George Floyd

#Black Lives Matter - George Floyd - Analysis

George Floyd Killing

A Mundane Astrological Analysis using House and Nakshatra system of Vedic Astrology.

Astrological Analysis

The time line of events that led to Mr. George Floyd death was taken from below url.

The lagna lord Kuja (Mars) is in 4th and Vargottama in Navamsa.

This indicates that the event that happened, will become famous.

Guru as 5th lord, which indicates Name and Fame, is also Vargottama, but retrograde. This again makes George Floyd very famous, by sudden and unpredictable way.

Rahu is with Budha, sudden death happens.

Chandra (Moon) is yogakaraka and as well badaka, sitting in 8th with 8th lord Budha, in his own house. So in bad time, he loses his life, but becomes famous, after death.

Mars is in enemy s house, namely Shani (Saturn). Shani kills by blocking the 3rd house's body part namely neck, by strangling.

Shani represents Government officials, here it is by police and a bad one for Kuja.

Shukra the 7th house (Publicity) and 12th house lord (Foreign) is retrograde, in its own house, with 10th lord Surya, looking at lagna. 10th house represents Government and its rule.

This makes the event powerful, publicity and media (relationship with people) plays well.

Surya is in kendra with Kuja, this makes the government overconfident to solve, and makes a mess.

Rahu-Ketu axis cutting 2nd and 8th houses, makes looting of country s wealth and killings.

Rahu-Ketu is influencing Chandra, who is 9th lord and Budha as 8th and 11th.

This brings losses and Karmic debt (wounds and ill-feelings) occurs.

Lagna point is in Budha nakshatra and Kuja, lagna lord is in Rahu nakshatra (A Naidhana tara),so death occurs.

Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Black Lives Matter.