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Tamil Nadi Palm Leaf

Nadi Astrology (Tamil Palm Leaf Reading)

Nadi - Tamil Palm Leaf horoscope reading is a mystery and one of Life wonders.

To know more read wikipedia link - Nadi Astrology. More on this link.

Below is the procedure that should be followed for Nadi reading.

Thumb Impression

Your thumb impression is a prerequisite. For male it is right and female it is left. The thumb impression is to select the category of the palm-leaf bundle. One can ask the Nadi Reader about this to know more. I call him/her as a Nadi Reader because He/She is NOT an Astrologer, just a translator from Old Tamil to New Tamil. The type of thumb imprint is also read to you. There are 18 categories of thumb imprint and within which more sub-categories. The thumb imprints helps in locating the set of bundles of palm-leaf. Locates Your Palm leaf. The nadi reader from his catalog and with your thumb imprint category, will bring many Nadi bundles.

He will open one bundle which will contain many palm-leaf. He would read few lines and decipher in colloquial Tamil, and ask you a question. The answer should be No or Yes, never divulge any other details. Example : If the nadi reader reads from palm-leaf that Your father name is so-and-so or starts with the letter Sha. If your father name starts in Sha, just answer Yes, do not divulge your father name. If you say **No ** to a question, the Nadi reader will flip out that palm leaf and go for the next. This flipping, he will do even if one of your answer was Yes but No for another question. This procedure will go on till he exhausts all palm-leaf in that bundle and start with a new one. When all questions are answered as Yes, he had selected the right palm-leaf. Still not over.

Reading from Your Palm leaf

From your palm leaf he would recite your birth horoscope with the following details

Graha position and Lagna as in Lagna or Rashi chart Tamil Year, month, date, week day of your birth Your nakshatra and Moon sign (rashi in tamil)

If this is as per your computer-modern generated horoscope, you have your fate and destiny on this tiny palm-leaf starring at you. It is still a mystery about how without any birth details, a palm leaf has your chart, written long long ago. Pranam and Hats off to Sage Agasthiya, the venerated Tamil Saptha Rishi and a great Sishiya of Lord Shiva. Om Nama Shivaya.

Life Reading

The reader will read out your name, father and mother name. Your serial-number of your birth for your mother. Number of co-borns. Then on he will read the Pothu kandam. Pothu means General, Kandam means chapter. This will contain your life events and it will go till your death.


Kandam 1 - General

This reading contains the name of the Nadi seeker, his/her life span, how she/he is going to live this life, his/her identity, the name of his/her spouse, names of his/her parents, details about the present profession, his/her brothers, sisters and children. This chapter will give a summary of future predictions for all the 12 houses in his/her horoscope based on the planetary positions at the time of birth as mentioned in the Nadi leaf. A sample General Chapter is below, with few verses from it. The chart is described in old tamil in a very clear way.

The poetic Tamil is highly chaste and bit difficult, even for a normal Tamilian to understand.

Kandam 2 - Education and Wealth

This chapter gives details about the Nadi seeker s Wealth, Family and Education. It also contains details about his/her Eyesight and Speech-related information.  

Kandam 3 - Brothers and Sisters

This chapter presents the names of all the siblings of the Nadi seeker. His/her relationships with his/her siblings, problems and ill feelings if any are described. It also provides information about the positive and negative aspects of the relationship with siblings.  

Kandam 4 - Mother, Assets and Fortune

The 4th Kandam has details about the Mother, the role and influence of Mother in the Nadi seeker s life, its benefits and problems in his life. There are also details about the Nadi seeker's House, Vehicles, Land, treasures and general material comforts and achievements.  

Kandam 5 - Children / Off-Springs/ Progeny/ Pregnancy

This chapter has details about the seeker s of children. Birth, lifespan, achievements, problems, death and their overall performance have been predicted. It also suggests remedial measures for any problems of children. There are also predictions about whether the Nadi seeker will or will not have children and details about the same.  

Kandam 6 - Disease, Debt and Litigation

The 6th Kandam has details about Diseases, their causes, duration and the extent of damage it has on the life of the Nadi Seeker. It also provides information regarding Enemies, Litigation, their causes and duration of suffering on account of the above. It also suggests remedial measures for avoidance and positive measures for achieving success.  

Kandam 7 – Matrimony, Spouse and Marriage

This chapter gives information about the Nadi seeker s matrimonial details. Name of spouse and the sacred time that is apt for marriage etc. Causes and Measures for delay in marriage, Future of the marriage, aspects of compatibility and conflicts if any with the spouse etc.  

Kandam 8 - Life Span

This chapter deals with ones life span, about accidents if any might occur, court litigation, etc.  

Kandam 9 - Property, Father, spiritual inclinations

This chapter gives information about the Nadi seeker s ancestral property, about his/her father, about your accruing of wealth; it also deals with worshipping places, spiritual inclinations if any.  

Kandam 10 – Business

The tenth Kandam deals with your business life, it tells about what type of business is suited for you, or which type of business shall fetch you ample profits, losses if any, etc.  

Kandam 11 - Conveyance, Second Marriage

This chapter gives information about the way in which you will gain any benefit through any kind of conveyance like cars, two-wheelers, etc and about your second marriage/wife.  

Kandam 12 - Expenditure, Foreign Connections, Next birth

This chapter gives information about your expenditure of money. That is about the way in which you have spent your money, the way in which it happened, it also explains about Moksha or heavenly status, any monetary benefits, higher status arising from foreign tours and foreign contacts. It also deals with your next birth that is where you will be born, what will be your living conditions, etc.  

Kandam 13 - Previous Birth and Remedies (Shanti Kandam)

This chapter deals with the history of last birth, last birth sins, demerits accrued in present birth due to last birth sins and remedial measures.  

Kandam 14 – Upadesh of Mantras (Deeksha Kandam)

This chapter deals with holy mantras (sacred chants) to be recited, and the holy materials to be kept in prayer room. Subjugation of enemies and use of mantra to prevail over them, litigation, bad and evil effects, etc.  

Kandam 15 (Naadi Shastra Chapter 15) – Gnanna Kandam (Spiritual Life)

This chapter deals with Development of spirituality, the possibility, of attaining wisdom and God. The Guru of preceptor, from whom to get wisdom etc.,  

Kandam 16 – Dasha Bhukthi predictions

Predictions about dasha and bhukthi. There are other kandams, which may vary according to the Nadi reader s store house.

Contact us for a personnel meeting arrangement with an authentic Nadi Reader.

For appointment, do not give your real name. NEVER GIVE YOUR REAL NAME, FATHER OR MOTHER NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, TIME OR PLACE OF BIRTH. If any of the above is/are asked for, consider that Nadi reader as not authentic. Never discuss your name or other life details with anybody, before consulting in their premise.