Navamsa Makara

Shani Sade Sati

What is the effect of Saturn in the 7th house on a D9 chart in Capricorn?

Effect of Saturn (Shani) in 7th house and that too in D9 chart. Interesting and a not a question to answer.

Analysing Navamsa in isolation is done by the unintelligent dull brain. Any chart or position of graha should be analysed with D1. Answering this kind of question and getting upvoted upvotes, is interesting.

And also predicting based on the D9 house is just blabbering.

How will Capricorn Rashi be affected due to Shani’s Sade-Sati?

What are the remedies for Shani Sade Sati?

Shani Sade Sati, the most dreaded transition of the Great Karmic Graha - Shani.

Shani is a karmic Graha and takes nearly 30 years to make a full cycle of the zodiac.

As he passes through the 12th, 1st and 2nd of one’s Rashi or Moon sign (Vedic), which is about 7.5 years, Sade Sati occurs.

The very karmic nature of Shani is to note down the good and bad karma of a person from previous birth, then.

In this birth bestow the person with good karma and punish for bad karma.

In the present life, he will note down all good and bad karma and carry-over to next birth.

IF, the good karma CANCELS the bad one, and exceeds, then Shani will NOT harm in the coming Sade Sati.

So the remedy is DOING good karma. Many make money by defining remedy in many ways according to their business - braminical, mantric, tantric, la-ketabic and what not.

Shani understands only one remedy, that is your help to the very needy, so be it, the good karma.

Shani does NOT care even if he is owner of his own house, that is Makara or Kumbha. He cares only about karma.

But if Shani is in Makara and Chandra not being in sade-sati position, consider yourself lucky, for the coming transit of Shani into Makara. :) .

Is it true, retrograde+debilitated=exalted?

Retrograde means, as observed from earth,the apparent movement of the said Graha, is backwards. This is due to the elliptical movement of earth and the graha. Actual Graha will be moving forward.

Debilitation is a point where the Graha had lost its power.

From astrological point of view, a power lost graha and moving backward, would have very less effect on the horoscope concerned.

It cannot become exalted. Some astrologer would have created this axiom and did a reverse-proof to prove his point.

After visiting Thirupathi on Monday, can I go to Kalahasthi on Tuesday and do my Rahu Ketu Pooja?

You should NOT. Reverse it.Why?

KalaHasthi is a Parihara sthala, with the Lord facing West. As per Tamil and South Indian custom, a Lord facing West removes your bad karma. And the Lord facing East, is AnuGraha, One who gives.

Visit KalaHasthi, do the Rahu-Ketu Parihara and then the Lord Shiva. Then proceed to AlarMalMangaPuri, to visit Goddess MahaLakshmi and then proceed to ThiruPathi to pay your respect to Lord Balaji.

That way Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi and Goddess Lakshmi will be pleased and Balaji would be triple pleased.


What one should take, go and meet Lord Balaji is …..

What happens in the conjunction of Saturn and Mars in the 12th house?

Saturn (Shani) and Mars (Kuja) fighting in 12th. A cold graha fighting with fire,and arch enemy.

If the ownership is told, then exact symptoms in 12th can be told.

Also Where is your 1st and 7th lord, will tell more about your bed pleasures.

If navamsa is given add another 25% accuracy from me. If given full birth details, it will be 95%.

Can you tell us what is the indications of wealth in astrology chart?

2nd house is the indicator of all wealth in astrology chart.

All connections to 2nd house particular to a chart denotes the way the wealth got.

Any 2nd house lord of any house indicates wealth got from that house.

e.g. 11th is 2nd from 10th,so gains from career (10th) is denoted by 11th and its lord.

Where is posited, in which nakshatra, in which amsa, in which kalaa and in which dasha, denotes the amount, way, acceptance, time and nature of manas, the wealth is got.

e.g. If 7th lord is in 2nd, which is 2nd from 6th, but denotes spouse, accrual in a decent way of wealth from spouse side.

Reading from scripture without research or predicting ad-dictum is for generic ones.

How to apply all the postulation with kalaa and dashaa and predict when the accrual of wealth will happen is only by a master of predictions, who can proclaim himself as Jyotish Acharya, proudly.

What are effects of having sun and Saturn in the same house?

Saturn is the son of Sun, through Chaya Devi, another wife of Sun. Chaya means Shadow or Dark. As Chaya Devi was not treated well by Sun, Saturn hates Sun. But Sun as father of Saturn shows benevolence towards Saturn, which is not accepted by Saturn.

So one will find an eternal dilemma between these two Grahas. Due to which it affects horoscopes as such.

What is the importance of nakshatra lord in a horoscope?

The nakshatra lord decides your fate for that aspect of life. Dasha is the measurement to deduce the time, of when that fate will fructify.

For eg. A graha in a nakshatra and the nakshatra lord has direct and indirect relationship with the current dasha, through NadiAmsa, where in, the accurate happening can be deduced and the timing.

What does the second house mean in astrology?

Kutumba Khaandam or 2nd house (Family Chapter): It predicts about Wealth, eyes, family, education and speech.

The nadi astrology (Palm-leaf) reading describes 2nd house as Kutumba or Family.

2nd being maraka for any ascendant, care should be taken in predicting about 2nd house and analysis to be done on ascendant strength and also find the maraka time period.

Hora Nadi readings

If connection of 2nd and 11th is there, then that indicates wealth.

if connected with 6th, wealth will be illegally gotten

if connected with 8th, inheritance

if connected with 12th, sudden and hidden ways

If good grahas (based on lagna) is present in 2nd house, speech would be good or it will be harsh

if 2nd lord is in 1st, he hates his tribes

if 2nd lord is in 3rd, he has got good eyesight and will be a sports’ person.

What can I recite to get rid of Rahu?

Vedic astrological science was created and told to us by our great Rishis for, to harness graha’s power.

No one can get rid of Rahu or for that matter any graha, by reciting something.

Below are some of the methods to harness a graha’s power.

Going to temple every week and on nakshatra day.

Recitation of mantra is one way.

Another way of harnessing is yantra.

Each methodology has that much power to last long for that much time you practice.

Using mantra at the right time is another way. This encompasses time, which is good.

Rahu power is a must for suddenness of an event to happen according to one’s horoscope. If he is good, then expect sudden good event to happen. If you think (pipe-dream) to get rid of him, that good thing will not happen.

Even if he is bad, he can be harnessed in a good way, by removing him from NadiAmsa based yantra, thereby making him NULL power, but not void of time.

NadiAmsa is the amsa where space (grahas) and time (dasha) meet, for a given birth chart.

Which chart in Vedic astrology is more important for career and wealth, D1 or D9?

D1 is Lagna chart, which is important. D9 is used to delineate the strength of Grahas in D1.

D1 with reference to D10 is for Career.

D1 with reference to D2 is for Wealth.

When a house is divided into its 16 vargas, all varga division totals to 150 division in a house, and this is NadiAmsa. So a house gets divided into it parts, fully well.

Many astrologers do not use divisional chart and know only to interpret from D1 only.

Which yogas (planetary combinations) give rise to mystic powers and intuitive abilities in an individual?

Mystic powers and Intuitive abilities are bestowed by the following yogas (planetary combinations).

The horoscope of any individual is mapped to the seven chakras of the person’s body. Depending on the different planet (graha) in that chakra, that person is bestowed with that mystic power. The power level depends on the karmic power, which is read from Navamsa.

The houses that have to be read for these abilities[1] are 5th, 9th and 12th house with relation to lagna lord. The guna, grahas and drishti of other grahas on these houses decide the type of power, that individual will have.

Also the chakras which these houses govern, decides the power source in the body. The below is a generic view of zodiac. This has to be modified according to a person’s chart.

In my chart, my 9th and 12th are empty. But 5th has exalted Chandra, Kumbha navamsa. 5th house does not have any drishti and its lord Shukra is in 4th house, 12th from 5th. My lagna lord is Shani in Makara.

So it bestows me with high intellectual, a sharp brain, intuitiveness and a soft person. My studies into astrology is decided by Kumbha Shani navamsa. 5th house is governed by Anahata chakra, with creativity, so my research and finding of accurate timing using NadiAmsa, derived from Nadi’s of TamilNadu.


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