Hora Astrology

Hora is Wealth

Using Hora Astrology in Daily life

Hora as per Vedic Astrology is based on the sequence of the week days, namely Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc.

One may ask, whether there is a scientific reason for this above sequence. Yes it is there, as below.

The planets are listed below according to their orbital period around Earth.

Saturn 29 years

Jupiter 12 years

Mars 687 days

Sun ( Earth) 365 days

Venus 224 days

Mercury 88 days

Moon 29 days

Assigning the first hour of the first day to Saturn, the second to Jupiter, and so on. The 24th hour is assigned to Mars, the 1st hour of the second day to the Sun, and the sequence is followed.

The first hour of the 8th day will correspond with Saturn again, and the whole cycle is complete.

Each day is then named after the planet assigned to the first hour, after sunrise.

In this way, we get correct the week day order as below.

Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus.

But NOBODY knows, when the first Saturday or Sunday, was assigned for the above sequence ordering.

The present weekday order is followed arbitrarily.

Using Hora Astrology with not correct hora or hour, is told, in all youtube videos and followed by many vedic astrologers.

So DO NOT follow Hora as told by Hindu Calendar or any Astrologer.

The only sequence which is correct is by following sunrise time.

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