What is a Graha or Planet?

Nava means Nine. Graha means One which Pulls or affects.

A graha can be a Star (Sun) or a Satellite of Earth (Moon). There are nine grahas in Hindu scriptures like Vedic Astrology. Basically, a graha has influence on the living beings on earth. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. In addition, two chaayaa grahas (shadow grahas) namely Rahu and Ketu is included. These are North and South node of the Axis. Rahu and Ketu are just mathematical points, where the path of Sun and Moon crosses.

Grahas in Vedic Astrology are given ownership of different houses from Aries till Pisces.

Grahas as such influence the living things on Earth. Sun and Moon influence the seasons. In Vedic Astrology the geometric angles add another dimension of influence.

Grahas or Planets have temporal and permanent relationships and characters to each and to each other.

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