

For example

  1. Text of your blog can be pure text with formatting with MarkDown. This would help any non-technical person to concentrate more on content writing for the blog than to get into HTML-CSS-JS learning.
  2. Hugo website creator gives templates to choose for the GUI front-end.
  3. There is no need for database.
  4. Google AMP based Hugo templates help in upgrading to the latest technologies.
  5. There are good webHosts like Netlify to host the Hugo website. Netlify helps in secure, encrypted and domain parking.
  6. So as a blogger, you write Content in Markdown, push it to Github for storage and maintenance, then use Hugo to push the code to Netlify, to the live website. So simple.
  7. Hugo is simple and the best.

Addendum : SteveHora.com is build using Markdown, Google AMP, Hugo, Github and Netlify by Steve Hora, himself.

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Question: How does one read Lagna and Navamsa together in a chart?

Lagna chart is D1 and the basic one.

When D1 houses are divided by 9, and the resulting segments or arc are distributed to different houses, one gets Navamsa D9 chart.

So mathematically as shown in below image.

The angle 30 degrees is divided by 9 to get an Arc of 3 degree 20 minutes, which symbolically belongs to one house or sign.

So logically one part of a house belongs to another part of (same) or another house.

If it is the same, then it becomes vargottama. Like in Mesha Rashi, the first part of D1 or pada (3.333 deg) belongs to Mesha itself as First Navamsa pada and Vargottama.

So a Graha placed in D1 takes another avatar in D9 as per its Sign or House occupation. It does NOT become 30 degrees in that house to claim House lordship, as there are many padas of different D1 houses parts. With this same mathematical analogy, one can prove,that is THERE is NO exaltation or debilitation in any divisional charts.

So one should read the Graha in D1 at house level and at Pada level to that Navamsa Sign.

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Question: What is the significance of Navagraha Shanti Pooja?

NavaGraha Shanti Pooja is done to appease the Planets or Grahas.

This is a astrological remedial procedure at Space (House) and Graha (Energy) level. This does NOT include the Time dimension.

One can get details from one’s horoscope, for specificity for a particular graha dosha.

You can do this puja on your nakshatra day, to remove bad effects of all planets, that way a generic effect can be had.

Mantra, Grain and Color of cloth used in the puja are significant, which the Brahmin or Pujari will take care of.

For example Barley is for Surya, Bengal Gram is for Guru, Toor dhal is for Kuja, Horse gram for Ketu, Green gram is for Budha, Rice with husk is for Chandra, Black sessame seeds for Shani, Uradh dal is for Rahu, White beans is for Shukra.

Read more in the below Q2A,

Steve Hora's answer to What are the Doshas in a horoscope, and what are the possible remedies?

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Question: Are all the planets interdependent on each other in some or the other way?

Planets or Grahas are not dependent on each other.

Nor the aspects or drishti gets mixed by combination or whatsoever. This is a fallacy.

The angles or arc define the nature of effect on to a particular house or planet. For example Trine or Squaring.

The effect of drishti or combination changes the bala of that house concerned. Due to which, for a good combination, one finds a greater effect namely raja yoga or otherwise. So there is no transformation of any effect by combination of planets.

The only inter-dependency happens in case of Surya and Chandra with Rahu and Ketu, which is anyway an astronomical phenomenon namely eclipses.

Each aspect of a graha will have an effect in its own time, even if it is combined with some other graha.

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Question: Is there a connection between Vedic astrology and the "law of attraction"? How do you manifest your desires?

Yes, there is a connection.

“Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati” - What you are is What you become.

There is a secret time from your horoscope, which is independent of your horoscope itself.

The sidereal zodiac has an Abhijith nakshatra, the 28th nakshatra which is pure and spotless, independent of any horoscope.

Same is the case with a born person, who has time period within a lunar month, to manifest his/her thoughts. This is a mathematical time period calculated based on Chandra’s time period.

The “Law of Attraction” is just at the thought level, but Time is the one which allows it to manifest. That time is calculated from the horoscope. And when one thinks of a desire in that time, it manifests. That is the connection with Vedic Astrology.

In a way, Hinduism has its Tantric way were a Mantra, Yantra and Tantra is used to manifest one’s thought desire.

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Question: What can Manglik see from Lagna or from the Moon?

Manglik is defined as the position of Kuja or Mars from Lagna, Chandra (Moon) and Shukra (Venus).

The positions is 7th, 8th, 12th, 1st, and 4th, in that order of veeriya.

12th is for bed pleasures, 1st is for compatibility at mind level, 4th is for happiness, 7th is for married life and 8th is for longevity of married life together.

Shukra deals with genes, sperms and ovum. Chandra deals with Manas and Lagna the body. Kuja is Veeriya which can be good or bad.

So accordingly Kuja can affect Mind, Body and Gene propagation in its Veeriya or Strength.

If Kuja is placed in above position, example 7th from Lagna, Chandra and Shukra, it is full manglik.

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Question: If I move somewhere and astrocartography changes my ascendant, should I use the relocated chart to follow my transits?

Your birth horoscope is a snapshot of the zodiac with ascendant at birth, which does not change.

When you move and live somewhere else, then the position of planets and ascendant changes according lat and long of the new place, for the current zodiac which is nothing but Transit.

AstroCartoGraphy does NOT change your birth chart or its ascendant, which is a given thing by birth to you. Example : Your shape of your nose.

ACG does change your transit ascendant and planetary position.

When superimposing the current transit over birth chart, one can read the changes including the ascendant.

So ACG cannot be read in isolation. It has to be read with birth chart with its ascendant.

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Question: What is the message of the Tamil song "Enjoy Enjami"?
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Question: Can you do birth time rectification?

Yes, I do birth time certification, but not to a difference of more than ± 2 hours within a house for ascendant.

For people with no TOB, I refer them to Tamil Nadi Palm leaf reading to get an approximate Lagna house.

I use PranaPada Lagna to correct the type of birth, which I had written about in another Q2A.

With some past life questions and answers, the TOB is made accurate within 1 minute, by correlation with my prediction of life events from the horoscope. This is time consuming, but with the right question asked from the given approximate lagna and graha position, the rectification of TOB can be done.

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Question: What is your review of the "Enjoy Enjaami" Tamil song?

The song starts with frogs croaking in the forests, indicating the first arrival of rains. the land dry, parched, loose and shaking or aching for rain to come. The hand is pacifying the land.

The song starts with Parai drums. The Parai is normally drummed in Tamil culture to announce news in a village, arrival of child or death.
The song starts with Kulavai or Ulations of women for gathering and celebrations.
Here it is used to announce about the start of this song. In a way Parai beating will awaken the Kundalini at the Muladhara chakra, for Energy to surge through the spine. In a death scenario, it is used with Oppari genre, to bring full throttled sadness, to celebrate Death itself and culmination of the Soul. And this is Tamil Culture.

குக்கூ குக்கூ
Cuckoo is cooing Cuckoo Cuckoo

தாத்தா தாத்தா களவெட்டி
Grandpa Grandpa removing the weeds and preparing the soil for sowing.

குக்கூ குக்கூ
Cuckoo Cuckoo
பொந்துல யாரு மீன் கொத்தி
Who is in the Tree-hole Nest, It is the King Fisher

குக்கூ குக்கூ
தண்ணியில் ஓடும் தவளக்கி
The frog is running in the rain water

குக்கூ குக்கூ
கம்பளி பூச்சி தங்கச்சி
The hairy caterpillar is sister.

It means the King fisher is ready to eat the frog in water, but the frog will not eat the hairy caterpillar, as it is related indirectly to frog. How?. The caterpillar will evolve into an insect which can be eaten by the frog.
So natural food chain is told in a Rhyme and Chime of Tamil words called எதுகை மோனை.
A lot of Tamil nuances, like this, is there all over the song.

அள்ளி மலர்க்கொடி அங்கதமே
White Lotus adorned as bracelet and garland

ஓட்டரே ஓட்டரே சந்தனமே
Sticking Sticking Sandalwood

முல்லை மலர்க்கொடி முத்தாரமே
Jasmine flower adorned like Pearl strings

எங்கூரு எங்கூரு குத்தாலமே
My town my place is joyful water flowing

In the above the description of the place with its beauty is told.

Below is the start of the musical-drama type conversation happens between the grandson and grandma.
The grandson as usual, makes a small dig playfully at his grandma.

சுருக்கு பையம்மா
Pouch bag carrying Amma (Mother)

வெத்தலை மட்டையம்மா
Betel leaves and Nut chewing Amma

சொமந்த கையம்மா
You Cared and Carried me by Your Hand Amma

மத்தளம் கோட்டுயம்மா
You hit the drums with your hands

தாயம்மா தாயம்மா
Mother’s mother, oh Mother’s mother.
என்ன பண்ண மாயம்மா
What magic you did
Normally even now the Tamil grandchildren are attached to their mother side grandma, indicating a matriarchal lineage.

வள்ளியம்மா பேராண்டி
I am, grandson of ValliAmma (real grandma name of Arivu, the rapper),
சங்கதியை கூறேண்டி
Tell me a story

கண்ணாடியே காணோடி
Oh I do not find my spectacles

இந்தர்ரா பேராண்டி
Here it is oh my grandson

Grandma sings in Dhee’s (Female singer) as soulful voice of Nature itself as below

அன்னைக்கிளி அன்னைக்கிளி
Red-beaked Parrot Red-beaked Parrot

அடி ஆலமரக்கிளை வண்ணக்கிளி
Perched on the low branch of the Banyan tree, Colorful Parrot.

நல்லபடி வாழச்சொல்லி இந்த மண்ணை கொடுத்தானே பூர்வகுடி
To live long and good, Our Old Forefathers had given this cultivatable land

கம்மங்கரை காணியெல்லாம் பாடி திரிஞ்சானே ஆத்திச்சூடி
Our forefathers had roamed this river, pond and fields Singing and Dancing freely

நாய் நரி பூனைக்கெல்லாம் இந்த ஏரிகுளம் கூட சொந்தமடி
Dog, Fox and Cats ALSO owns this Pond, Lake.

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி
Oh my Granddaughter and Grandson, Come together to Enjoy

So the grandma relates and connects the older generation to the newer one, through the soil, dance, music and singing with nature and its animals.
En+Ayee means My+grandma in Tamil. By tamil grammar it becomes Enjayee.
En+Sami means My+grandson as God in Tamil. And this becomes Enjami.
So with a play of words, Enjoy or my Enjoyee and Enjami. Cute Tamil.
Also these words connect the older generation to the newer one, by connecting Old God to newer births, so a continuity of generations happen by Tamil words. And that is Tamil Culture.

அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Mother is sitting on an Ambhari (the sitting box on an Elephant). And let it rain 3 times a month.

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி
அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Come together oh my granddaughter and grandson, sitting and riding on a Elephant and Shower in the rain.

குக்கூ குக்கூ
முட்டைய போடும் கோழிக்கு
The hen lays the eggs

குக்கூ குக்கூ
ஒப்பனை யாரு மயிலுக்கு
The dancing Peacock is adorned

குக்கூ குக்கூ
பச்சையை பூசும் பாசிக்கு
The algae is spreading its green

குக்கூ குக்கூ
குச்சிய அடுக்குனே கூட்டுக்கு
The bamboo-cage is build by stacking sticks together by people

பாடுபட்ட மக்கா வரப்பு மேட்டுக்காரா வேர்வத்தண்ணி சொக்கா
The toiling people of the soil, with sweating and drenched dress
மினுக்கும் நாட்டுக்காரா
But all these goes to the Shining Countrymen

Here the rapper in a nuance Tamil way, says, all the fruits of labor of birds and farmers, is not going to the toilers but to the consumers. A hidden social message is told.

ஆக்காட்டி கருப்பட்டி ஊதங்கொழு மண்ணுச்சட்டி
Mouth drenching, Sweet Palm sugar is made by using pot and fire blower
ஆத்தோரம் கூடுகட்டி ஆரம்பிச்ச நாகரீகம்
Our forefathers Constructed and lived in huts near river and started this Tamil Civilization

ஜன் ஜனே ஜனக்கு ஜனே மக்களே
Oh generation after generation after generation Oh My People
உப்புக்கு சப்பு கொட்டி
Tasted the salt with relish
முட்டைக்குள்ள சத்துக்கொட்டு
Eaten the nutritious Eggs
அடக்கி ரத்தங்கொட்டு
Got bitten by leach in the fields and forests
கிட்டிப்புள்ளு வெட்டு வெட்டு
Played Killi-Tanda game

So the rapper describes his Forefather’s start of civilization and how they enjoyed food, games and their sorrows.

Below the rapper goes into an Oppari genre, an unique Tamil culture, as a eulogy and lament, for departed ones. Oppari means to cry and shout and tell. This is used nowadays ONLY in a Death, to celebrate it, bring total sadness and praise the dead one.
Here it is aptly used in this Natural settings

நான் அஞ்சு மரம் வளர்த்தேன், அழகான தோட்டம் வெச்சேன்
I Planted and grew five trees and garden flourished by my care.
Why 5 one may ask. As per Tamil culture the Tamil land is grouped into five types and Trees grow only pertaining to that soil. So in a way he tells the five types and its trees. So much for that short Tamil inner meaning.

தோட்டம் சேழிச்சாலும்
Even if MY Garden is flourishing …
என் தொண்டை நனையலேயே
My throat is Parched and Thirsty…

The rapper clearly tells the Plight and Apathy of the “Toilers of the Soil”, The Farmers. A social message…

Then Nature assuages as below

என் கடலே கரையே வனமே சனமே நிலமே குளமே இடமே தடமே
Oh My Ocean, Seashore, Forests, People, Land, Clan, Place and my footsteps,

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Come Together Oh My Granddaughter and Grandson and Enjoy everything given to you by your Forefathers and Nature. Ride the Elephant and dance in the rain.

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரிஇந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Come Together Oh My Granddaughter and Grandson and Enjoy everything given to you by your Forefathers and Nature. Ride the Elephant and dance in the rain.

பாட்டன் பூட்டன் காத்த பூமி
Grandfather and Grand-grandfather guarded and cultivated this Earth.

ஆட்டம் போட்டு காட்டும் சாமி
They danced and sung like possessed.

ராட்டினந்தா சுத்தி வந்தா சேவ கூவுச்சு
Is it the Rooster crows, and then only the Earth rotates like a Merry-Go-Round
அது போட்டு வச்ச எச்சம் தானே
Its excretion with seeds had become the tree and fertilizer for the soil
காட மாறுச்சு
Became forests and its trees grew
நம்ம நாடா மாறுச்சு
And then Country sprouted
இந்த வீடா மாறுச்சு
And then became Our Homes.

Here the rapper, digs in a subtle way that Nature had provided everything to Us, not to think that the world revolves around you.

என்ன கோரை என்ன கோரை
Oh my grandson, Nothing is lacking for you
என் சீனி கரும்புக்கு என்ன கோரை
My sweet Sugarcane, Nothing is lacking for you
என்ன கோரை என்ன கோரை
Oh my grandson, Nothing is lacking for you
என் செல்ல பேராண்டிக்கு என்ன கோரை
Oh my sweet darling grandson, nothing is lacking for you

Below, again an Oppari genre, comes in, assuage the newer generation by grandma

பந்தலுல பாவக்கா பந்தலுல பாவக்கா
Bitter gourd is hanging in Pandal
வேதகள்ளு விட்டுருக்கு
Seeds are grown. Here the word Seed-Stone is used. Stone in a way is strong. So Strong Seeds are grown.
அது வேதகள்ளு விட்டுருக்கு
Strong Seeds are grown. It means it is grown for the next sowing season and that too strong ones.
அப்பன் ஆத்தா விட்டதுங்க
Father and Mother had grown it.
அப்பன் ஆத்தா விட்டதுங்க
Father and Mother had grown it. Here Grandma says the Strong Seeds which are nothing but newer generation is nourished by Mom and Dad, for the continuation and sowing of the seeds for the next season and for future generations.
The rapper eulogies and laments joyfully very shortly, as in a way praising his parents with joyful crying.

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Come Together Oh My Granddaughter and Grandson and Enjoy everything given to you by your Forefathers and Nature. Ride the Elephant and dance in the rain.

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Come Together Oh My Granddaughter and Grandson and Enjoy everything given to you by your Forefathers and Nature. Ride the Elephant and dance in the rain.

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Come Together Oh My Granddaughter and Grandson and Enjoy everything given to you by your Forefathers and Nature. Ride the Elephant and dance in the rain.

Enjoy எஞ்சாமி வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி அம்மா ஏ அம்பாரி இந்த இந்த மும்மாரி
Come Together Oh My Granddaughter and Grandson and Enjoy everything given to you by your Forefathers and Nature. Ride the Elephant and dance in the rain.

என் கடலே கரையே வனமே சனமே நிலமே குளமே இடமே தடமே
Oh My Ocean, Seashore, Forests, People, Land, Clan, Place and my footsteps.
குக்கூ குக்கூ
Cuckoo Cuckoo

A woman (who looks pregnant) brings her hand and places over the older man’s hand, symbolizing that the newer generation with coming generation will protect what is handed over by older generation.

The song ends with Kulavai or Ulations of women for gathering and celebrations, with a closing shot of Ancestors, with ValliAmma (GrandMa of Arivu, the rapper) at the center, as a tribute to his GrandMa (Amma-Amma).

The message of this trending Tamil song is Nature, Tamil Culture of Ancestors, continuity of generations, take care of nature which belongs to all living beings on this beautiful Earth and what not.

By hearing this song, my Anahata / Heart Chakra got activated with compassion, empathy and love for All, with tears in my eye, indicating that my Ajna Chakra got activated with clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection of my life on this beautiful Earth. In between the oppari genre of the song made my throat chakra vishudha, to choke with sadness due to the apathy of the toilers of the soil, the farmers.

Connecting back to our roots, Nature through Our Forefathers, through the very seeds of life. Come together to Enjoy, oh my granddaughter and grandson.

A beautiful musical-drama between grandma and grandson conversation, set in rural scenario, with the theme of Nature and Forefather’s way of living and their appreciation, knowledge and understanding of Nature, blended with their language and culture. The gift of Forefathers is this very Land and its fruits, from which, the coming generations will flourish.

Come together to Enjoy oh my En-Ayee and En-Sami.

Oh My Ocean, Seashore, Forests, People, Land, Clan, Place and my footsteps, Enjoy everything given to you by your Forefathers and Nature.

Best Wishes to Arivu, Dhee and the musical group. I loved this song. Hats off.

Long Live The Great Tamil Culture, Land, Language, Music, Drama and All the Tamizh people.

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Question: What is Yantra meditation?

Yantra meditation is part of Shakthi Tantric ways in Hinduism.

Yantra goes with Mantra and Tantra.

In a modern way, one can achieve or manifest one’s thought using “Law of Attraction” or “Positive thinking”. There are plenty of books by many authors. But all these books lack or not able to unlock is The Time.

For anything to manifest, it takes some period, even if you think about it and act on it.
Example : For a child to be born, it takes approx: 10 months to manifest, even if you act with right time of yours and partner.

Same is the case with any thought to manifest.

There is a way out, to manifest in that period, by using your Energy, Space and your own Time.

Details are in another A2A of mine.

Steve Hora's answer to Is there a connection between Vedic astrology and the "law of attraction"? How do you manifest your desires?

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Question: What is the prediction for Prathama Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Prathama or Prathipada Tithi is the first Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi are, Thankful nature, God fearing, sharp intelligence, wealth accrues, steady and correct action, get fame and name in any direction, happy and soft.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Trayodasi Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Trayodasi Tithi is the 13th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi are Truthful and will not tell lies. Famous, will live up to his words, will take care of family and clan, and will strive to earn and save and live.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Tritiya (3rd) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Tritiya Tithi is the 3rd Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi are good character, pious, clean, does a job with good thinking and planning, stable and completes it. Good at management, strong willed person. Goes to many religious places and donates voluntarily also.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Chaturdasi (14th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Chaturdasi Tithi is the 14th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi are not helpful to others, usurps other’s properties, foments trouble to others, tell false information about others, gets angry before speaking and vilifying mind.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Chaturthi (4th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Chaturthi Tithi is the 4th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, will be an expert in mantra, yantra and tantra and make people of the world, happy with this art.This person will make many great friends, will finish all and any work undertaken and achieves great siddhi or achievements. Will travel to many foreign countries and become famous.

Addendum : Steve Hora, I am born in a Shukla Paksha Chaturthi Tithi.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Pournima Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Pournima Tithi is the 15th Tithi on Full Moon.

The person born in this tithi, are good character, sharp intellect, very calm and composed. Will adhere to his words, trustworthy, sympathetic and kindhearted.

If above characters are not found in that person, then that person will be trouble maker, worshiper of Ukkira Devathas and will be involved in bad mantric ways to trouble others.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Panchami (5th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Panchami Tithi is the 5th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, will be sad in nature, does research in vedas and literatures, has a sharp differentiating mind, interested in the opposite sex and interested in possessions like land and wealth .

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Shasti (6th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Shasti Tithi is the 6th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, is Tired looking and lean bodied. Will be famous and respected by many, accrue endowments from government or Kings, easily gets angry and prospers well in this world.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: Why Tithi is the most consistent compared to Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana and Vara, among the five limbs of Panchang, a Hindu Calendar?

Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana – the 5 main elements of time in Panchanga.

Let us see the definitions of these to know

Tithi: The phases of the moon are called Tithis. Tithi is every 12 degrees angular difference between Sun & Moon. The formula to calculate is (Moon – Sun Long)/12 = Tithi number.

Vara: Vara is a week day based on the ruler namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Vara does not have a mathematical Start, but the sequence has.

Nakshatra: The zodiac is divided into the 360 degrees which is in turn divided into 27 Nakshatras. The “Start of Aries” defines the start of the first Nakshatra namely Aswini. But the very start of Aries, depends on Ayanamsa, which is controversial and mathematically differs, due to an astronomical fact namely coincidence of Sidereal and Tropical zodiac.

Yoga: Yoga is calculated by adding the longitudes of Sun and moon and dividing it into 27 equal parts. The longitudes of Sun and Moon in sidereal calculations, depends on Ayanamsa, which again varies with different values of it.

Karana: A Karana is half of the Tithi, so dependent for its value on its primary value of Tithi.

Tithi is the angular distance between Sun and Moon AND REMAINS the SAME, whether it is Sidereal or Tropical zodiac and INDEPENDENT of Ayanamsa, calculations.

So Tithi calculation and observance is the Most accurate and best for any Muhurtha or Horoscopes.

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Question: What is the prediction for Saptami (7th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Saptami Tithi is the 7th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, is Strong and Fearless and Valiant. Will have a balanced judgement, Leadership qualities, helpful nature for all with good words. Will suffer from lung diseases.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Ashtami (8th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Ashtami Tithi is the 8th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, have Lakshmi’s grace, born wealthy, has children and becomes famous and happy due to children. Will be afflicted by lung diseases and will be sexually inclined too much.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: April 14th 2021 - Hindu New Year What are the predictions?

Mesha Sankranti or Hindu New Year is the astrological entry of Sun into Mesha Rashi.

On 14th April 2021, today, Sun entered Mesha in India.

There are 60 Hindu years. The name of this year is called Pilava, the 35th in sequence.

Panchang or Hindu Calendar will have Yearly predictions for the World, in which

the portfolios of different Grahas is assigned.

For Pilava Year 2021, the predictions is as below

King - Kuja or Mars
Minister - Kuja
Commander-in-Chief and Rain Chief - Chandra or Moon
Arrka Chief - Kuja
Sasya and Nirasa Chief - Shukra
Grain Chief - Guru
Chemicals Chief - Surya or Sun

Edaikadaar Siddhar had sung the predictions for each year of Hindu Tamil Calendar.

See more about this Saint in one of my Q2A in Quora.

For this Pilava, it is below

பிலவத்தின் மாரிகொஞ்சம் பீடைமிகும் ராசர்

சலமிகுதிதுன்பம் தருக்கும் நலமில்லை

நாலுகாற் சீவனெல்லாம் நாசமாம் வேளாண்மை

பாலுமின்றிச் செயபுவனம் பாழ்!

Rain will be less. Loss of rain water getting drained into Sea. Problems for Rulers and may become ruthless. Not much benefits for people. Problems and diseases for Cows and other animals. Milk and Grocery prices will increase.

Best Wishes for Joyful and Prosperous for Pilava 2021 for the all people of the World.

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Question: What is the prediction for Navami (9th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Navami Tithi is the 9th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, will earn name and fame in this world, would be lean, no attachment on spouse and children, likes other women, lives with them, will have no shame and behave good to the opposite sex.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Dasami (10th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Dasami Tithi is the 10th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, will donate a lot and becomes famous for that, helping nature and good heart, will be happy with friends, keeps good conduct, respects and love elders and will love spouse, children, kith and kin.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: How is Aadayam, Vyayam, Rajapujyam, and Avamanam calculated in Panchagam astrology?

Aadayam means Gains in Tamil.

Vrayam means Losses.

Rajapujyam is Honor accrued.

and Avamanam is Dishonor.

The above are Panchangam measurements for each Rashi for that particular year.

The year Pilava - Hindu New Year started, today 14th April 2021.

It has a chart or horoscope as it is an event, when Surya enters Mesha Rashi.

Aadayam and Vrayam are measured on a scale of 14. Each Rashi is measured against its position in the chart.

Rajapujyam and Avamanam are measured on a scale of 7. For each Rashi the house lord is measured by counting its place in the New Year chart.

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Question: What is the prediction for Ekadasi (11th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Ekadasi Tithi is the 11th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, respects and likes his/her Guru, has wealth, adheres to good judgement, will be respected in the world by all, does work artfully and skillfully, highly educated and respected.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Dwadasi (12th) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Dwadasi Tithi is the 12th Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, donates wealth to people, good character, very skillful and wealthy, does works in a unique way which is appreciated by people. If male, he will be like Manmathan and if female, will be like Rathi in beauty and attract the opposite sex.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

Creation time: Apr 14, 2021 06:13 PM PDT


Question: What is the Monthly prediction for my Nakshatra based on Tithi Pravesha (Entry)?

It is possible. The math behind this calculation is in the Excel sheet.

The excel sheet is still in development. A link will be provided later.

The inputs are Your Nakshatra and current month.

Based on Tithi, the prediction is made for the whole month.

Creation time: Apr 15, 2021 02:27 AM PDT


Question: What is the prediction for Dwitiya (2nd) Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Dwitiya Tithi is the 2nd Tithi after Pournima (Full Moon) or Amavasya (New Moon).

The person born in this tithi, are truthful and trustworthy. Will not tell lies and will be famous. Takes care of his/her family and clan. Will earn by hard work and accrue wealth.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the prediction for Amavasya Tithi born person as per Rishi Agasthiya?

Amavasya Tithi is New Moon.

Rishi Agasthiya had NOT given any prediction for persons born in this tithi. It could be that the Chandra graha is totally blocked by Earth with no Energy or Light to reflect from Sun. So this Tithi day becomes void with no power to influence a birth on Earth.

From my research, Amavasya born persons will be trouble maker, worshiper of Ukkira Devathas and will be involved in bad mantric ways to trouble others.

Follow this space to know for your janma or birth tithi predictions.

Tithi means the angular distance of Sun with Moon. There are 30 in numbers, 15 for waxing and another 15 for waning moon.

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Question: What is the role of nakshatra and lunar months in Vedic astrology, Puranas and Muhurtha?

Ved Vyaasa in his narration of MahaBharatha or Kurukshetra war

Caturdashiim panchadashiim

Bhuuta puurvamca shoodhashiim

Imaantu naabhi jaaneham

Amaavaasyaam trayodashiim

Chandra suurya bhougrastou

Ekamevam trayodashiim

AparvaNi grahaNe tou

Prajaa sakshapaishyataH||

"I have seen fourteen days a paksha, fifteen day completion or extension to sixteenth day also. This amavasya falling on the thirteenth day itself I have never seen before". A Lunar and Solar eclipse happened within a span of 13 days.

In another verse, Ved Vyasa says

Saturn causes “Peeda to Rohini” and is at Rohini nakshatra. By astrological texts, this is true as below.

Rohinim Pidayaneshaan Sthito Rajan Shanaischarah and from Bhisma Parva, it states that Prajapatyam hi Nakshatram grahas Tikshno Mahadyutih, Shanaischarah peedayati, Peedayan Praninodhikam

The Puranas delineated time of event with Lunar month, Tithi and Nakshatra and Position of Grahas in different Nakshatras, not based on houses.

12 house division was a later addition, by removing Abijith nakshatra and making the total nakshatra 27 in number, so the division of Nakshatra pada will fit into House division.

In Muhuratha choice also, the Panchang mentions Lunar month, Tithi and Nakshatra only.

Following a Lunar month with 360 degrees as zodiac, calculating Vimshottari Dasha years as 120 Lunar years of 360 tithis, and converting it to Solar years which is followed now, is the right way.

But for Panchang and Muhurath choosing, the start of the Lunar month should be used, which is start of Shukla Paksha Prathama.

For example: Chaitra Month, Rohini Nakshatra, Shukla Paksha Lakshmi Panchami Tithi, was on April 16th 2021 21:00 PM, which was an auspicious night for AdhiShakthi crowned in Vasantha Rithu or season.

Creation time: Apr 18, 2021 09:23 PM PDT


Question: What does Mercury as Atmakaraka and Sun as Amatyakaraka mean? What if both are in the 10th house?

In Jaimini system of Astrology,

Atmakaraka is the highest degree occupying Graha.

Amatyakaraka is the second highest degree occupying Graha.

Atma is Soul, Karaka means the doer.

Atmakaraka is the Soul’s purpose in this janma or current birth.

Amatyakaraka is the next one you acts as thinker or adviser for the Soul.

Every Graha has its own significance and being in a particular house, makes it change its influence.

Lagna is not told in the question. So relating the Lagna which is you with Soul Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka has to be done.

Here it is missing.

Budha or Mercury as Atmakaraka, and Surya or Sun as Amatyakaraka in the 10th house without reference to Lagna, is absurd.

It is good to have these two Karakas together, not necessarily to do good or bad to the lagna, without knowing Lagna, its Lord and what is that Graha in Jaimini scheme.

So for me, I need more data and it takes a lot of my analysis to predict even a word or a simple statement.

So be it. Tathaatsu.

Creation time: Apr 24, 2021 07:11 AM PDT


Question: In astrology, what are the astrological yogas seen from the moon?

Moon or Chandra is the second most important Graha after Surya for Horoscope predictions as a reference point.

Chandra Adhi Yoga is formed when Chandra has benefic in 6th, 7th and 8th houses. The benefics are Budha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus) and Guru (Jupiter).

A “Rags to Riches” happen when this Chandra Adhi Yoga is there.

Sunapha Yoga is formed when all other grahas except Surya is there in 12th, from Chandra position.

Anapha Yoga is formed when all other grahas except Sun, Rahu and Ketu is in the 12th house from Chandra position.

Dhurudhara, Kemadruma, Camara Yoga and other yogas are also formed with respect to Chandra position.

Creation time: Apr 25, 2021 02:55 AM PDT


Question: Why should we believe in astrology when no one could predict a covid pandemic so severe in our country?

Astrology has many parts.

Your question pertains to Mundane Astrology.

The Mundane Horoscope for the entire world or any country, will NOT have same lagna. Without lagna, predictions cannot be made. Generically, lagna as Sunrise of that particular ethnic calendar, is made, which is highly arbitrary, as there are as many Calendars in India.

Horoscopes of Individuals will have accurate lagna provided the birth details like time, date and place of birth is accurate. For which predictions are given.

There is no condition for you to believe in astrology, just because the covid pandemic has not been predicted.

Last year was called as “SarVari” means, Sar is All, Vari is Carry away. One of the Tamil Siddhar EdaiKadaar who lived 800 years back, had sung about each Tamil year and about SarVari also. See one of my Q2A on it.

In that it is clearly told as “Many will die without the call of Yama, by disease”.

Astrology is observed facts correlated with movement of Grahas with meta-physics.

So Mundane Astrology by Siddhar EdaiKadaar had predicted the start of Pandemic. When it will end, is what humans, who do NOT believe in astrology should find, tell or predict with the so called scientific method.

Creation time: Apr 25, 2021 07:37 PM PDT


Question: What is the Vedic Mundane Astrological correlation for the present Corona Virus pandemic? Does Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune, which are not Vedic Grahas, play a role?

Per-se, Vedic astrology in its Mundane Astrological system of predictions does NOT take these Extra Saturarian planets or Grahas, namely Pluto called as Yama, Uranus as Aruna and Neptune as Varuna.

But looking at the nature of these grahas, their orbital path, the long time it takes to revolve around the Sun, it is quite possible that one can correlate the long, sudden and upheaval changes that happens to earthlings.

Pluto’s Vedic name as “Yama” is striking. Yama is the God of the underworld. Pluto is given the same meaning in other languages also.

Pluto as per Vedic Sidereal horoscope, entered Capricorn or Makara around Feb 2020.

Makara is ruled by Shani, the Graha of the masses or people.

So Yama strikes the people with his underworld activity namely Death.

Taking Earth lagna, it can be predicted that Yama brings in untold sorrow and pain to masses due to disease.

Uranus is in Aquarius.

Uranus plays an important role as the provocateur, the bringer of the cosmic wake-up call for both individuals and the collective as a whole. Just when we relax into our comfortable, stable lives, Uranus disrupts the scene.

Aquarius being Shani’s moolathrikona rashi and also owner of it, Uranus or Aruna brings a wake-up call to the governments and people, for their misbehaviours.

So the correlation of Pluto and Uranus with their meta-physical meaning correlates with their movement and their affectation in Shani’s houses.

Pluto will be staying in Makara for long, but will cross Kumbha Navamsa around Feb-end 2024, and will do its Yama work till then.

Till then see the Q2A posted in April 2020 itself by me.

Tantra and Mantra for eradicating coronavirus.

Creation time: Apr 25, 2021 10:13 PM PDT


Question: What is positive thinking as per Vedic astrology? How do you read it from the horoscope? If negative, how do you correct it?

Positive thinking can be acquired by birth or by developing one’s ability to be positive.

The importance of first house which is lagna, Moon sign and the seventh house has to be stressed here for this.

Lagna governs the Mind and Body. A person due to a body deformity by birth, may have a negative thinking. This is an acquired trait by birth.

Moon Sign or Chandra sign is Manas, which operates by acquired data from environment, situations and one’s own attitude towards oneself and others. This is both acquired by birth and environment.

That is why Vedic Astrology talks about Kaal, Desh and Patra of a horoscope.

7th house is often a neglected part in this thinking analysis. It is the reflective-ness of oneself and a created image, by which one acts out.

All these houses have an effect on Positive or Negative Thinking of a person.

It is NOT necessary that these houses SHOULD be ruled by benefics, which normal astrologers do and read too much into it.

The position, strength and relative angles between these decides how one is positive in thinking.

For example, a trine is better than a quadrant between these.

The best position for say lagna lord, is in lagna itself. Why?. Because Lagna is considered as Trine and as well Quadrant house. So one becomes self-confident of the highest order, which goes by many yogas like Sasa Yoga, Hamsa Yoga and etc.

Example : I have Shani in his own house in Lagna - Makara Lagna Shani, which makes me self-confident in what I think, say and act.

One has to read for Moon sign and 7th house, and how they are mutually placed from each other.

If a deficiency is found based on these placements, one can avoid those situations, handle it and change the environment or live in a conducive environment to have positive thinking.

Many start straight away with Psychological books to develop positive thinking without knowing what their INERT positiveness and negativeness is. This leads to acquiring too much data but with less implementation details.

As a famous Philosopher J. KrishnaMurthi had said “What it is, is more important than What it should be”.

Unless you do not know “What you are”, you cannot become what you want”.

So be it, Tathaatsu.

Creation time: Apr 28, 2021 06:50 AM PDT


Question: What planetary position shows about the pandemic on the Earth according to the Vedic astrology?
Creation time: May 02, 2021 01:28 AM PDT


Question: What is the Vedic theory of time explanation?

Time is explained well in Surya Siddhanta, which is “Static Time”. This is the time as epochs or yugas, which explains the manifestation duration.

Time has other vedic metaphysical meaning, like Time has no beginning nor end and immemorial and personified as the ultimate God or Lord or Truth.

And Vedanta defines as “There is no past or future,and Time is just the present”. This is near to scientific understanding of time.

Nothing decays or grows in time, and what we perceive is limited by our own understanding of it.

With different lokas described in puranas and vedas, it could be true that Time can take different manifestation by itself. Like for example the Speed of Light in a given time is constant, giving an understanding it is there and here.

Also this very understanding, may even give us, that Time dissolves at or inside a Black Hole.

Given all these explanations and understandings, Time is also like Space, Energy and Ether, which will dissolve and evolve from Nothing into again Nothing.

The in-between State is called Manifestation, and all these are just the Maya of the Universe itself for itself.

But the Truth of Time is and will be in the just Present or Turiya State, when captured by our Mind, will let know this whole secret of this Universe, for oneself.

Aham Brahmasmi.

Creation time: May 07, 2021 07:28 AM PDT


Question: What is the result of shani in the 4th house for a Scorpio ascendant and moon in the 10th house?

The position of Lagna lord Mars (Kuja) is not stated.

Shani in 4th and Moon in the 10th house is fine.

Surya’s position is not known, to ascertain any great yoga.

Shani and Moon are looking at each other, inimically, will make you learn something very enthusiastically and do something as Career. And later find that you had made a blunder.

More can be added as intuitive prediction by me, if Surya and Kuja position is told.

Anyway most of these type of horoscope question on Quora does NOT qualify for a proper prediction.

Creation time: May 08, 2021 08:21 PM PDT


Question: What can my natal chart tell me about my position in society? (profession and education) My Birthtime is 11th of June 1996 in Munich, Germany

Your birth chart as per Vedic Sidereal Astrology is below

Creation time: May 10, 2021 06:11 AM PDT


Question: According to kp astrology one planet produce different house result connected to that planet. My question which house result came first and which house last?

kp astrology DOES NOT predict as a flow of house results.

It is more like, predicting for a particular event question. look into the sub-lord, whether it promises, if not go for the next, then map it to dasha-antara and then add transit and then come up with a “yes” or “no” for the event.

It cannot predict which planet will affect which house first or last.

It is a limitation of kp, as it went deep into details and lost the ART of prediction on the way.

Dividing the VS dasha as time segments into 249 is wrong in the first place, using some cuspal theory, which was borrowed from western astrology, but using it in a “Equal house” system of Vedic astrology is not correct.

More so the House lord has no direct connection to Graha lord or sub-lord. This can be explained by simple math.

The zodiac of 360 degree, is divided into 12 houses and its lord. The nakshatra and its VS Dasha lord is a division of all the houses by 27 or 3*9. So a direct mapping of these lords is NOT possible, which kp assumes and goes about.

Unless this direct map does not happen, a flow of prediction as per the position of Grahas in houses, house lords and VS dasha lord cannot be made.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: May 10, 2021 06:37 PM PDT


Question: How do you predict and benefit from Upachaya houses and the Grahas occupying it?

Upachaya Houses are 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th and its meaning is “to accrue”, or “to make it grow” or “stockpiling on what is already there”.

The Grahas in it will decide according to their significance to do good or bad.

Some of the Upachaya houses are a mix of Panaphara, Apoklima and Kendra.

But an Upachaya is NOT a Kona or vice-versa.

So it is easy to separate chaff from the rice.

A Kona Graha in any Upachaya house is par excellence. And that too Lagna lord as Kendra and Kona guy in 3 or 6 or 10 or 11 is great.

Like this one has to understand and then apply the theoretical information to practical use.

Even a drishti of a Kona on a Upachaya house, exemplifies that house significance.

For example : My Makara Lagna Shani (Kona & Kendra) looking at 3rd house (Upachaya) with his drishti becomes beneficial to the 3rd house significance.

Creation time: May 11, 2021 07:03 AM PDT


Question: In astrology, Jupiter transits have been more of a spiritual or energetic joy/high and bliss, where as purely 9th house transits is more focused on learning, studying and applying those teachings. What are your thoughts?

You have touched upon something which is fundamental difference between Mundane and Horoscope Astrology, which many many normal astrologers miss, mix and match for their own ends (predictions).

When you say Jupiter transit in Mundane Astrology, there is no fixed lagna, for prediction, so the characteristics and significance of Guru (Jupiter) is accentuated by its spiritual and bliss which is its innate nature.

When it is a horoscope, the 9th house, is a kartha or karaka for learning, studying and applying those teachings come into play.

But you find 99.99% astrologers will roll out Planet’s characteristics to horoscope prediction and what not.

The subtle understanding and its application and its differentiation, is what one should do, between Mundane and Horoscope predictions.

It is a bane of Indian astrologers - “Assume a Graha’s innate quality and apply it directly to horoscope predictions”.

Your question can also be applied to Shani or Saturn, but that is another Q2A for discussion.

Creation time: May 11, 2021 10:34 PM PDT


Question: How do you predict and benefit from Kendra houses and the Grahas occupying it?

Kendra houses are 1st (which is also a TriKona), 4th, 7th and 10th.

Kendra Houses and its lords are auspicious and represent body and innate nature (1st house), home and mother (4th house), marriage and relationships (7th house) and Social Status (10th house).

4th and 7th are Kendra houses, which makes them powerful influences in one’s life. Read as Mother and Spouse. OMG.

10th is Kendra as well as Upachaya. This makes the 10th house and its occupants very very significant.

That is why the whole of human race and other species, work and work and try to accrue more from the 10th house, which is profession, social status and survival.

So it becomes trivial and fundamental to read Kendra houses to know the most fundamental aspects of a person’s horoscope.

Like this one has to understand and then apply the theoretical information to practical use.

For Example : In my chart, Lagna Makara Shani is in 1st house. Makes this Kendra house most powerful and auspicious.
My 4th house has a Kona Lord Shukra, making it strong and auspicious.
My 7th house lord is in TriKona 5th house, making it auspicious and strong.
My 10th house is looked by its own lord Shukra, from 4th, making it double strong and auspicious.

Creation time: May 14, 2021 11:54 PM PDT


Question: How can I find out Dev or Kuldevi support in his life and that is known from Koondali, Graha and related house and Nakshatra?

Everything has a Start and an End and continuity thereof.

Your Kul Devatha or Devi comes from your Father’s side lineage, traditionally. It is more connected to the gene you carry. But Mother’s side Kul Devatha and Devi also has to be taken into consideration, for happy family life.

There are ways to find from Kundali, using Vimsamsa.

Know more about it


Hope it clarifies your question.

Creation time: May 16, 2021 08:53 PM PDT


Question: How do you predict and benefit from Kona houses and the Grahas occupying it?

Kona or TriKona houses are 1st (which is also a Kendra), 5th and 9th.

Kona Houses and its lords are auspicious and represent body and innate nature (1st house), Love and Children (5th house) and Father, Luck and Religiousness (9th house).

5th is a also Panapara house. A Panapara is kind of guarantee or promise in the future.

9th is also a Apoklima house. Apoklima indicates weakness and becoming less.

1st house being pure Kona and as well Kendra, becomes first class beneficent.

The grahas occupying a Kona house, shows its significance according to its Guna from the horoscope, good or bad.

Like this one has to understand and then apply the theoretical information to practical use.

For Example : In my chart, Lagna Makara Shani is in 1st house. Makes this Kona and Kendra house most auspicious and powerful.
My 5th house has Kendra lord Chandra, making it strong and auspicious.
My 9th house is vacant but looked by its own lord Budha, making it auspicious.

Creation time: May 19, 2021 09:04 PM PDT


Question: Do you also answer questions related to horoscope, astrology?

I do answer to Questions related to Horoscope and Vedic Astrology based on the following

  1. Check whether the OP had contributed to Quora knowledge as Answers in any field.
  2. Check whether the profile is filled and not a bot profile.
  3. See whether the OP Follows me and also Upvoted my Answers.
  4. Just one life question from their horoscope.
  5. Given proper Birth details as DOB, TOB and POB.
  6. Not asking a suggestive question or trying to get a clarification for their own analysis or understanding.
  7. If already answered by some other Quora Astrologer, will check whether upvoted or following that person.
  8. Then If I have the time, I will predict on Quora.
Creation time: May 23, 2021 02:23 AM PDT


Question: What is the present fate of India, as per its republic horoscope?


Name: Republic of India
Date of Birth: 26th Jan 1950
Time of Birth: 10:18 AM IST
Place of Birth - Town, City and Country: New Delhi, India
Chart : Attached below

Life Questions for Prediction: The present fate of India.

Chart Analysis and Prediction
The Vedic horoscope is made according to True Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

With all due respect to Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvathi and to the Gurus of Astrology, I proceed to read this horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique, and using my mathematical model of Agasthiya Nadi.

Government Power (10th house) :

The most powerful house of any chart as per Vedic Horoscope and Astrology is the 10th house. It governs the Profession, Status, Power and very Survival.

In a Country chart, the 10th house represents the Power of the Government.
Here Guru being the 10th house lord as well the lagna lord is placed in an Upachaya house - 11th, which is good. The government strives to augment and help grow its People, under its jurisdiction.

Maraka Budha is sitting in 10th house and that too retrograde (A rare one for Budha). This spoils the thinking of the government. Being retrograde and Budha being a quick thinker, makes “Quick Wrong decisions” and “Slow Right decisions”.

This puts the People of India under a fix and untold sufferings.

Also Budha is a Badaka, this makes the government do “Bad Decisions” and delay “Good decisions”, which makes Indecisive situations. Also sudden timing of these type of decisions puts the People under Stress.

Funnily Budha being kendra Lord, makes India government to think that it has done good initial planning and research, and also in relationship matters with People, But end up confused, overconfident and wrongly timed, because of Budha being retrograde and that too in 10th house.

Also one can note that Budha occupying 10th and the 10th house Guru are in 1/12 position. So Budha harms Guru, the government, with loss of Status, Trust and Power.

Adding to misery, Guru is flanked by Shukra and Surya in 11th house. This spoils any growth by way of fights, wars, diseases and longevity of the Power of elected government.

Sudden Decisions, Upheavals happens to Power structure in bad times.

By birth, The Time Karma is good for India. It means India is destined for good time.

Presently as per Vimshottari Dasha it is Guru Dasha -Shukra Antara is running, from March 2019 till Dec 2021.

A very tough time for the government of India and its People, due to above reasons.

Guru is under the stress from Shukra, its arch enemy, as Both Gurus of Deva and Asura are fighting an ego battle in an Upachaya house, spoiling Power and Happiness of people.

With Surya and Shukra, a dreaded diseases threatening the longevity of the People and Government is there till Dec 2021.

Government has to take proper advice, analyse the pros and cons, hear every bodies advice, including a common man on the street, before implementing any decisions. This is for the whole life of the chart, not just for now.

Remedies :

For the people Mruthyunjaya mantra to protect themselves from the very Power (Government, Disease and Longevity).

Solution :

Adhi Shakthi (Maha Tripura Sundari) Bherunda mantra.

Creation time: May 23, 2021 09:51 AM PDT


Question: What does a planet with a high vimsopaka bala but a maraka indicate?

Vimsopaka Bala of Grahas as per Parasara is as below

So in a way it gives a totem effect value of a Graha in a Horoscope, to ascertain the strength.

A Maraka pertains to the D1 or lagna chart, which is in a way the Totem chart.

A high Vimsopaka Bala of a Maraka planet indicates the same, as Maraka guna.

But the devil is in the details of the divisional charts to predict an event, in its own Amsa Dasha. If it is Maraka Dasha, then according to its bala, it will inflict damage to that amsa-significance of the chart.

Example : If it is Dwadasamsa (D12), then the Maraka in that Amsa-Dasha, will indicate the events pertaining to Parents.

Creation time: Jun 20, 2021 08:40 PM PDT


Question: Is Bhrigu Nadi all about the progression of Jupiter?

There are many misconception about what constitutes a Nadi.

Bhrigu Nandi Nadi is book written by a modern astrologer, Bhrigu Nadi or Bhrigu Samhita is the old text by Sage Bhrigu. Should not mix both.

There is one more Tantra Nadi by B.V.Raman, based on 36 Tantra Nadis, most of them are extinct.

The progression of Guru or Jupiter as 12 years count is used to predict events in one life.

The process is as below

  1. Take for example 7th house lord from Guru’s house. Say from Kumbha, 7th is Surya.
  2. See the placement of this lord, namely Surya. Say it is in Meena.
  3. Count from Kumbha till Meena, including both. It will be 2.
  4. Add this number to multiples of 12.
  5. It will be 12+2 = 14, 26, 38, 50 and so on.
  6. These years will be significant for the houses concerned.

The above type of progression of Jupiter can be applied to all Grahas, to know the year-happening.

Creation time: Jun 26, 2021 07:18 AM PDT


Question: How do you predict love and marriage from different houses and the Grahas occupying it?

The above table summarizes the houses related to that particular significance of Life, namely Love and Marriage.

Prediction for Love and Marriage : A combination of 7th and 5th with 1st lord well placed, signifies Love marriage.
Grahas occupying the above houses decides the outcome.
Timing of these significance is based on Navamsa and its Dasas.
The grahas which add significance for Love marriage is Shukra and Kuja.
Each sign is considered for the type of Love and Marriage, which is given minor importance.

Ask your horoscope predictions and astrological questions, here.

Creation time: Jul 02, 2021 09:36 PM PDT


Question: How do you judge and predict Kemadruma Yoga?

Kemadruma yoga, is one of the most important Yogas formed by Moon.

According to Varahmihir, this Yoga is formed when one house in front and back from the Moon are vacant.

In other words, the second and the twelfth house from the Moon should be vacant so that this Yoga can be formed.

It is also formed when the Moon is not aspect by an auspicious planet or is not in association with an auspicious planet. Rahu and Ketu are not analyzed when we talk about Kemadruma Yoga.

There is a misconception about Kemadruma yoga that it provides a person with a troubled life. Hence, many astrologers believe this yoga to be inauspicious.

Shastras explain a particular chart. They do NOT lay down proper rules for any yoga.
It is a observed fact NOT a true fact.

Each chart is unique with its own ascendant which is again unique.

Kemadruma is from Chandra, which is second to the first, which is ascendant based.

Auspiciousness of a planet mentioned is for Mundane astrology reading.

When applied to a chart, with an ascendant, any or all so called auspicious planets can become evil.

So the definition is self defeating.

Mixing mundane with Chandra and ascendant is wrong.

Assuming auspiciousness just on grahas is far fetching.


Look for the position of grahas from Chandra.

Also look at 6th and 8th from Chandra for Grahas.

Take the ascendant and classify the grahas.

Then read the chart, for Poverty which is Kemadruma.

Adhi Yoga

If not the position of Grahas from Chandra creates "Adhi Yoga" which is excellent and great.

Steve Hora's post in Steve Hora, Jyotish - Free Horoscope Predictions

Creation time: Jul 06, 2021 09:06 AM PDT


Question: What is the use of Bhrigu Bindu and how can we find out this and give a greater condition or future condition? How do we read this in native life?
Creation time: Aug 02, 2021 09:05 PM PDT


Question: What kind of husband will I get if I get married? I was born on March 25, 1987 at 6:35 am in Muddebihal, Karnataka.

Name: Roshni Mehta
Date of Birth: March 25, 1987
Time of Birth: 6:35 am
Place of Birth (Town, City and Country): Muddebihal, Karnataka, India
Life Questions for Prediction: What kind of husband will I get if I get married? I was born on March 25, 1987 at 6:35 am in Muddebihal, Karnataka.

Chart Analysis
Your Vedic horoscope is made according to True Lahiri Ayanamsa (Chitra paksha), using sidereal solar years of 360, Vimshottari Dasha.

With all due respect to Lord Shiva and Lordess Parvathi and to the Gurus of Astrology, I proceed to read your birth horoscope as per Parasara system and Timing using Vimshottari Dasha system and Samaya Amsa or Kaala timing technique, and using my mathematical model of Agasthiya Nadi.

Your Vedic Horoscope

Guru, Surya and Rahu are combined in lagna.
Rahu-Ketu axis is cutting the 1st and 7th house.
Guru-Chandala dosha is present.
Budha is combination with Shukra.
These above doshas are not conducive for marriage itself.
If you get married, the husband will be a narcissist and separation will occur.
Doshas can be removed and right time can be chosen for proper marriage.

I am accurate with my own astrological algorithm based on Samaya Amsa.
लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनोभवन्तु

Creation time: Aug 07, 2021 09:55 PM PDT


Question: In which parts of India and the world do people still know the tantric art and science of making Yantras? Where can I get an authentic consecrated Yantra for myself?

The geometry of Yantra is what defines the science of making it.

You can get from any part of the world, not India only.

An authentic consecration for yourself, the Shri Yantra, will be authentic, if it is customized for you.

Mantra, Yantra and Tantra go together, and for customization, the horoscope details are also needed.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: Aug 11, 2021 07:05 AM PDT


Question: Why are Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune increasingly being considered in Vedic charts? On what criteria would that be a fruitful practice in contemporary Vedic astrology?
Creation time: Aug 24, 2021 02:14 AM PDT


Question: How can the specific time of a happening or incident of a native's life be told from the horoscope?

Time, as we sense, is embedded inside the horoscope as Dasha.

There are many dashas to tell or predict a happening or event or incident in a native’s life.

Each dasha claims for itself as good for many reasons and for particular events in a person’s life.

Rashi or D1 chart is used to calculate from Moon’s position and Generic predictions are there in any text or website.

It gives, how your mind will perceive, the events, as it unfolds in your life, after the event had happened, and NOT the exact event, before.

There, I differ and use the same Vimshottari dasha differently to Calculate, which is math.

In this way the rashi-houses, the graha, and nakshatras are mapped as per 120 years life cycle to predict the life event.

Creation time: Aug 26, 2021 06:17 AM PDT


Question: What is the significance of the Moon, its placement in a Rashi, in a Nakshatra, and in a Navamsa?

Moon or Chandra is the signifier of the Mind and gives Mental ability to a person.

Moon is also the nearest satellite or Graha to Earth.

Being a Graha which means Pulls or Effects, Moon plays an important role in many of the natural cycles of weather, ovulation, and lunar affectations.

In Vedic Astrology, prime importance is given to it, with equal importance to Sun and Ascendant.

If Sun is Father, Moon is Mother in mundane interpretations of Vedic Astrology.

As Moon travels the sky it goes to different Rashis or Moon Signs. Each Sign has been assigned to different planets or Graha, which changes the affectation of the Moon accordingly. Accordingly the significance.

If say Moon is in Vrishabha or Taurus, it will be influenced by Shukra or Venus at the sign level.

With finer divisions of Nakshatra, which define the karmic aspect of one’s life, the Nakshatra Lord plays an important role at that level.

If say Chandra is in Krithika Nakshatra of Vrishabha Rashi, then Surya or Sun will have its impact on this person at this level.

The Rashis are divided into nine equal parts of Navamsa pada and get distributed to all the signs, then Chandra gets a different power or significance.

If say Chandra is in Krithika Pada 3, then it goes into Kumbha or Aquarius Navamsa, which makes Moon get Shani’s significance to it.

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Question: What is the significance of a planet, its placement in a Rashi, in a Nakshatra, and in a Navamsa?

Graha means Pulls or Effects. Any Graha is too far off, to really affect in any physical or metaphysical way.

The nearest satellite or Graha which is Moon or Chandra has its nakshatra position as above.

In Vedic Astrology, prime importance is given to Chandra, with equal importance to Sun and Ascendant.

When we say for example Shani is sitting in Sravana nakshatra, which is owned by Chandra, Shani is in a way telling that, it can act according to the karmic way of Chandra. So accordingly Shani’s influence on the horoscope gets modified based on its Rashi placement, it's Nakshatra and Navamsa placement.

Read more for Moon affectation, as below

Steve Hora's answer to What is the significance of the Moon, its placement in a Rashi, in a Nakshatra, and in a Navamsa?

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Question: Why do vedic softwares give out drastically different results? DOB is March 16, 1985, 3:00 AM, Florence (Italy). Is the lagna Sagittarius (Moola / P. Ashada), or Scorpio (Jyeshta)? Is Moon in Makara (U.Shada 2) or in Dhanu (U.Shadha 1)?

I use Jagannatha Hora software, with Ayanamsa as True Lahiri / Chitra Paksha.

It is 23 degrees 38 minutes 5 sec for the given DOB.

Check the positions of Lagna and Moon, as below.

The calculation method of the position of planetary objects and ayanamsa makes differences.

I use the best software for my best predictions, so no worries.

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Question: Are the lessons/results of the Atmakaraka only inherent to the nature of the planet that functions as AK, or are they also dependent on the rashi and house where the AK is placed at birth?

Well in the Jaimini system, an Atmakaraka, as it implies deals with the Soul or Atma.

And in doing so it becomes the Leader of the pack of Grahas. Due to which it is assigned a Role or Karaka of Atma.

The nature of a planet in any system does give a coloring, it Does Not or Cannot dictate its own Inherent Nature.

Some carry it too far like Sun is the Natural Atmakaraka and its implications, which is reading too much into the very definition of Karaka.

An AK sitting in a Rashi or House has more say than the very nature of AK planet.

Also, the Karaka-Amsa plays an important role in the very Karaka of the Jaimini system.

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Question: How do I read Nakshatra, signs, and houses together to make a prediction from a Vedic horoscope?

Houses define the significance of a horoscope.

Signs of each house tells about the nature of that house.

The nakshatra in which the Graha (Planet) is placed, tells the acquired quality of the Graha, due to its placement in that nakshatra.

All these three things are interlinked, in such a way it defines the very grammar for a prediction. The noun, adjective, adverb, pronoun, subject, predicate, and object defines the prediction.

When reading, one should NOT consider any natural relationship of planets, that is absurd. Anything has to be read as per that particular horoscope.

Some would say Surya is a natural karaka for Father and apply ad-literatim to any chart, which is absurd.

And if Sun is sitting in Shani nakshatra, is an inimical planet, so the prediction, which is again absurd.

And Sun sitting Shani's house, so a bad prediction is again absurd.

One has to analyze and synthesize according to Sun, its nakshatra, sign, and the house according to that particular horoscope.

The planet sitting in a house, reveals itself, according to the nature of the house, Sign and the nakshatra.

And Time to reveal its nature does not depend on any logical analysis with the house or Sign or Nakshatra.

Like saying Surya is in Shani house and in the nakshatra of Shani, so Love with a rich girl, will happen in an upscale restaurant, in Shani Dasha Surya Antara, which is absurd.

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Question: What combinations in a horoscope show extraordinary intuitive ability and amazing siddhis especially the making of accurate predictions?

You should read my Quora profile to know that, wherein, my horoscope reading by myself is done.

Yogakaraka, Lagnathipathi, Chandra, Surya, Rahu should be well placed.

Yogakaraka helps to delve deep into any subject, one is destined with great interest.

Lagnathipathi by birth karma gives that brain and mind to know and tell exactly as true and accurate prediction.

My Lagnathipathi Shani in Lagna with Ketu. So Shani tells the karmic thing of Vedic astrology with clarity from the horoscope, with gnana or wisdom of Ketu.

Chandra’s position and power should be of the highest order to have compassion and the mental and intuitive ability to gauge the factors in a horoscope.

My Chandra is exalted in 5th.

Surya’s position gives the courage to predict someone’s life with great insight and courage to do that.

My Surya is in 3rd, to give that courage.

A good Rahu’s position gives that uncanny ability to find the secrets and negative aspects in a horoscope, which is a must to know the fault lines and negativity in a chart.

My Rahu in 7th gives that reflective way to find the inner truths in a horoscope.

Budha’s position helps the astrologer to do fundamental research in the astrology itself, to find the missing links in predictive and mundane astrology.

My Budha is looking at his own 9th house, to give research and mathematical brain to deduct any truth.

My Yogakaraka, Lagnathipathi, Chandra, Surya, Rahu, and Budha are well placed for Astrology.

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Question: Is it possible to have Rahu/Ketu conjunction in a divisional chart?

Let us take today’s chart (31st Oct 2021).

In Vimsamsa (D-20), for example, you find Rahu-Ketu ‘conjunct’ in Vrishabha Rashi.

Does that mean the following

  1. That this divisional chart or any chart can be considered as a chart by itself and use all the axioms and rules that apply to D-1 or lagna or rashi chart.
  2. Or is it the yogas of conjunct and drishtis of D-1 applicable to divisional charts

The Answer is No.

So Rahu-Ketu is not conjunct, rather they are parallel in the same sign in a particular divisional chart.

As an analogy, let us consider there are two parallel roads running between two places, and two cars on each road, traveling and at the same place in between. It means they are running parallel separated by a distance but in the same sign or place or range.

So only a significance can be attached to Rahu or Ketu separately, that being, affecting that sign, not ‘conjunctly’. Period.

There goes down much fallacy of divisional charts, read as in D-1 or yogas in it and ‘conjunct’ theories.

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Question: What does Rahu Ketu conjunction mean in divisional charts? How is it related with past birth relating to that particular house?
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Question: What are the reasons and why yogas listed in Vedic astrology texts, if found in a horoscope, is not manifesting?

For yoga to manifest, first the definition as defined in the astrological texts should be read, understood, and then applied to a horoscope.

  1. The yoga forming Graha(s) should be analyzed for its position, strength, and its Drishti.
  2. To which houses this yoga pertains also should be taken into account.
    Example: If it is Dhana yoga, then it pertains to 2nd, 11th, and 9th.
  3. What this grahas and houses signify for this yoga has to be analyzed.
  4. Then the definition of yoga should be cross-checked for the above positions, houses, and lords.


Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga is when a planet is debilitated or weak instead of giving bad results, becomes good.

One has to understand this yoga first.

and its debilitated power gets cancelled and starts giving good results.

The cancellation happens by the depositor who is a Lord of a house, a Graha, and the position of his.

So it is a positional shift, which is just Energy and Space, NOT Time.

So Neecha Banga is yoga that can happen anytime or ever-present. As in the case of Master Batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

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Question: What is the Shani planet and its significance?

Shani or Saturn is one of the farthest planets or Graha of our Solar system.

Due to which it is cold, isolated, and just the opposite of Surya or Sun which is hot.

So significance at a metaphysical level in Vedic astrology with lonely, cold in behavior and not conducive for life.

Shani takes roughly 30 solar years to go around the Sun, and by observation, patterns and behaviors in a person’s life as seen from the horoscope.

The patterns were repetitive and so a karmic significance is attached to Shani, and that was extrapolated between births.

In a way, Shani takes care of the Karmic cycle of birth, death, Karma as Punya and Papa.

Shani is inimical to Surya, but Surya is not. This is explained by the story of Shani as the stepson of Surya, born to Chaya (Shade) of Sun.

Due to this Shani hates Surya, but Surya bestows good vibes towards Shani as a father.

He represents longevity, determination, losses, accidents renunciation, prosperity, lunacy, servants, and death in a horoscope. He also represents oil, black color, disease, lunacy, toddy sellers, iron merchants, thieves, litigations, and jailhouses.

By observation, Shani had been given the above significance, based on many horoscopes, which can be debated also.

Shani rules Makara and Kumbha, exalted in Thula and debilitated in Mesha.

Shani does not like hot planets, especially Mars or Kuja.

In Makara of Shani’s house, Kuja is exalted but debilitated in Mesha of Kuja house.

So Shani’s arch-enemy is Kuja, due to the above disrespect of Kuja.

Shani is more powerful than any other planet including Guru or Jupiter. But less powerful than Surya.

In a horoscope, if Shani is well placed, he bestows riches and fame.

Shani is in his own house Makara with friend Ketu, and in Lagna, for me. He bestowed me with gnana and karmic yoga to my mind or brain, to find the truth behind this karmic subject namely Vedic Astrology.

So be it. Tathaastu.

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Question: How do I map astrology with different aspects of life and a person's activity?

One may think and act as if Astrology is Not connected to their life.

See below the list and mapping to houses to know.

The Planets or Grahas in each house give a different context and meaning to the above characteristics.
With that yogas are formed by a single graha or a combination of two or many.
Also, the natural quality of a graha gives coloring to the house, not its innate characteristics. Most astrologers make sweeping statements and make blunders in predictions.
Example : Guru in 1st house is good.
Not necessarily. There are other parameters to consider before declaring or predicting Guru’s effect in 1st or whichever house.

So be it. Tathaatsu.

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Question: Is Earth part of astrology, I can't find anything about this on Google?

In the above picture, the line between Kataka or Cancer (Crab) and Simha or Leo (Lion) is Earth. Can call it as Earth-Line.

In Vedic Astrology, Sun and Moon are Father and Mother of Earth. The measurements of Grahas are made with reference to Earth, so it is called GeoCentric.

As one moves from this Earth-line, the houses are assigned according to the distance from Leo or Sun.
So the sequence of houses, namely Budha, Shukra, Kuja, Guru, and lastly Shani

From now on Google will index this answer to connect Earth with Vedic Astrology. No worries.

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Question: Is there any significance of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune in astrology?
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Question: What would be the response for free astrology predictions, and why?

On Quora, it is a knowledge-sharing portal as Q2A, as described by Quora itself.

Free Astrology Prediction is Not sharing of knowledge on this subject.

But Questioners ask for free prediction on Quora, which is of use to them Only and not for general use.

Each person wants Individual justification and confirmation for oneself about the truth in Horoscope reading, and that too by asking for free predictions.

It would be taken for granted as free, and for fun.

And would not be taken seriously by them, as the intention is itself will be under question in the first place.

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Question: What is "prasna"? How does it work?
  • Prasna or Horary Astrology is one of the six branches of Vedic Astrology.

Other branches namely are

  • Kundali or Jathakam or Natal Astrology,
  • Muhurta or Electional astrology
  • Nimitta or Omen interpretation,
  • Gola or Astronomical study.
  • Ganita or Astronomical math.

Ashtamangala Prasna is practiced widely in Kerala.

It uses 108 cowries or shells to predict the Past, Present, and Future of the question or Prashan asked.

The cowries are divided randomly into three parts or piles.

Each pile is counted off as multiples of 8 and the remainder is taken.

If the remainder is zero, 8 cowries are taken.

The 3 remainders from Left to Right, are the Past, Present, and Future of the question asked.

Odd numbers are good, even numbers are bad.

A horoscope is made for the exact time of the question as asked by the questioner and predictions made based on the house to which question pertains, lord, Grahas, and Drishtis on that house, ruling nakshatra, etc.

Prasna Marga is good in itself and divine and NOT a replacement of Kundali, which is based on the karma of the person.

Without a good Astrological Guru and Guru Dakshina, Prasna will not be fruitful.

So be it, Tathaastu.

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Question: My sister’s DOB is 07 Dec 1993 Dalsingh Sarai (Bihar) at 06:04 am. When will she get married?

The first house is crowded with Grahas namely Surya, Budha, Rahu, Shukra, and Kuja. Ketu is sitting in the 7th house.

But the time has come for marriage. Before Sept 2023, the marriage will happen as Shukra is directly looking at his own house.

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Question: How do you correlate the Tara chakra, Navamsa, and the Vimshottari Dasha system?

Tara or Nakshatra Chakra is based on Janma, Sampat, Vipat, Kshema, Pratyari, Sadhaka, Naidhana, Mitra, Ati-Mitra, a count from Janma Nakshatra as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9.

Navamsa is a division of each of Nakshatra’s 4 parts called pada of 3 degrees and 20 minutes.

Vimshottari Dasha system is based on the birth nakshatra remaining Dasha period and consequent nakshatra lord periods.

Sage SathyAchariya talks about the details of Nav-Tara Chakra. But does not connect it with Navamsa or Vimshottari.

Later modern authors had connected Tara and Vimshotari together for ascertaining the good or bad effects of different Dashas based on nav-tara. It is possible, but this in itself per se Does NOT help in predicting an event. The reasons are many, namely,

  • The nakshatra is NOT the house lord or the Graha itself, directly.
  • The Tara sequence is numerical, but not the time in Vimshottari.
  • Based on only Chandra, is not fully qualified, as Chandra is itself is a Graha.

So Tara Chakra can give an indication, but cannot decide or delineate the time for the event.

As such Tara Chakra is effective in transit, horary, and mundane predictions.

Navamsa is more connected to Rashi or Lagna chart to delineate the karma of each house or Graha.

Nakshatra is the key to the timing of events.

The key secret is how one connects a Graha, Nakshatra Lord, and House lord with Vimshottari Dasha Lord, for prediction of events.

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Question: What are some must-read books of Alan Leo?

The best book of Alan Leo is

How to Judge a Nativity and The Art of Synthesis.


William Frederick Allan was called the father of modern western astrology.

His travel to India, and his association with Theosophical Society, at Chennai erstwhile Madras, to learn Our Vedic Astrology, is a known fact.

He was fined by the Church for practicing Astrology and died due to the trauma due to the case.

He did however accept the interwoven concept of Birth, Death, and Karma, and its connectivity to Vedic Horoscope.

Some or many western astrologers who claim as practicing Sidereal Vedic Astrology are still not able to digest the Ayanamsa and Start of Aries with equal houses of Vedic.

The new trend is Sidereal Western Astrology with zero ayanamsa, which is NOT Sidereal at all. Self-delusioned and a preoccupying mania of grandeur of imposing western things on India, Hinduism and its sciences.

Vedic stands out with its Nakshatras, Varga charts, Dasha system with “Start of Aries” fixing the karmic pattern from previous births, with an equal house system, to make Varga or harmonics or Amsa charts, perfect for prediction.

Western Astrology has its own place to analyze Only psychology and Free Will.

So be it. Tathaatsu.

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Question: If natural malefic planet become functional benefic in chart, under what circumstances that planet can still gives bad results?

Naturally Malefic planets mean by nature they are malefic or bad.

That does NOT make them malefic for any chart.

A chart is more governed by the Functional Benefic and Functional Malefic. Period.

A Natural Malefic planet can be a Functional Benefic based on a chart’s ascendant and its placement.

So one can safely say, or generalize that there is No correlation of Malefic or Benefic qualities which affect a particular chart.

One has to look first for the Functional Benefic and Malefic first in a chart, and how these have turned good or bad based on placement.

If in a chart a Functional Benefic is a Malefic planet, it is good.

In its period, it will give for sure good results.

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Question: What can you simply predict if one has Sun and Mars in Aquarius in the D9/Navamsa chart?

Navamsa or D9 is an Amsa of Rasi or Lagna chart for an equal house system.

Amsa means a “Significance Of” D1 chart.

So Navamsa cannot be analyzed in isolation and without a D1 chart.

The question is ‘By parts”, not ‘As a Whole’, a horoscope is a whole thing.

Putting together parts as answers Do not make a thing Whole. It loses the sanctity of the question itself.

Given the benefit of doubt to the OP, the following is my take on this

  1. Navamsa Lagna is not known.
  2. Ruler of Aquarius, Shani's position is not known.
  3. Sun and Mars are great friends to be in an enemy’s house, which makes them awkward.
  4. So the prediction will be the significance of what Sun and Mars are capable of will become awkward, as per their ownership and Lagna in Navamsa.
  5. The secret of analysis is in the Pada of Navamsa.
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Question: Which combination of Varga-Shadvarga, Saptavarga, Dasavarga, and Shodashvarga; to consider to analyse Vimshopak Bal, in astrology?
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Question: Why are there more natural malefics than natural benefics & why do natural malefics have more aspects than natural benefics? Does it mean people are meant to have more suffering in their lives?

The question is an oxymoron in itself.

Natural Malefics or Benefics are the Actual Nature of Grahas or Planets as per Vedic Astrology.

According to a particular horoscope, these definitions get modified, so their aspects.

So to say Shani can be first-class Benefic for a Taurus/Vrishabha lagna. Does it mean Shani as a Natural Malefic with its aspect on 3rd and 10th is malefic. Not so.

So your understanding is questionable and falsified.

Suffering can be due to Natural Benefics also.

As in my case Guru is Malefic, and sitting in 2nd house, is spoiling my right eye only. So I do praichitha to Guru, by way of spending money and energy to correct this suffering, which is nothing but a modern remedy. So be it. Tathatsu.

So suffering in Life can be by any planet or graha. Period.

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Question: How will Rahu transit into Mesha in March 2022 affect the different Rashi or Moon sign?

Rahu, the Dragon Head, and Ketu, the Dragon Tail together transit as an axis.

On March 17th 2022, Rahu moved from Vrishabha (Taurus) to Mesha (Aries, and Ketu transit from Vrishika (Scorpio) to Thula (Libra) Sign or Rashi.

Rahu and Ketu as a pair move anti-clockwise in opposition with other Grahas (Planets).

The transit of these two Grahas has great significance, equivalent to the transit of Guru and Shani.

Rahu and Ketu are enemies of Surya and Chandra. So both affect the Moon sign or Rashi, Sun sign, and also the ascendant.

Only the Rashi results are published in all newspapers and magazines, as Moon gets easily affected.

I will update each Rashi in the comment section, so it would be easy for each reader to correlate to their own Rashis.

Rahu is a friend of Guru, Shukra, and Shani. Chandra, Kuja, and Surya are enemies of Rahu. Budha is neutral to Rahu.

Ketu is a friend of Kuja, Shukra and Shani. Budha and Guru are neutral. Chandra, Kuja, and Surya are enemies.

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Question: Why is the Vargottama planet considered to be in a very powerful state?

Varga + Uttama = Vargottama.

A Graha (Planet) when placed in lagna chart in a particular sign / rashi and as well in a particular Varga / Harmonics / Amsa chart like Navamsa or any other, then that graha is said to be Vargottama state.

As it is the same sign or rashi occupied by this planet, so it becomes powerful.

Given that in a chart, vargottama plays an important role, when its time comes as per Vimshottari Dasha for the graha or house.

The benefits accrued due to above is immense, provided the said graha is a benefic. If not suffering will be there, if malefic.

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Question: How can I get in touch with you for a detailed analysis of mine and family horoscopes?

You can read my profile at Quora, to know contact details

Steve Hora

DOB, TOB and POB, and life questions are necessary for a detailed analysis of horoscopes.

Creation time: Apr 30, 2022 05:58 PM PDT


Question: Can one customize the Lo Shu grid according to Vedic astrology, for one's own horoscope, for overall growth?

The standard Lo Shu grid is as below.

The above can be modified to suit different grahas at the center, as below.

Like for example, if different planet grids are needed, then it will be as below.

for the planet number’s as below

The above is still generic for a given planet.

If one knows the placement of each graha in each house, then a customized Lo Shu grid for a particular horoscope can be made for overall benefit, wherein all numbers will be attracted to this unique grid of a particular person.

Creation time: May 02, 2022 04:01 AM PDT


Question: If the moon is yoga karak in the chart but placed in the 6th house and weak, is it recommended to wear pearl?

I need to clear once for all, what remedies are all about.

That said, each and every graha can cause a dosha.

For example KendraAdhiPathiya Dosha, is one which is due to, too much positivity or overconfidence, which leads to failure.

Every dosha due to drishti, placement, type of graha needs a remedy.

A remedy is NOT a Lal Kitab kind of remedy, which will not solve your problem.

A remedy should be physical, psychological, mental and spiritual. If so then that Bad karma called Pappa can be nullfied, modified, postponed. Or else suffered or enjoyed.

In this question Moon as Yoga karak is in 6th and weak. How it is weak, is not told.

Moreso just wearing a Pearl will not solve the problem, unless and until the dosha due to Moon is cleaned and then made powerful by wearing a Pearl.

Or it will be like eating without cleaning our hands, with No benefits.

So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: May 06, 2022 01:00 AM PDT


Question: What is Russia's future as per Vedic astrology?

Above is Russia’s horoscope with Magha nakshatra, Simha Rashi and Mithuna lagna.

Magha nakshatra denotes Ruling Class. Simha Rashi as a proud nation with so much history circling around it.

Mithuna lagna with Ketu in it, makes Russia a smart, very intelligent, tough with no emotions attached, as Budha is in Vrishichika rashi, with Kuja in his own house.

Engages with friends and enemies, in the same way as above.

Shani is in own house of 8th, makes it democratic, but looking with a bad eye at 10th, makes it autocratic and left oriented in governance.

Chandra and Guru combined in 3rd, makes it fight with neighbhors for its rightful land and power. Chandra being Maraka, with Guru, makes it go for war with neigbhors, to grab more power for itself.

More so Surya sitting in 7th looking at lagna and not in sync with Budha, makes its relationships a sour point.

Using Vimshottari Dasa and Samaya Amsa, the present problems is due to Budha and it will continue till Nov 2022.

From Dec 2022 till Jan 2024, good sense will prevail, to solve the present crisis.

Creation time: May 24, 2022 09:35 PM PDT


Question: What would be current prediction as per Ukraine's horoscope in Vedic astrology?

Below is the vedic horoscope of Ukraine.

The lagna lord Guru is well placed in Simha with Surya, but with Budha and Shukra, both grahas are NOT good.

There are enemies within its country, who are friends with its enemies. So the problem.

Moreso Kuja is in Kanya Rashi, which weakens its government and economy. Losses happen.

Rahu-Ketu axis flanks 1st and 7th house, creating relationship problems with other countries and its own reflective image about oneself.

Shani being retrograde is with Chandra in 2nd house spoiling wealth of the country. Neighbors are bend upon destroying it.

Misplaced trust and relationships with neighboring countries exploit it in the name of extending help. It is better to trust its enemies than its friends, but alas that is not the case. This is due to Shani and Guru NOT in sync position.

As per Tamil Nadi house count, it is running 31st year. Presently Kuja is destroying the country with a war.

As per Vimshottari and Samaya Amsa, this war will continue till August 2022, and the aftermath consequences will go on till July 2023.

There is a proverb in Tamil “ சாட்சிக்காரன் காலில் விழுவதை விட
சண்டைக்காரன் காலில் விழுவது மேல்” meaning, “ It is better to fall at the feat of the enemy than at the supporters”.

Shukra in this horoscope is the culprit for spoiling Guru. Ukraine should start talks with Russia to solve its problems.

But Karma has its own ways. So be it. Tathaastu.

Creation time: May 27, 2022 10:32 PM PDT


Question: What is 22 Drekkana?

The 22nd Drekkana is the most dreaded one in a horoscope of a person or country.

To learn more about Drekkana, check this youtube video.


Creation time: Jun 01, 2022 09:32 PM PDT


Question: Do astrology questions get answered on Quora? Why does nobody seem to be answering questions about astrology?

This question is about astrology questions.

Personal Horoscope predictions cannot become a question. If so that is consultation, a personnel service, which as per Quora privacy is not allowed.

If you ask an astrology question of generic nature, it maybe answered.

Hope this helps.

Creation time: Jun 05, 2022 08:17 PM PDT


Question: What is the Vedic Mundane Astrological correlation for the present (2022) world politics? Does Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune, which are not Vedic Grahas, play a role?

Below is the chart of Russia Ukraine war.

An event triggers another event, consecutively in world politics.

An event can be analysed using Vedic Astrology's Mundane predictions.

The event is the annoucement of waging a war by Russia on Ukraine, on 24th Feb 2022, 8-10 AM, Moscow time.

A clearcut Rahu-Ketu axis engulfing all the planets creating a Kaala-Sarpa Dosha/Yoga.

Technically Rahu and Ketu represent the point of intersection of the Surya and the Chandra's orbit.

They are also called the north (Dragon Head) and the south lunar (Dragon Tail) nodes.

All planets are powerless due to the Rahu-Ketu axis rotating in anti-clockwise, against other planets.

Rahu being the dragon head, had swallowed all planets of their powers.

Extra Saturarian planets or Grahas, namely Pluto called as Yama, Uranus as Aruna and Neptune as Varuna are also within Rahu-Ketu axis.

This is a very unique combination, where the fate of Earthlings is decided by the Earthlings itself (Aka by their own fate or call it their own self-instigated free will).

The ascendant of Earth is between Kataka sign (ruled by Chandra) and Simha sign(ruled by Surya) in Vedic astrology, signifying the two types of dynasties (politics) that can rule any country namely Surya and Chandra Vamsh.

Both Chandra and Surya are caught between their worst inimical enemies namely Rahu-Ketu.

So All countries will be affected by this war-event.

The lagna has no benefic drishti nor malefic ones. This brings stagnation and will NOT escalate into a global war.

Surya and Guru in event-lagna will self-contain this war.

Surya and Shani are NOT in sync, so fight occurs between Anarchic and Democratic powers.

Due to which the poltical powers and people suffer.

Shukra is in enemy's house of Guru.

Kuja is in friend's house of Guru.

Shani is in his own house with Budha.

Surya is in enemy's house of Shani.

Guru is in friend's house of Shani.

Chandra is in enemy's house with enemy Ketu.

Each country is ruled by a Drekkana (Decans) owned by Agastya or Naraadha or Dhurvasa.

For the above horoscope, the drekkana chart is as below.

One can find Guru-Surya, Kuja-Shukra and Chandra are Vargottama in Rashi and Drekkana charts.

This indicates that there will be a collision of countries based on their own political-drekkana, and will respond accordingly to this event.

For example, Countries with Drekkana ruled by Shani and Chandra, will keep away from joining sides.

Countries with Drekkana ruled by Kuja and Shukra will join together, and same by Guru-Surya.

Drekkana ruled by Chandra, namely India, will not join sides, but will come under critisicm due to Ketu joining Chandra.

Pluto called as Yama in Vedic Astrology is in Naraadha drekkana, bringing about distrust and war.

Uranus in Mesha, plays an important role as the provocateur, the bringer of the cosmic wake-up call, for both individuals and the collective as a whole. Just when we relax into our comfortable, stable lives, Uranus disrupts the scene.

Uranus or Aruna is in Agastya drekkana, brings a wake-up call to the governments and people, for their misbehaviors.

Varuna or Neptune is in Naraadha drekkana and the lord of Seas creates climatic conditions to teach a lesson.

Take away

The war will bring different complex alignments and associations between countries, which will be confusing to any.

The war will not escalate into a fullfledged one, and time will level it out.

Mars or Kuja will move out of Rahu-Ketu axis around Aug-Sep 2022, to ease up the war, and bring the countries to the negotiation table.

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Question: Does someone know a site where I can get a full accurate reading of my natal chart by a professional?

Quora is that web site.

How to know a professional astrologer for a full accurate of your natal chart?

  1. The astrologer should have vast knowledge, written and well-read about the subject on Internet - own website, Quora and Discord, and other sites.
  2. Should have predicted and interpreted current world trends and happenings.
  3. Be among the best to give life guidance with remedies of physical, mental, psychological and spiritual ways.

If the above criteria are satisfied, which you would come to know only from a knowledge portal like Quora site., then that is your answer to your question.

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Question: What happens if Atmakaraka Mars in Vishaka Nakshatra for a Sagittarius ascendant?

Question: What happens if Atmakaraka Mars in Vishaka Nakshatra for a Sagittarius ascendant?

Answer: Atmakaraka means the Jaimini system. In Jaimini, the Grahas are delineated by their degree-minute position for Karakathwa.

Nakshatra division in Vedic Astrology is an approximation, compared to the degree-minute position.

So the question loses its sanctity, to know the effect of Atmakaraka in a particular nakshatra.

Atmakaraka in a way supersedes Ascendant, and ascendant loses context.

So the data is absurd and insufficient.

Analysing Atmakaraka with KarakaAmsa with Chara Dasa system (Parasara) is the right way in Jaimini system.

In that also, I prefer the original Narayana Dasa (Sama).

The metaphysical mapping of each Jaimini karakas, for a horoscope prediction using Karakamsa and Narayana Dasa is an elaborate one, to cover in this particular answer.

Creation time: Jun 25, 2022 07:47 PM PDT


Question: What does Virat Kohli's horoscope say about his current form?

Rahu is in 3rd house with Shani in the 1st house, which makes him a great sports person using his hand, body and right eye. Mars (Kuja) as 12th house lord in 4th helps his left-eye to co-ordinate his body, hand to eye co-ordination the best.

Alas!, his Guru is in bad house and retrograde, so in bad times, he loses his concentration and previously learned skills.

More so Rahu and Shani make him a fitness freak, but in bad times these grahas make the body and hand stiff, and he loses his smooth movement, which hinders his batting.

Shani and Budha being Maraka, in bad times spoils his high position and demotes him.

Presently he is running Rahu Mahadasa and Shukra Antara (Bhukthi). Converting this time period into Nadi or Samaya Amsa, bad time continue till Nov 2022.

He can wait till the above time, correct the fitness according to cricket requirements and go out to bat.

The dosha of Guru has to be remedied for that.

Creation time: Jul 12, 2022 11:49 PM PDT


Question: What is the astrological prediction for the Republic of Sri Lanka for the present situation?

Below is the chart of “Republic of Sri Lanka”.

Lagna lord Surya is placed in 10th, creating a kendra dosha. Due to which, too much overconfidence in matters of governance, leading to problems.

Surya combined with Shani, is in a planetary war with the masses. People of Sri Lanka suffer at the hands of the elected government and vice versa.

Chandra is in 2nd house, depleting wealth of the nation, as Chandra is 12th lord. Too far away country, had spoiled the country with bad investments and its finances.

Nearby neigbhour represented by Shukra is helpful and benefits accrue from India.

Rahu in 6th house, brought unknown disease which affected Shani, the masses, and hindered the government coffers and administration, due to Shani with Surya.

Guru even if in own house is retrograde, bringing bad name to itself, and Guru being 8th house lord does not help for the longevity of this very Republic chart. It will undergo changes.

Presently Sri Lanka is running Guru Mahadasa and Chandra Antara (Bhukthi). Bad time started from March 2020 and continues till March 2030.

Unless the governing structure is not changed constitutionally, there is no solution to this Banana Republic.

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Question: Can some people bring us luck in our life? Is it possible to find out astrologically, and if so, how do you delineate it from horoscopes?

It is possible to find out astrologically, find whether people can bring us luck in our life, and it can be delineated it from horoscopes.

There are many methods as below.

Nakshatra Chakra

Take your nakshatra and count till the nakshatra of the other person.

Find from below table, which Tara Bala it is.

If the count is 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 it is good, 2 being the best, for them bring luck into your life.

From Moon sign

If the Moon sign of the other person is in 5th or 9th, in your horoscope, it is auspicious for you.

From Horoscopes

If the 9th house lord of the person is in a good position chart in your chart, then that person will be lucky to you.

If your own 9th house lord is in kendra or well placed, you can consider yourself as lucky.

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Question: What is Yogini Dasha in astrology?

Yogini Dasa

There are 64 (8*8) yoginis in Vedic Astrology and Hindu mythology, which are interconnected.

The Yogini Dasha excludes Ketu OR considers Rahu & Ketu as one unit. So the other eight grahas are assigned each yogini.

The 8 Yogini dashas are Mangala, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha and Sankata.

Each Yogini is assigned to each Janma Nakshatra.

The 3 sets of 9 nakshatras are assigned 36 years each, making the total to 108 years, which correspond to 108 navamsa padas.

The assignment of each yogini dasha is misleading in many softwares.

I had done fundamental research and changed to proper sequence, with all other parameters same as per classical texts.

The calculation is as below

Take the janma nakshatra, and its nakshatra, get the reminder deg-min of Moon's position in janma.

Convert this deg-min to years as per changed sequence of dasha years with respect to janma nakshtra.

Add the other yogini dasha following the janma reminder dasha.

Map the yogini dasha lord to lord of house in D1 chart and predict the event 100% accurately.

Yogini dasha is a tantric dasha taught by The Lord Shiva itself.

Based on the running dasha, if one performs the tantric Shiva pujas as per that Yogini and Bhairava, and pray to Lord Shiva, one gets relief from Papa and get Health, Wealth, Prosperity and Peace.

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Question: What is Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra? How do you use it in Mundane and for personal horoscope transit predictions?

Nakshatra Sanghatta Chakra

This is a special arrangement of the 27 nakshatras in a tri-angular format, as in below diagram.

Number 1 represents Aswini and it goes till Revati, the 27th nakshatra.

For a particular day of a Mundane happening like example, declaration of war by Russia, the position of Grahas are noted in the above numbers as per their nakshatra positions.

This above procedure can be done for a horoscope or to analyse transit on a particular day.

Diagonal and horizontal lines connecting different numbers indicate Veda or Sanghatta, between the Grahas, occupying them.

With this one can predict Mundane matters based on Shani, Guru, Kuja and Surya, interactions for Mundane predictions.

For a horoscope, the Grahas in Vedha (Sanghatta), will affect the person in the time period.

For Transit, the movement of Chandra over Vedha nakshatra or lines, will affect the person, by the grahas occupying those nakshatras.

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Question: How do I draw a connection between astrology and chakras, and how do correcting chakra correct planetary energies?

Question : How do I draw a connection between astrology and chakras, and how do correcting chakra correct planetary energies?

Answer : The Grahas or Planets are classified into five Pancha Boothas. The Pancha Boothas are mapped to the nakshatra, yoga, tithi and karana.

The chakras in the body is the space and energy which is connected to a particular Mantra as per one’s horoscope.

The remaining part is Time itself. Time can be also derived from one’s own horoscope.

So connecting a Chakra’s -the Space (Yantra), Energy (Mantra) and Time (Tantra), based on planetary positions from one’s horoscope, will balance or correct one’s Karma (good as Punya and bad as Pappa).

Creation time: Aug 11, 2022 07:56 AM PDT


Question: How can I find out the characteristic of a person from his Koondali and from the D chart? How can I also find out if a person has a positive mindset or negative?

A person characterstics can be classified as Physical, Mental, Psychological and Spiritualness.

The Lagna representing wholesomely the body and mind, comes under the influence of all Grahas and house lords.

Also Lagna being a Trine and as well a Kendra, makes it powerful and sublime.

Lagna lord, the Grahas placed in it, the Nakshatras, all play an important role in delineating a person character.

The Rashi or Chandra position delineates the inert Mental aspect of the person, and as well, the transit influence of all Grahas on the person’s psychological aspect.

The spiritual part of the person is delineated by 5th and 9th house and its occupants.

The Navamsa D9 chart, plays an important role in delineating the previous birth(s)’s karma part of each Graha in Lagna chart D1 chart.

To know the positive or negative mindset of a person needs the sum total of the above analysis, according to the response by the person to a given situation or event. The situation or event can be any.

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Question: How do I establish a clear link between the Shashtiamsha chart and the Lagna chart and decipher a link between human evolution between 2 incarnations?

ShastiAmsha chart or D60 is the sum total of all your previous birth(s)’s karma.

Karma is “Action with an Intention”, the intention could be bad or good. Bad being Pappa and Good being Punya.

Do not confuse with the western definition or understanding of karma.

Lagna chart or D1 is your present birth chart, a kind of heap or kumbha called rashi, wherein all the significance is read by the placement of grahas.

So incarnation is not the right word in this present context.

Incarnation is for the very Hindu God to manifest in human form or energy to administer to human kind.

Also there is no evolution in this karmic process cycle.

You suffer or enjoy your karmas. But you can escape this karmic cycle by way of yoga and tapas, like Lord Buddha did.

That said the connectivity between D1 and D60, from a predictive link point of view, has some practical difficulty, due to the minuteness of D60 division, given, the not so accurate “Time of Birth”, Position of Grahas calculation and different ayanamas.

Assuming the above para is sorted out by way of reverse-engineering events in a person’s life, one can predict from D1 and D60 chart.

From my research on D9 or Navamsa chart is enough to predict the karmic happenings of the current birth than to look into D60, to know what you were or what you did in the past birth(s). Afterall you have a body and soul to sort out your karma in this very birth.

A multiple divisional chart namely a 12 division on D5 as in Jaganath Hora software and an unique algorithm of analysis, the link can be found to D1.

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Question: What is Nadi astrology? How do the Varga divisions get integrated with Nadi divisions and Nadi Palm Leaf?

Nadi Astrology and Tamil Nadi Palm Leaf is a special branch of Vedic Astrology.

Nadi is 150th division of a zodiac house.

Recent research by eminent Astrologers had revealed that the ShodashVarga or 16 divisional charts of a horoscope, matches into the NadiAmsa or D-150.

D-1, D-2, D-3, D-4, D-7, D-9, D-10, D-12, D-16, D-20, D-24, D-27, D-30, D-40, D-45 and D-60 are ShodashVarga divisions.

Using simple divisional math the above divisional numbers gives a set of numbers as below with duplicates removed.

These numbers indicate the unique boundary of one or many divisional charts.

A total of the above such division for any house comes exactly to 150 parts, which is nothing but Nadi and its Amsa.

With this NadiAmsa, one can predict a person's current birth destiny from birth till death.

So be it Tathatsu.

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Question: What is bio rhythm in Vedic astrology? Is it Pancha Pakshi?

Verily Pancha Pakshi is the Bio Rhythm in Vedic Astrology as propounded by Tamil Sage Agastya, and other Siddhars like Bogar, Romarishi and Kagapusundar.

Also this link to know more.

Steve Hora's answer to What is pancha pakshi jyotish?

Follow this Quora Space to know more for your own Nakshatra and Paksha birth.

Pancha Pakshi Astrology

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Question: What is the connection between the Tamil language, its alphabets, and Nadi astrology Palm Leaf Reading?

This is a continuation of my research two years back and was published as an answer in Quora Q2A as below. More on it now.
Navamsa is used to get that particular Palm Leaf bundle based on a person’s unique fingerprint.
The Tamil alphabets are as below.
12 - Uyir (Life) as in Tamil or vowels.
18 - Mei (Body) or consonants.
Combining above Life and Body gives Uyir-Mei (Life-Body) which gives a Soul a Name.
So 12 * 18 = 216, which is twice the magic Hindu number 108 and the total Navamsa padas.
Below are the letters.
216 + 12 + 18 = 246 with a support letter which is "Akk" used to form the base of Mai letters, which can be ignored as no words are formed with it as a starting letter.

Simply put, in Tamil, no words can start with, for example, "ik", "ich"and so on. The last column in the below table.
So there can only 228 legal letters that can be used for a Name.
So there are only 216+12, which can be distributed to each navamsa pada and 12 Rashi's used for names.
For example, "Cha" or ச is assigned to Navamsa pada in Vrishabha Rashi.
In a sequential way, all the Uyir and Uyir-Mei letters are distributed to All navamsas and Rashis.

Tamil grammar disallows 108 letters as first letter of a word or name. The disallowed letters are ங, ட ண, ர, ல, ழ, ள, ற, ன and its Uyir-Mei derivatives, which amounts to 9 * 12 = 108.

Removing them from below list, the left over is just 108 to be assigned to all Navamsa padas.

As the Tamil language was founded by Sage Agastiya, who also wrote most of the "Tamil Palm Leaf Astrological Reading", this codification was followed by him.

With his profound extra-perceptional mind, he moved from one Nadi to another in time, to write down the fate or destiny of to be born persons.

But there can be thousands of people born in each Nadi, with the same letter starting. Taking that into account, there are 150 nadis in a Rashi and a Rashi consists of 9 navamsa padas.

Extrapolating one can only map the first letter and sound from the Rashi.

In a Palm leaf reading, one can ascertain mathematically the first letter and consequent letters of oneself, father’s and mother’s name. Thus the name was found.

Steve Hora's answer to What are the secrets behind the Navamsa chart in connection with Nadi palm leaf reading?

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Question: What is Nadi Amsa? How is it made, and how do you read with the Lagna chart?

Nadi is 150th division of each Rashi in Lagna chart.

The Nadis are unequal divisions according to 16 Shodhasa Varga chart divisions.

The Nadi Amsas are assigned numbers and names as below

For Moveable signs it is 1 to 150.

For Fixed signs it is in reverse order 150 to 1.

For Dual signs it starts from the middle 76th division as 1 and resets as 76 from start.

The names are as below for all above types of signs.

Vasudhaa, Vaishnavi, Braahmi, Kaalakoota, Shaankari, Sudhaakari, Samaa, Saumyaa, Suraa, Maayaa, Manoharaa, Maadhavi, Manjuswanaa, Ghoraa, Kumbhini, Kutilaa, Prabhaa, Paraa, Payasvini, Maalaa, Jagati, Jarjharaa, Dhruvaa, Musalaa, Mudgaraa, Paashaa, Champakaa, Daamakaa(Daamini), Mahi, Kulashaa, Kamalaa, Kaantaa, Kaalaa, Karikaraa, Kahamaa, Durdharaa, Durbhagaa, Vishwaa, Visheernaa, Vikataa, Avilaa, Vibhramaa, Sukhadaa, Snigdhaa, Sodaraa, Surasundari, Amritaplaavini, Kaalaa, Kaamadhuk, Karaveerani, Gahvaraa, Kundini, Raudraa, Vishaakhyaa, Vishanaashini, Narmadaa, Sheetalaa, Nimnaa, Preetaa, Priyavardhini, Maanaghnaa, Durbhagaa, Chiraa, Chitrini, Chiranjeevini, Bhoopaa, Gakaharaa, Naalaa, Nalini, Nirmalaa, Nadi, Sudhaamritaamshu, Kaalikaa, Kalushankuraa, Trailokyamohankari, Mahaamaari, Susheetalaa, Sukhadaa, Suprabhaa, Shobhaa, Shobhanaa, Shivadaa, Shivaa, Balaa, Jwaalaa, Gadaa, Gaadhaa, Nootanaa, Sumanoharaa, Somavalli, Somalataa, Mangalaa, Mudrikaa, Kshudhaa, Mokshaapavargaa, Balayaa, Navaneeta, Nishaachari, Nirritti, Nigadaa, Saraa, Sangeetaa, Saamadaa, Samaa, Viwhwambharaa, Kumaari, Kokilaa, Kunjaraakriti, Aindraa, Swaahaa, Swaraa, Vahni, Preetaa, Rakshajalaaplavaa, Vaaruni, Madiraa, Maitri, Haarini, Harini, Marut, Dhananjayaa, Dhanakari, Dhanadaa, Kamchhapaambuja, Maamshaani, Shooeini, Raudri, Shivaa, Shivakari, Kalaa, Kundaa, Mukundaa, Bharataa, Haritaa, Kadalee, Smaraa, Kandalaa, Kokilaa, Paapaa, Kaamini, Kalashodbhavaa, Veeraprasoo, Sangaraa, Shatayajnaa, Shataavari, Prahvi, Paatalini, Naagaa, Pankajaa and Parameshwari.

The Jagannatha Hora software gives the Index, Division and Name for each of the Grahas and Lagna of a Lagna chart.

The Lagna in Lagna chart and NadiAmsa lagna placement are the most important for general predictions called as General Chapter reading or "Pothu Kandam" as in Tamil Palm Leaf astrological reading.

The other grahas as per their house lordship and its significance are read from that Graha position and its NadiAmsa position.

For example 10th house is for Career, and if its house lord in Shukra, then its position in Lagna and NadiAmsa chart becomes "Thozhil Kandam" as in Tamil.

In a practical chart, Guru was 9th lord placed was well in 1st house of Mesha, but the Nadi of Guru was in Kataka, which is 8th from 9th. So in the Mahadasa of Guru and Antara of Chandra (placed in 7th Thula), the person lost her father.

So one can read from Tamil Palm leaf, their Life readings, which are costly. Or.

Mathematically calculate as above and get life predictions.

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